Libra Man In Bed – What You Need To Know About His Sexual Nature

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Last Updated on July 28, 2023

When it comes to turning on a Libra man in bed, the slow build-up to passion is key in attaining ultimate sexual satisfaction. 

Libra men tend to appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy being taken care of, so a woman interested in turning on a Libra man should know how to make him feel special and appreciated.

To really get his motor running, she should take her time and focus on setting the mood before any physical contact begins.

This might include playing some slow romantic music in the background, lighting candles around the room, or offering him a glass of wine or champagne.

Additionally, verbal compliments, like these, go a long way toward building up his confidence and making him feel wanted.

Once both parties are feeling comfortable with each other, touch is key for turning on a Libra man. Start off by caressing his face or hair while looking into his eyes for an intimate connection.

His body may then relax as he takes pleasure from your gentle massage techniques and soft kisses.

Another great way to turn on a Libra man is through role-playing; he loves imaginative scenarios that involve trust and respect between partners.

Playing out different sexual fantasies will bring out more creativity in bed which is sure to please him immensely!

No matter what happens during your intimate encounters with your Libra man, always remember that communication is key for ensuring both partners have their needs met.

Showing appreciation for everything he does is essential if you want to keep him coming back for more!

If you are planning to find out, here is all you need to know about the Libra man in bed.

Key Takeaways:

Favorite Position: Missionary variation

Favorite Foreplay Move: Watching partner masturbate, and mutual masturbation

Best Tactic To Turn Him On The number one sexual tactic to make Libra man crazy for you is dirty talk (step-by-step guide here).

After all, the brain is the number one erogenous zone in the whole body.

Libra Man Sexuality Traits

Libra is symbolized by “the scales” and they are completely balanced.

It is a sign of harmony, diplomacy, fairness, and shared efforts.

It also just so happens that this epitomizes the Libra man between the sheets in a nutshell, and also in relationships.

For him, sex is a two-way street. In bed, the Libra man is not the type of guy to be in it for his own needs and desires.

No, you have a man here who wants to stick around, if he is sure of his woman.

A Libra man recognizes that sex is a game of push and pull, and goes to great lengths to please his lover. They expect the same in return.

If he feels it has gone on too long without any reciprocation, then he just might be nowhere to be found before too long.

He views intimacy as a shared experience between two opposites who are finding their balance to come together as one – or, yin and yang – the completion of the masculine and feminine.

When in a relationship, the Libra man will almost always approach sex as a spiritual experience, rather than a purely physical or emotional one.

This is not to say that sex for him is a serious matter, or dogmatically religious.

On the contrary, sex for the light-hearted Libra man is tons of fun, and he hopes that you feel the same.

man in bed with his arm around his lover

Libra Man In Bed: Is He a Good Lover?

If you’re dating a Libra man then you probably already know he wants romance.

He may be the most charming guy in the zodiac. So, chances are he has experience in the bedroom but is always looking for an emotional connection. 

Once there, he likes to take his time, so foreplay is a must. For some of you, this is all you need to hear to be sold on him already.

Yes, it is a huge plus and a breath of fresh air that the Libra man is a sensual lover.

He is interested in his partner, their mind, and their soul, but Libra man also loves to explore his partner’s body and all of its turn-ons.

In fact, the romantic Libra man can do this all day long, so you might be tempted to call out from work now and then!

But his real secret weapon lies in his ability to give his partner exactly what they need.

This is because the Libra guy is a generous lover. Don’t get me wrong though, because he is also not self-sacrificial either.

He expects to be given what he needs in return, lest the scales tip too far in any one direction and throw off the balance.

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Libra Man Erogenous Zones

If you are shacked up with a Libra man, you have probably been spending plenty of time exploring each other already.

If you have really gotten to know your Libra man, then you are likely familiar with his “erogenous zones”.

Each zodiac sign correlates with different parts of the body. Libra’s areas are the lower back, rear end, and hips.

You might think this is feminine and there is not much to work with here. I can assure you that there is.

Think of simple massages, touches, or strokes. For him, this is often an appreciated way to turn the man on.

Also, the Libra has sensitive spots on the abdomen and the back of the hands and arms.

He appreciates someone who does not run off immediately after making love.

He will remember and be grateful if you stick around and petted some of those areas while just hanging out in bed with him.

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How to Sexually Please a Libra Man

Now that you know your Libra man will take all of the time he needs to get to know you in the bedroom, you may be wondering how you can return the favor.

The sections below on oral sex and pillow talk will explain his real passions.

These are some key tips on how to please him sexually if you want to bed the Libra man.

Oral Sex

If you could not tell already by how much he talks, the man is oral. He is not only one of the better kissers of the zodiac, but he also really enjoys it.

The same goes for oral sex. It is not something he views as his “duty”, but rather something he takes great pleasure in giving and also receiving.

It goes without saying that any time the two of you are “warming up,” giving head is a part of it.

You could say that he does not differentiate between things like foreplay, and intercourse.

Unfortunately, when it comes to oral sex, a lot of women think they are doing it right.

However, a lot of men attest that often the blow jobs they receive are mediocre at best.

Of course, some women with a lot of experience know how to do it well.

However, if you’re reading this and you have that sinking feeling in your stomach and are wondering if you’re doing it right for your Libra man.

Then I recommend you listen to this advice on oral sex from a guy’s perspective.

man lying in bed looking at a woman

Pillow Talk

Boy does the Libra man love to talk! Good conversation always gets him in the mood, but erotic talk really fires him up! (tip: the wittier the better).

But please remember that Libra is not an emotional sign. The best way to turn this guy off is to get too much into feelings while in the mood.

Also, any serious topics are off-limits to him in the bedroom. The optimistic Libra man will head for the hills if you bum him out with dark or heavy conversation.

Just keep it light. Good old light-hearted banter will do simply fine, maybe a bit of humor to put everyone at ease and make the experience more playful.

In fact, whispering naughty words and phrases like these into his ear is guaranteed to fire him up, and make him want to be with you, and only you!

So many women struggle with knowing what to say when it comes to dirty talk that they miss out on a major part of sex, that a Libra man deeply craves.

Fortunately, sex therapist Felicity Keith has a simple yet powerful solution to help women step into their sexual power, master the art of dirty talk, and free the inner goddess within.

Felicity has helped hundreds of women transform their sex lives with one simple method that she explains here.

Be Sensitive

While Libra man is passionate, he is also a sensitive guy. They are less of the wham-bam, thank you ma’am type, and way more of them take it slow, sensual kind of guy.

Conversely, he would not appreciate a rough lover much either. Ripping him apart, tossing him around, hitting him, etc. is a Libra turnoff.

Tons of touching and kissing are really all he needs – before, during, and after, which brings us to the next point.

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The Libra man absolutely loves foreplay, especially in the morning. If he jumps into intercourse right away, you may want to check his driver’s license for his birthdate, because chances are, he is not a Libra.

To him, these initial acts of love are the same as sex.

It is safe to say that there is no sex for the Libra without all of its components involved;

Good conversation, making out, and intercourse, and then all of the laying around and hanging out afterward.

Of course, more foreplay will only lead to doing it all over again.

Balance and Harmony

When he gets caught up in making love, he is not thinking purely of himself. He expects his partner to be in the same boat as he is.

The Libra man does not put up with selfish partners in a relationship.

He needs someone who will take it slow and explore the shared spiritual experience of lovemaking, and all it has to offer.

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Visual Appeal

Libra is a great appreciator of beauty and romance.

This man knows aesthetics in ways that put other men to shame. He is a fan not only of physical beauty in others but of the entire visual experience as a whole.

Candles dimmed lights, a room with a view, rose petals, and sexy lingerie is just a few things that will catch your Libra man’s attention.

It will not be difficult at all to get this guy going if you are dressed nicely or look like you are in the mood for some fun.

Speak To His Intellect

Libra is an air sign and is governed by his intellect. Speaking to his mind in the right way can drive him wild and fire up his imagination.

I don’t mean to speak to him about intellectual subjects in bed, that’s just weird. Right..?

Rather, if you can use your words to capture his imagination, and spark the fire in his loins at the same time, then you will literally have him hanging off every word.

Eating out of the palm of your hand…

But Libra is a sensitive soul, and the words you chose will make the difference between creating highly charged sexual passion between you, and the evening coming to an abrupt end.

If you’re not sure what I mean here, then you can get the exact words and phrases that will ignite his fire and make him view you as highly sexually attractive here.

Don’t Be Afraid To Lead

The Libra man does not like to be dominated and does not care to dominate either.

This is because the sexual experience in his mind is equal and shared.

Sometimes he will lead, other times he will follow. It all depends on how the moment is presenting itself.

So, just because he does not like to be the submissive one, you should not be afraid to take charge once in a while, just to show him some direction.

He will be happy you did.

Sex expert, Jack, explains exactly how to do it in ways men really like here.

Music and Scents

Yes, he is mostly visual, but this is no reason to cut out all of the other sensory pleasures. The Libra man digs romance and indulges in the senses.

No better way to set the mood than with some music, incense, and oils.

A Libra man is romantic at heart, and since he is taking his time making love, these mood-setters only heighten the entire sensory experience of it.

Keep Things Fresh

The Libra man greatly values his time with you in the bedroom.

The worst thing that he could envision happening is that things become sour. He wants things to be exciting as much as he wants you to be in it with him.

If he is bored, or if he thinks that you may be, he will likely recommend trying something new.

But he would appreciate your input as well, to take some of the pressure off.

He would prefer that it never got to the point where things run stale.

A great way to keep your sex life alive and healthy with the Libra man is to constantly explore new things with him. Always make it fun and keep it fresh.

Final Thoughts

This prince charming character is a lot like you would expect a Libra man in bed to be.

You would think he was an earth sign the way he does not skimp on the details; all of the grounds are covered.

You and him, two balancing weights on each side of the scale, becoming one.

Sex and the Libra is a true dance between two souls.

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