Libra Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

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Do you believe in the power of astrology and you want to learn more about the desires of the Libra man in bed?

If you answered yes, then this article will give you all my top insights into things you need to know to make your Libra man sexually desire you.

A Libra guy by nature is confident and patient.

He has the potential to be an excellent lover with the ability to take your sex life to new heights of passion.

However, you need to help him understand your sexual desires so that he can be able to fulfil him.

A Libra male wants a strong woman who knows how to be sexually dominaant.

He wants a woman who is able to take charge sexually. However, it is important to remember that Libra men are highly sensitive.

Therefore, do not forget to be gentle in your domination and not too aggressive.

The Libra personality in men has a strong imagination and is driven wild by a woman having the confidence to whisper in his ear during lovemaking.

He wants a woman to describe her desires and raise his excitement by talking dirty to him.

This can sometimes be difficult for a woman who may find this alien to her.

Please don’t fret about this. I have recently discovered a program that has been developed by leading relationship expert Felicity Keith that explains exactly how to do it.

You can crack the code to your Libra lover’s erotic mind by talking dirty to him, particularly during foreplay.

This taboo subject is sometimes disregarded by a woman due to embarrassment.

But when a woman realizes the power it has to invigorate her sex life with her Libra crush she soon realizes how useful this technique can be.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Felicity has produced a short video in which she tells you exactly how and why it works so effectively. You can listen to Felicity as she explains The Language of Desire.

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg on how to get Libra craving for you.

For more insights on how to make sex with your Libra male exciting, please keep reading.

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The Libra Man In Bed – How to Improve Your Sex Life With Him

If you are in a relationship with a Libra guy, it is critical that you understand his sexual preferences. Below are various ways you can get kinky with him in bed.

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Be Adventurous In Bed

The birth sign of Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love and relationships.

He has a strong need for balance in his life and strives to reach romantic heights and he wants you to be adventurous while in between the sheets.

He wants you to engage him in thrilling, bold, and exciting sex.

So, if you are shy and a little reserved, you will need to learn to let yourself go and spice things up a bit more.

If a missionary style is your preferred sex style, you need to up your game by having sex with him in different positions.

Having sex in different locations is another great way of spicing up your sex life.

Don’t worry, a Libra guy is known to be very patient and an excellent teacher.

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Talk Dirty To Him

Libra men love foreplay.

Therefore, if you want to stimulate your guy’s mind during foreplay, talk dirty to him.

Dirty sex talk is a great weapon for spicing up your sex life.

It ignites the fire in your imaginative Libra man and helps to ensure that his foreplay desires are satisfied.

As mentioned earlier, you can use Felicity Keith’s program to enlighten yourself on how to talk dirty to your Libra lover.

Tell Him Your Sexual Desires

Your Libra man wants to satisfy your sexual desires.

He wants to be your knight in shining armor while in between the sheets with you.

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With that in mind, he wants to know how he can please you in bed.

Therefore, to spice up your sex life, be open with him about what makes you tick.

Do not be shy to let him know where you want to be touched, or what feels good to you.

If you want oral sex, or to incorporate sex toys, be open about it.

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Stimulate Your Libra Mans Erogenous Zones

Turning on your Libra lover does not have to be limited to below his belt, or genitalia.

With that in mind, the buttocks of a Libra guy are highly sensitive to touch, pressure, as well as vibration.

So, if you want to arouse your Libra man sexually, you can stimulate his most erogenous zone, which is the bum.

Grabbing his buttocks during sex, and pulling him towards you can greatly increase his sexual pleasure.

However, do not be overly aggressive because you could turn off your sensitive Libra male.

Compliment Him On His Sexual Prowess

Libra men love to receive compliments while in the sack.

So, if you want your man to do anything for you, shower him with compliments.

If he touches you in all the right places, let him know how you feel.

Complimenting his expertise in making love to you, his looks, as well as showing appreciation for his love towards you will increase his self-confidence and attraction towards you.

As a result, your sex life will become much spicier.

Surprise Him In The Morning

Libra men love morning sex. Other than that, morning sex has immense benefits.

Therefore, if you and your Libra boyfriend are too tight on time, surprising him with a morning quickie will certainly keep him excited and energetic throughout the day.

With that in mind, you can initiate sex right before your Libra guy steps out of bed.

You can also jump into the shower and kiss him sensually, or whip the towel off after he is done showering.

However, do not forget to keep your mouth fresh with some tic-tacs, or a mouth freshener.

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Stimulate His Mind Sexually

An intelligent woman is a gem to a Libra guy.

A Libra man wants an intelligent woman who is able to hold stimulating conversations.

He wants to be able to share ideas with you before sharing a bed with you.

So, if you want your boyfriend to hop in the sack with you, prove to him that you have the ability to debate with him and open yourself to new perspectives.

Arouse him with your words, and you can rest assured that your sex life will be much more rewarding.

Libra Man Sextrology

Find out more about how a Libra man relates to sex in a video by leading relationship expert Anna Kovach entitled Libra Man Secrets including Sextrology.

Anna also explains more about his characteristics including a section on his Sextrology.

Be Sexy And Alluring

Your Libra partner wants you to beautify yourself.

Therefore, if you want to keep things alive while in between the sheets, do not forget to look your best.

Try to wear the lace lingerie, G-string, or thong that he likes. In addition, you can wear the lipstick shade he bought you.

Making yourself beautiful is the best way of ensuring that you entice your man sexually and physically.

That way, you will be able to maintain a strong attraction between the two of you.

Below is a Youtube video about 10 things that you should know about a Libra guy.

I hope this helps to round off your knowledge to ensure you have a successful loving relationship with your Libra man in bed.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have given you tips on how to spice up your sex life with your Libra man.

Among the things, we have looked at include being adventurous, talking dirty to him with the help of The Language of Desire, as well as being open about your sexual interests.

We have also given you tips on how to stimulate his erogenous zones, how to compliment him, beautifying yourself, stimulating his mind, as well as how to give him the perfect quickie.

The above list is not exhaustive, but you can rest assured that the tips we have just discussed will help you stoke that fire of desire and keep it burning.

So, if you are a woman that believes astrology can help you win over your Libra man in bed, then do not hesitate to put what you have read into practice.

If you keep doing what you have read in this article, you will certainly be able to excite your Libra lover sexually.

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