Cancer Compatibility – The Best and Worst Matches

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Last Updated on October 24, 2022

Cancer is an emotional and sensitive water sign.

Nicknamed “the crab” for the shape of its constellation, the Cancer is a domesticated individual making the inside of their shell into a comfortable living space.

Arranged only by their intuition, creative energy, and loving touch.

Warm, friendly, and easy-going, Cancer is a natural caretaker who is always looking after their friends and loved ones.

Chances are, the Cancer is popular with their peers and even those they hardly know.

They are not only emotional, but they can be intense. In the face of animosity, the Crab prefers to retreat into its shell. But when the claws come out beware.

Below is everything you need to know about which zodiac signs are best and least suited for Cancer compatibility based on sun signs alone.

For the most accurate description regarding the connection between two zodiac signs, it is important to understand your complete natal chart.

Cancer Compatibility Best Matches

Cancer Compatibility is best with their water sign counterparts because of the strong emotional and intuitive understanding that they share.

They are also a winning match with a couple of the earth signs with whom they bond over mutual support, family, and home life.

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Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer and the Pisces are both emotional, imaginative, intuitive, creative, and sensitive.

When they come together it is an otherworldly, magical match made in the heavens and tied together at the depths of their souls, hence, they make great soulmates.

This is the kind of relationship where neither partner needs to speak to be heard — or in the case of these two water signs –“felt”.

These two need to understand and be understood emotionally.

Emotional support is the key factor in this relationship and both signs can offer the other the much-needed shoulder to cry on.

Neither one of these people can hide their true feelings even if they tried. They fall under a Sextile, the astrological sign aspect of two heavenly bodies that flow easily together.

The Cancer and the Pisces are both charming. They are friendly and non-judgmental, so naturally, they are well-received at social gatherings.

But these two signs prefer to stay at home together more than anything and Cancer, in particular, is looking for that someone to be shacked up with.

It simply does not matter where these two go or what they do. Because they share this in common a compatibility match between these two is usually good.

Cancer and Pisces are the two most romantic sun signs of the zodiac and are both magical enough to make memorable times wherever they are.

It is to be noted that Pisces need some time alone to recharge and this is something that the sensitive and in-tune Cancer understands.

Cancer needs to care, and in some respects, the Pisces need to be cared for.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer does well with their fellow water sign Scorpio. Both sun signs are highly intuitive and emotional.

Cancer and the Scorpio relationship are full of passion and rarely dull. It can be intense in both positive and negative ways.

More likely than not, it will be positive if trust and understanding are present between these two.

The Cancer and the Scorpio balance each other out in perfect ways that fit like a puzzle piece.

Cancer is a caretaker: warm, caring, loving, and deeply committed. The Scorpio can be those things too.

But they are also very driven and dominating.

With one sign being the caretaker and homemaker, and the other driven to succeed, the Cancer/Scorpio relationship has all the ingredients of a traditional partnership with good compatibility.

This makes the Scorpio an excellent match for Cancer, especially in marriage and family.

Both the Cancer and the Scorpio can be possessive, even jealous because they are sensitive and have huge hearts.

If their foundation is built upon trust, then this pairing is unstoppable, and their insecurities are eased.

Like the Pisces, the Scorpio will need some alone time. Not because they are secretive like the stereotype goes, but because they need to recharge.

Cancer and Virgo

The Cancer and the Virgo are both loyal and respond to the loyalty of others. This is the driving force behind this zodiac pairing.

When their base is strong, Virgo is a top choice for Cancer.

The Virgo is a practical and rational earth sign, not nearly as emotional or intense as Cancer.

Because of the Cancer’s good heart, warmth, and the trust shared between the two, the Virgo will feel safe expressing themselves emotionally as the relationship deepens.

The Virgo is more realistic than the imaginative Cancer.

The Virgo can bring the Cancer down to earth when needed. Cancer can help the Virgo get out of their heads and into their hearts when they get caught up in over-analyzing things.

Both signs are intelligent. They can match each other in conversation with ease and even share many of the same interests.

The differences in their communication do not matter as much because both signs are sensitive, which is their common ground and makes for good compatibility between the two.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer and the Taurus share many of the same values which makes this a solid pairing. These two sun signs balance each other out so masterfully.

They both need security. Cancer craves it emotionally while the Taurus looks for it in the physical world through career, home, and family life.

Both signs need security in a relationship.

The crab and the bull are domestic beings, with home and family at the top of the list of their priorities.

The emotional water sign of Cancer and the particle earth sign Taurus come together in unison to create a nurturing and stable home environment with strong family values.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign which makes them more grounded than the mutable Cancer.

The payoff here is that the Taurus can pull the Cancer out of their turbulent emotional whirlpool and can help the bull to be more open and in touch with their feelings.

Taurus and Cancer is a strong match when the Cancer and the Taurus are loyal, dependable, and devoted to each other.

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Cancer Compatibility – Worst Matches

Some signs are less receptive to Cancer’s nature and only add chaos into their lives, wreaking havoc on the stability that they seek.

Generally speaking, air and fire sun signs are the least geared towards a good match for Cancer.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and the Aquarius are people that will admire each other’s traits at first.

Both signs are creative and visionary and can be driven when locked into something they care about.

The chances are that these two collaborate on an artistic or business venture are high.

But how good is the Aquarius/Cancer match in an intimate relationship?

Not particularly good.

The Aquarius will stress and tire the Cancer out and neither one can deliver any of the things that they require in a lover.

The Aquarius is off-beat and a free spirit.

This is something that traditional Cancer will have a hard time understanding.

Cancer’s need for stability and comfort will be rejected by the unconventional and rebellious Aquarius.

Cancer will not feel as if their efforts and generosity are being reciprocating, much less noticed.

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs and Aquarius is the most detached.

The Aquarius needs to shake things up and poke holes in tradition and everything else the Cancer stands for.
If these two find themselves shacked up for whatever reason, they will likely be at each other’s throats.

Cancer Compatibility With Gemini

Gemini and Cancer together are generally considered to be weak matches. One is an air sign ruled by thought and the other is a water sign governed by emotion.

When it comes to communication, no to sun signs could be more of a mismatch.

Gemini is a communicative sign. They are a master of words and conveying them in a straight-forward manner.

The Cancer does this through their feelings, which is not so clear-cut to the intellectual-based Gemini.

Naturally, the Gemini has a difficult time speaking to Cancer’s emotions.

Gemini likes to keep things light and fast-paced. Water signs like Cancer are too deep and weighed down by their emotions to have much of anything in common with the Gemini.

The Gemini will not understand Cancer’s soppy emotions and the lack of depth in the Gemini’s communication will bore the Cancer.

Gemini is very social and while the Cancer is too, the Cancer prefers their home life to anything else; where if they stayed with the Gemini, they would figure out that they have nothing in common sooner than later.

Cancer and Sagittarius

The Sagittarius sun sign is about freedom and the Cancer is about domestication. This coupling rarely works.

Cancer will want to take care of the Sagittarius. Being a free spirit, the Sagittarius will take it as a smothering.

The Sagittarius is a fire sign who is on the go and Cancer’s need to start something at home makes Sagittarius bad for Cancer compatibility.

The fire in Sagittarius makes them restless and they will not want to sit down to share deep conversations for hours with the Cancer who wants to do this even on a first date.

This is no fault of either one. Cancer is ruled by the moon which seeks stability. Sagittarius’ ruler is Jupiter.

This makes them jump from topic to topic as they are moved.

These aspects also mean that Cancer seeks stability while the theme for the Sagittarius is travel.

Sagittarius and Cancer together are not usually a good match.

Because of the vast differences in lifestyle, it would be a miracle if either one would ever see much of the other, let alone converse for very long.

Cancer and Aries

Cancer compatibility with Aries is poor if not a disaster in the making. The Aries is bold, proud, and pushy to the point of “ramming” whatever is in its way.

The Cancer is sensitive and emotional and takes the “ramming” personally.

When they feel like their being shoved around, they retreat into their shell until the storm blows over.

Aries, the youngest of the zodiac, is that fiery storm.

Water and Fire are two elements that do not commonly mix, not in nature nor zodiac sign relationships.

Fire signs like Aries are high-energy and extroverted. Water signs like Cancer live most of their lives internally through feeling.

The Cancer will likely view the Aries as a bully and will ultimately tire themselves out trying to keep up with the young ram.

Conversely, the Aries will not understand the Cancer’s sentimental ways and would much prefer to be out and about as the center of attention rather than at home with the domesticated Cancer.

Because they are so different and both need what they need, they will likely each view the other as selfish

The Cancer Man

The Cancer man is like something straight out of a time machine.

He is an old-school gentleman: friendly, courteous, and romantic. These traits make the Cancer man a rare gem.

If you thought that chivalry was dead, then think again because he is the epitome of the male character in any romance story.

The Cancer man is sensitive because his heart is so big. He is a caretaker by nature who is happy to tend to his partner’s every need.

The Cancer man is fiercely loyal. Not just to his lover but to all of his friends, family, and sometimes even people he just met.

He might feel like he has known you forever and the feeling is probably mutual.

In pretty much every instance he is popular in his social circle. His friends adore him and feel like he offers them a shoulder to lean on, with no judgments or questions asked.

Male cancer is creative and intense. If the Cancer man is not an artist of some sort, he is approaching whatever it is that he does as if he were one.

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Cancer Man Relationship Compatibility

The Cancer man values loyalty, emotional connection, and being a caretaker. He needs to feel understood and valued.

This man seeks stability in everything that he does, most importantly in his relationships.

For these reasons, Cancer matches up best with Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.

Cancer Man Sexual Compatibility

The Cancer man is a tender lover. His big heart goes with him everywhere, even into the bedroom.

He is looking to connect with someone special and less interested in frivolous swings.

He is selfless in the act of making love and needs a partner who appreciates his efforts.

The best sexual partners for the Cancer man are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.

The Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is magical, something out of a fairy tale. She is almost too good to be true.

Tender, caring, and feminine- the Cancer woman is the perfect example of a more traditional form of femininity.

She is wholesome; somebody who can hold down the fort, creating a comfortable and nurturing home environment for her and her partner.

If she is off at work, she is likely a nurse or teacher or in some other helping profession.

The Cancer woman has a caring touch. She is deeply intuitive and knows exactly what needs to be said and done and how to say and do it.

But she can be intense. She needs to feel understood and appreciated. Any attempts to undermine her and the claws are coming out.

She can be a bit of a people pleaser. It is important that her partner lets her know that she is cherished.

Cancer Woman Relationship Compatibility

The Cancer woman craves emotional understanding and a relationship that is built on trust and deep connection.

She is wired to act as a caregiver and can be loyal even to a fault.

The zodiac sun signs most compatible for her are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.

Cancer Woman Sexual Compatibility

The Cancer woman is a selfless lover.

She is intuitive and knows what to do and just how to do it. In the bedroom, she is open, creative, and giving. She prefers a real connection with her partner above meaningless sex.

The Cancer woman is easily able to form these intimate connections with Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.

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Cancer Compatibility – Final Thoughts

Introverted yet charming, the loyal Cancer is looking for stability and emotional connection, preferably at home.

This sun sign is caring and selfless and some signs are more open to Cancer than others. If your sun sign values what they value, then your Cancer compatibility is strong.

Relationships with Cancer work best with fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio and earth signs Taurus and Virgo.

These unions are based on trust, depth, emotional understanding, and stability at home.

If this is you and you have lucked out and found yourself a Cancer, then you have landed a devoted and selfless lover who is in tune and cares about your every need.

But for the relationship to last, please let them know that they are valued. Or else they will be gone, back into their shell just like that.

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