Moon in Libra Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Libra is the sign of the scales, and a male born under this zodiac sign is generally all about balance.

The moon governs emotion- meaning, the moon in Libra man is one of the most even-keeled and well-balanced of the zodiac.

Sociable, charming, diplomatic, and fair, the Libra moon is generally pleasant to be around, if not downright magnetic. Add in his flirty nature, and it is impossible to say no to him.

However, when he lets his shadow side run amok, beware, because this socially confident guy can also be an expert manipulator.

Moon in Libra Man Key Features


  • Charming
  • Social
  • Smart
  • Balanced
  • Diplomatic


  • Overly flirtatious
  • Vain
  • Lazy
  • Manipulative
  • Passive-aggressive

Ideal partner

A social butterfly with class and smarts.

Needs To Work On

Knowing that it is OK to take care of his own needs, even if it means letting others down or being involved in the conflict.

Positive Traits

The more sensitive of the intellectual air signs. The guy with his moon in Libra is not only a mental powerhouse, but he is also in tune with his environment and aware of himself and others.

This is because he values harmony so highly. With him, if everything is OK with you, then everything is OK all around.

This man is fair and stands up for what is right. He is not a big boat-rocker but does envision a better world- one where everyone is friendly and gets along and he does his small part in creating it.

You can say he wears rose-colored glasses. Possibly so.

But this placement breeds a real sweetheart who cares a lot about his friends, family, partner, and the world at large.

Libra moons relate and connect with people from all walks of life and tend to keep wide social circles.

Not only does he wield social smarts, but he is also an intellectual with large ideas. He comes across as so convincing that he has no issue with talking those around him into hopping on board.

Based on his likability alone, he is a born leader who has the world in his palm.

Negative Traits

The Libra male is a great admirer of beauty. But the more immature and less refined among the Libra moons can be quite superficial; caught up in trends, celebrity gossip, and too hung up on physical appearances and status.

Likely, he has been burnt plenty of times due to feeding into this illusion. It is not until he gets a bit older that the lines of inner and outer beauty blur when he can recognize the beautiful nature present in all things.

It is no surprise that he has made his past partners jealous due to his flirtatious and charming ways. He can sometimes open his mouth and the charm falls out. He flirts just like songbirds sing.

Mostly, it does not mean anything, and he may not even know he is doing it. But yet he is susceptible to taking it overboard.

You see, this man has been skating off his charm his entire life and knows that when he cranks it up, he gets what he wants- even if it is something as simple as a stranger’s acceptance.

Since he appreciates harmony, when the man with his moon in Libra finds himself in conflict, he either tries to brush it under the rug or hit it back with passive-aggressive slights.

He will drop comments here and there, but he will never create a scene.

He is a snake charmer and a master of the art of manipulation. He is so good that you will not even know he is pulling the rug out from under you.

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Libra Moon Man in Love

On the surface, he might seem like he is radiating out love to everyone in every direction, but he is not one to settle so easily.

His head seems to be filled with ideas of the perfect relationship, so finding the fairy tale partner is important to him.

While he may flirt a lot and hang around, when it comes to a committed relationship, he needs to know that you are loyal and trustworthy. When he feels secure with you, he will give you his all.

The Libra moon lives to give you his affection, and he yearns to receive it in return. Expressing his love is his soul’s language, and he is used to communicating this way.

However, the male born under this zodiac sign craves something from his partner that few understand. He wants to be accepted as a hero in her eyes without being taken for granted.

This obsession in a male has been studied by leading expert James Bauer who has discovered that this could be the one thing that truly cements a relationship for life.

Most women just rely on their female charms to get a man to fall in love with them, however understanding what a male really wants from love is the key to romantic bliss.

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The Libra man’s charming demeanor has gotten him love from every direction of his life, and without it, he is like a fish without water.

If you are lucky enough to win the Libra moon’s heart, expect tons of affection from this romantic man.

He is quick-witted, sharp, and charming. He pairs best with partners who are of the same mental, emotional, and social caliber.

The Libra moon relationship couple is glamorous, magnetic, and social, and they take pleasure in knowing that they charm everyone around them.

The diplomatic and fair Libra man will meet you halfway, or at least try his best to. He is not big on conflict, plus he cares a lot about you.

He is flexible, even to a fault. He will go to great lengths to not stir the pot.

So, if you like a man who will let you know that you are always right, then look no further than the Libra moon, and check out this video.

Libra Moon Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

Libra is a seductive sign. Chances are you have been making love with him for quite some time before hitting the sheets.

He aims to please, and in the bedroom, he is a very generous lover – going the extra mile to satisfy his partner’s needs.

When he finally gets you alone, sex with a Libra man is hot and passionate. He is well-rounded with what he enjoys, from traditional lovemaking, tons of foreplay, to expanding out and exploring just about everything.

Sex with the Libra moon guy is physically and mentally stimulating.

If the guy ever feels bored or thinks that you may be less than amused, he will be the one to mention trying out something new.

He is not one to shy away from talking about sex but needs to know that he is not suggesting anything that you may consider a way out.

To break down any emotional barriers, that may have appeared through embarrassment, you may find it helpful to listen to sexual relationship expert Felicity Keith who explains the power of The Language of Desire here.

Moon in Libra and Attraction

Libras are famous for being suckers for beauty. They consume it all, both inner and outer. Like some high art hanging from the wall, if you have a look that strikes him, he will simply lose himself in you.

He likes femininity and lovers who are cultured and refined, dresses well, classic, but not over the top.

Intellectually strong, socially smart, and an appreciator of life’s finer things, such as art, dining, and music.

Libra is one of the flirtier signs, it comes naturally to him. For the native Libran, it is the language that they speak.

If you are a flirty guy or gal and approach him in such a way, he will quickly take to it, thinking to himself, “finally, someone who speaks my tongue”.

Turn up the charm with him. The Libra moon man is socially confident and likable. When he encounters another, who is on the same wavelength he wants to be around them and strike up some conversation.

The moon in Libra man does not like disharmony. If you seem to have it together and do not appear or act erratically, your life is balanced and you know how to treat others.

His creed is diplomacy. The way you treat others is something he notices. So, be nice to strangers.

You can learn more about how to attract a Libra man here.

Final Thoughts

The Libra moon is charming, social, and intellectually smart, as well as being in tune with his surroundings. He wins his partners over with a smile, wink, and a couple of lines. All it takes is him being himself.

Labeled as a flirt, the moon in Libra man is only searching for someone who can balance him out and commit for the long haul, similar to the Venus in Libra man.

Some would say that he would be the perfect partner, if only he could kick his charm down a couple of notches, especially with strangers.

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