Gemini Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

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A Gemini man in bed can sometimes give the impression of being unfeeling and even overly reserved when it comes to starting a sexual relationship.

This is because the characteristics of this zodiac sign can make him slow to let go and relax until he is completely sure of his partner.

A person born between May 21st to June 20th comes under the astrological sign of Gemini which is depicted by a symbol of ‘The Twins’ and ruled by the planet Mercury.

A person’s natal chart at the time of birth can give an indication of how he acts in a romantic situation.

However, a Gemini man is recognized to be one of the most passionate of the zodiac signs, when his partner fully understands the hidden desires that will awaken his passion.

A Gemini man craves a woman who is confident when in the bedroom and able to stimulate his imagination.

Gemini Man In bed – What a Woman Needs To Know

The Mind Of The Gemini Man

One of the characteristics of the Gemini male is that he has a very active brain and he is always thinking and getting involved with new situations.

This then also gives an indication of his reserved attitude between the sheets.

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A leading relationship expert named Felicity Keith has worked with many women over the last few years to determine what will release the Gemini inhibitions.

Felicity has discovered that his mind needs to be stimulated with whispered romantic suggestions, sometimes referred to as dirty talk during lovemaking which will make him wild with desire.

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This is an important subject that is sometimes avoided by women due to embarrassment or simply not knowing exactly what and when to say these stimulating words.

So, Felicity has recorded a short video in which she explains The Language of Desire.

What Is a Gemini Man Like In The Bedroom?

A Gemini man in the bedroom normally takes his time initially because he wants to make sure there is a connection, not just physically but also emotionally.

A Gemini guy may take his sweet time in becoming intimate, but when he does he will not want to be messed around.

The main thing about sex with a Gemini man is the same as everything else in his life, he needs stimulation.

Because of his active mind, he is always up for trying new things and experimenting to find the next pleasure experience.

The Gemini male usually has the characteristics of a charming personality.

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He is generally well balanced on his outlook on life and this extends to the consideration he shows his lover between the sheets.

He also tends to be adaptable when he is sure of his ground.

Gemini man is someone who will probably have a lot going on in his life.

It will be natural for him to be drawn to a woman physically, but she will need something extra to keep him.

This is why it is important to understand his hidden desires.

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Gemini Men And Emotions

The Gemini male is usually very logical about everything he does. He has emotions, of course, the same as the rest of us.

However, he is a person who seems always to be in control and if he does show emotion it will be limited.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is one that isn’t very good at processing their own feelings and as such, they tend to be slow on understanding emotional partners.

It will take time and perseverance to get a Gemini man to open up and talk about his true feelings.

To bring out the passion in your Gemini crush you need to activate his mind by talking to him when in romantic settings in the bedroom.

When he hears your words of endearment it will encourage him to release his feelings for you. Felicity Keith explains in The Language of Desire.

Emotional Assurance

A Gemini guy will be looking for signs from his partner that she truly understands that he needs to feel safe in declaring his love.

He will probably want reassurance rather than you just telling him as he will be on guard about being let down and feeling ridiculed.

When you are dating your Gemini man you have to accept things will only develop at his pace.

Some things he will want to talk about and others he will avoid at all costs.

If you feel he is being evasive it is best not to push him. Let him open up when he is ready.

Psychic Reading

When a Gemini man has things on his mind he can appear to be morose and moody.

This is where it is wise not to automatically jump to the conclusion it is something to do with you.

The natal chart of Gemini shows he is ambitious and easily absorbed in career issues.

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Allow Him To Lead In Bed

Although a Gemini man wants a confident woman, he also needs to feel he is in charge of the proceedings.

When he has decided he wants to take you to bed he will also want you to know that your pleasure is of the utmost importance to him.

When the prospect of sex between the sheets is a possibility the Gemini guy can sometimes be fussy if things are not up to standard.

If you have intentions of a sexual liaison make sure clean sheets, pleasant aroma and subtle lighting will set the right mood.

I recently came across this YouTube video which I hope will help you in discovering more about your Gemini crush.

It covers details about his traits and characteristics as well as his hopes and fears.

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Enjoy New Shared Adventures

When a couple is building a new relationship, it is all about feeling relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company.

Accepting a person for who they are will allow intimacy in the bedroom to banish any inhibitions.

When you feel comfortable together you might be very surprised at the new experiences that he will want to try to make you happy.

By removing all his inhibitions will enable him to talk openly about his desires and dreams with you as the central focus.

The Importance Of Feedback

As I said at the beginning of this article, a Gemini man has an active brain and is always thinking.

If you have achieved your aim of getting him in bed you need to remember the above tips to make sure he focuses his attention on you.

A natural trait of the Gemini male is wanting to please you.

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Make sure you understand the most important thing that will raise his passion for you.

Listening to Felicity Keith will give you the confidence to talk to him in the right way and make him go crazy for you.

Being able to give him feedback on the things that he does that excite you will allow him to use his brain and imagination to bring you closer together.

Discover the power of The Language of Desire by listening to a short video by relationship expert Felicity Keith.

Final Thoughts

A Gemini man in bed can sometimes be a slow start if a woman does not understand how his mind controls his passion and emotions.

Most men have sex on the brain but getting a Gemini to commit to a long-term relationship needs to be taken slowly.

Setting the scene in comfortable surroundings with low lights will create the right atmosphere.

Learning how to activate his brain by talking to him during lovemaking will skyrocket your relationship with a Gemini man in bed.

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