Scorpio Man In Bed – Tantalizing Tips You Should Know

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If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man then you should consider yourself indeed very lucky.

A guy born under the zodiac sign of the Scorpion often has a mysteriously alluring personality, to which, you can feel a magnetic connection.

Scorpio men in bed seem to have a natural ability to be able to read their lover’s emotions, allowing him to tantalize her body to experience pleasure as never before.

He tends to have a confident approach to satisfying his partner, even if he may seem to be inexperienced, and will go the extra mile to ensure her gratification.

A man born under this sign generally has an abundance of energy. However, he is thoughtful and tender with someone he loves.

Scorpio men operate on passion and intense emotions, which can often be present in many aspects of their lives.

Needless to say, when it comes to Scorpio male sexuality, there is not a single zodiac sign which will offer you more pleasure and fulfilling sexual experiences.

Don’t believe for one second that this man is shallow and that sex for him is just a fling.

While some Scorpios’ do engage in casual encounters, especially when they are young, most Scorpios want sex to also have an emotional connection.

He wants to analyze you, test you, and seduce you in ways you have never been wooed before.

If you are moving towards a relationship then he will want to know more about you before jumping in.

For any Scorpio, it is important to stir up his intellect in order to give you a chance.

But boy, oh boy if he realizes you are what he’s been looking for, you should definitely be prepared to be up all night.

Once he has got a taste of you, and he likes it, he will be unstoppable!

A Scorp lover will take care of you but you, however, will most certainly feel all the fire he’s been building up inside.

His sexual prowess can be intimidating for a lot of women.

Don’t worry though, in this article I’m going to share with you his intimate secrets so you can match him at his own game and keep him satisfied, too.

Scorpio Man In Bed – The Secrets Of Success

Scorpio is the type of man who knows what he wants.

Scorpio man in bed with a woman

It is also important to him to know that his lover is enjoying the experiences, and the pleasure he is giving to her.

Although he tends to want to dominate between the sheets, he also has an acute awareness that any sexual encounter must contain equally balanced pleasure.

One of the keys to a Scorpio’s heart is to be able to stimulate his mind sexually as well as his body.

Scorpios’ are very visual creatures, so if you can put hot images in his mind of the two of you engaging in steamy encounters then it will drive him crazy for you.

Many women find it difficult to express themselves verbally before and during intimacy.

It can be difficult to know the right things to say that will turn him on, as well as when and how to say them. It is a bit of an art that few women are good at.

Fortunately, it can be learned easily with the right know-how.

Relationship coach and sexual therapy expert, Felicity Keith have helped scores of women overcome this problem with her proven program Language of Desire.

Felicity’s simple and easy to implement method teaches you exactly what you need to know to excite your lover and make him crazy for you without any fear of embarrassment.

Scorpio men in bed are usually very concerned not to push the boundaries with a lover, so may hold back in showing their true feelings, for fear of offending her. Whispering the right words at the right time will allow both of you to shed any inhibitions.

If you would like to find out more about the techniques that will drive your guy wild in the bedroom, you can take a peek preview of Felicity’s method here.

Still Waters Run Deep

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and because of that, a man born with this zodiac sign can seem mysterious and sometimes give the impression of being emotionally cold.

Scorpio men tend to see the world in black and white, things are either right or wrong, with little room for gray in between.

They will either drown you with passion or freeze you with their coldness.

According to an article by relationship expert Patrick Wanis, ‘Every relationship begins with you’.

It is important to remember when interacting with a Scorpio man that you allow him to find the real you, and not someone who is false and needy.

Scorpio men are afraid of getting hurt emotionally and this is the reason they appear a bit distant at the start of getting to know someone new.

However, once they trust you, you will discover why Scorpio is considered as being the most passionate lover of all the zodiac signs.

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He Is Always Up For Adventure

Scorpio men are adventurous by nature and when it comes to their partner’s they would want someone who matches their personality.

A Scorpio man in bed will never be boring because he always likes to try new things.

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This spontaneity, mixed with passion, promises to give their partner a platform to build unforgettable sexual experiences.

If you show him you have no inhibitions and that you can be as spontaneous as he is, you will send him over the moon.

He most definitely loves a woman who shares his love for adventure.

Being confident in expressing how he makes you feel is paramount when in between the sheets.

Sometimes wrongly, referred to as talking dirty, is one of the biggest turn-ons’ for a Scorpio man in bed.

Being able to tell him about the pleasure he is giving you, or how to say you don’t like something during sex is the key to a lasting relationship.

Felicity Keith is a well-respected relationship and dating coach who has developed a program that explains exactly what, when, and how to talk dirty during lovemaking.

Discover for yourself this magic technique by listening to a short video called The Language of Desire here.

A Scorpio Will Prefer The Lights On

A Scorpio man loves to be visually stimulated, especially when it comes to sex.

This is because it turns him on to see how much pleasure he is giving you.

He is an observer and wants to explore every part of you.

If you are attracted to the way he thinks, then you should not be surprised that he will want to get to know every inch of your body.

He will love to touch you, feel you, and cover your body with kisses and caresses.

Offer him sexual loyalty and the only thing that you will have to do is learn how to talk to him in a way that will stimulate his sexual energy.

Each time you do this, it increases his sexual desire for you.

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Sexual Domination Is Not Always a Bad Thing, Right?

It is an astrological characteristic that Scorpios can tend to be dominating and obsessive.

Sometimes those traits, are taken to the bedroom as well.

They love to have power over you, and that is why it is not advised to continue your relationship with a Scorpio if you don’t like that kind of control.

A man born under the sign of Scorpio is a master when it comes to sex and he wants to give everything.

They will try to create an exact course of how things should unfold in order to offer the most ground-shaking sexual pleasure.

Scorpio man in bed will do everything that is in his power to tantalize the woman he is with.

Scorpio man in bed kissing a woman

They won’t let a single piece of your body be undiscovered and will rely on you to give feedback on how things can be improved.

You should not let their dominant side intimidate you. Once you have proved yourself as a trustworthy partner, he will not betray that trust.

Being able to stimulate his senses will enable you to control the pace as well as his dominant tendencies.

Compatibility With a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are adventurous but that doesn’t mean they are unfaithful.

They look for security and stability in a woman and they are not the type of men to have affairs and cheat on their partners without good reason.

A Scorpio man will look for commitment and will not like to experiment and change their relationships.

He might be cheating on you, as payback, but only if he feels you were the first to be disloyal.

This is where you need to tread very carefully if trying to make a Scorpio man jealous.

The YouTube video below goes into a little more detail about the Scorpio man in bed.

It is presented to explain the astrological differences of the birth time of a man in relationship to the Moon or Mars.

Final Thoughts

All in all, men born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio do offer what they’ve promised: passion, lust, and an endless desire to have sex.

You as his significant other should only do a couple of things to keep him interested and satisfied.

You have to show him you are trustworthy and allow him to guide and dominate you in the early stages.

Once he has established that you are a genuine person, not pretending to be anything but who you are, your relationship will evolve into a truelove partnership.

At the end of the day, he could become your addiction and he will make sure you will never want another sexual partner in your life.

Just make sure you understand his hidden desires, and how you can help him express them. If you feel he has hidden emotions, then he might just need a little encouragement to ignite his passion in bed.

The Language of Desire may give you the key to creating a perfect relationship.

The Complete Scorpio Man

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