Aquarius Man In Bed – His Sexual And Steamy Desires

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Last Updated on September 14, 2022

You can tell a lot from a guy’s astrology horoscope about his traits and characteristics, which also give an indication of how an Aquarius man in bed reacts to sexual encounters.

If you are looking for more excitement in your relationship and more knowledge of his likes and dislikes between the sheets you have come to the right place.

A man born between Jan 20th and Feb 18th comes under the zodiac sign of Aquarius the water bearer.

These guys are recognized as being very intelligent but a bit off the wall and zany in their outlook on life.

A woman will really have to understand how he thinks to excite and fulfill his passions.

An Aquarius man has an active brain that is always working to change and improve everything he gets involved with, including his performance and satisfying his partner in bed.

Being a water sign sexual intimacy is very much emotionally controlled.

Key Takeaways:

Favorite Position: Standing rear entry

Favorite Foreplay Move: Visual stimulation such as naked texts and flirting over text

Best Tactic To Turn Him On: The number one sexual tactic to make Aquarius man crazy for you is dirty talk (step-by-step guide here). After all, the brain is the number one erogenous zone in the whole body.

Aquarius Man In Bed – How To Make Him Hot For You

Because an Aquarius man’s mind is always so active it naturally follows that his passions are raised to fever pitch by his partner whispering in his ear during lovemaking.

Maybe due to lack of knowledge but more likely embarrassment most women avoid this essential part of sexual pleasure.

Many relationships suffer because sexual activity becomes mundane and unexciting.

This then leads to a loving couple splitting up due to boredom.

Discovering how to talk to your partner during sex is sometimes referred to as talking dirty but really it is stimulating your partner’s brain with sexual innuendo.

Learning how to do this effectively is important to avoid any embarrassment.

Sex therapist and relationship expert Felicity Keith has developed a program that shows you the right way to perfect this technique that will raise the passion in your Aquarius man.

If you want to know more about the one thing that will drive your Aquarius crush wild with desire for you, then listen to a video in which Felicity explains The Language of Desire.

Carry on reading to discover some more ways how you can please your Aquarius man in bed every single time.

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He Likes To Try New Things

There is nothing an Aquarius man hates more than boring sex. Try to be open to new things to stimulate excitement and also be open to new suggestions. This is especially so if he is a Venus Aquarius man.

He loves experimenting and you can guarantee with him, it is never going to be boring.

He likes to try new positions in the bedroom and he also has a big sexual appetite.

He is eager to please you providing that you are just as open-minded in the bedroom as he is.

While you should be willing to try new things, let everything happen naturally because he just wants you to be yourself.

If you are unsure about anything always discuss it if you feel uncomfortable.

He Has An Unusual Erogenous Zone

If you want to really blow his mind, you need to find his erogenous zones, and the Aquarius man is known to have quite an unusual love.

He enjoys having his feet and even more so, his ankles played with.

Perhaps after a long day at work, you can offer to give him a foot massage and when your hands start exploring, it won’t be long before he leads you to the bedroom.

You can also touch him in all the usual places like men enjoy like his neck, ears, chest, and so on.

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Enjoy Long Foreplay

When an Aquarius man is invested in one woman, he is a considerate and romantic lover.

This means that you can be prepared for some long-lasting foreplay because he doesn’t like to rush things!

You can expect massages, gentle touches, and plenty of oral too.

He is going to really take his time on your body so make sure that you return the favor and show just how much he means to you.

Foreplay makes sex even better and it shows that the man is willing to treat you right in all areas of life.

Aquarius Man Loves Oral Sex

Aquarius man loves to both give and receive oral sex. He takes great pleasure in satisfying his partner, and in return, he hopes you’ll be able to do the same for him too.

He will delight in getting to know you on an intimate level, and learning what kinds of things you enjoy the most in bed.

When he goes down on you, it is also a highly arousing experience for him as well.

In turn, when you go down on him, your technique and the way in which you give him pleasure will make a big difference to how fulfilling he finds intimacy with you.

If he sees that you’re also enjoying giving him oral pleasure then you’re off to a good start.

Unfortunately, when it comes to oral sex, a lot of women think they are doing it right, but a lot of men attest that often the blow jobs they receive are mediocre at best.

Of course, some women with a lot of experience know how to do it well.

However, if you’re reading this and you have that sinking feeling in your stomach and are wondering if you’re doing it right for your Aquarius man, then I recommend you listen to this advice on oral sex from a guy’s perspective.

Whispered Words Turn Him On

Aquarius men love to feel wanted so you really need to show how much you care by using your words to get him excited.

When you are together, perhaps out in public, whisper in his ear what you plan on doing to him when you are home.

This will drive him wild and will result in him not being able to keep his hands off you.

You can try naughty roleplay together if you want to take your dirty talk to the next level.

Texting him your desires is also sure to turn him on. This needs to be done in moderation and also very discreetly.

You also need to pick your time, you don’t want to annoy him if he is involved in an important project at work.

The Language of Desire is a program by relationship expert Felicity Keith and in it, you can discover how to turn your man on with dirty talk alone.

One thing is for sure once you are done with her program, you won’t be leaving the bedroom for days!

Keep The Lights On

An Aquarius man loves confident women and he wants you for exactly who you are.

If you are insecure about certain parts of your body, don’t let it show because your Aquarius man wants to see all of you.

Keep the lights on during foreplay and sex, this is going to make him so excited and promises a more memorable encounter for both of you.

Do whatever you need to do to be confident, this might include wearing sexy lingerie that accentuates your curves or perhaps learning the right way to talk to him during sexual foreplay.

He is guaranteed to love this kind of sexy gesture so it’s a win-win for you.

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Watch Porn Together

The majority of guys watch porn and if he says that he doesn’t, he is lying. He is going to think you are the best girlfriend in the world if you suggest watching porn together.

As mentioned previously, he loves to experiment, and watching porn together will get you both turned on and it will also give you ideas of what to do in the bedroom.

Don’t let the idea of him watching porn make you self-conscious, the real thing is better every single time.

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Keep It Fun And Playful

Aquarius men in bed don’t like to make the topic of sex super serious, so why not get a little playful during your intimate time together?

You can start a pillow fight or generally be cute in order to make him giggle.

Part of enjoying sex is making fun memories together, and having fun is definitely a part of that.

A playful girl is exactly the kind of woman he is looking for so don’t hold back.

Humorous situations are all part of building a successful romantic relationship.

So don’t be afraid of laughing together occasionally rather than trying to keep things textbook perfect.

Spontaneity and surprise are the foundation of a romantic union.

Below is a YouTube video that I found which I hope will give a bit more insight into sex between an Aquarius man and a woman of a different star sign.

Keep an open mind however because compatibility can vary due to the positioning of planets at the time of birth.

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Have Sex Outdoors

As an Aquarius, he might like you to take charge and one thing that you could suggest doing together is sex outdoors.

This is something naughty for you both to tick off the bucket list if you have never done it before.

Think of places in your area where you can have sex, and hopefully not get caught – although the idea of being risky is very exciting.

He is going to feel thrilled that you have suggested something so naughty and this is going to make him want you even more.

Aquarius Men In Bed – Final Thoughts

An Aquarius man in bed is definitely an experience that you will not forget in a hurry so make sure that you enjoy it.

If you are lucky enough to be with an Aquarius man, you are guaranteed years of horny times ahead provided you take heed of the tips above.

In addition to the suggestions that have been mentioned in this article, don’t forget to take a look at this video of The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith.

This is really the cornerstone of a relationship with an Aquarius man in bed and will raise the pleasure you get between the sheets to new heights.

What To Know More About The Aquarius Man In Bed and His Sexual Nature?

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