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Aries Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

couple romping on a bedThe Aries man in bed is known to be energetic, passionate and fiery. He’s a guy with a high sex drive and the stamina to to match it.

Ruled by Mars, this energetic and courageous lover can also sometimes display some pretty explosive behavior. He has a warrior spirit and loves to be the knight in shining armour here to save the damsel in distress.

Reading this, you may certainly be wondering how good this man is in bed..?

I must warn you, he should not be taken for granted. He has so much fire bursting inside of him that he can possibly be too energetic for some women.

In this article, I will expose the secret sexual desires of the Aries man, what he likes in bed and how you can drive him wild.

Due to the intense firey passion of this zodiac sign, an Aries guy is known to have a very active imagination, which can often wonder into the sexual fantasy. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to turn him on and make him want you is through the words you use.

Being able to subtly speak to the more primitive part of his brain and ignite the chemicals that stimulate his desire is the fastest way to put yourself at the center of an Aries man’s sexual fantasies. Sex therapist, Felicity Keith shows you exactly how you can do this here.

So, without further ado, here the surprising the details of the Aries man in bed.

What You Need To Know About The Aries Man In Bed

He is a dominant partner

In most cases, an Aries guy is always dominant, and never takes the role of a submissive partner. He likes to take the lead in bed. Usually, he prefers doggy style or making love while sitting on a chair or table.

He is a natural-born leader and he won’t let a woman overpower him in any way. If you want to know even more specific details about what turns him on in bed, you can find it here.

There is a catch with an Aries man: He doesn’t like to negotiate that much. If you are a domino-lady, you two might have some problems, but if you can talk it out it’s possible to find a compromise.

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Aries man is highly energetic in bed

If you like slow, romantic sex, candlelight and enjoy routines, you could find an Aries man too overwhelming. If you like to be overpowered by a truly masculine man, though, then an Aries man is a perfect partner for you.

On the other hand, sex with this man is always fun, because he is innovative and creative. He can go on making love all night long, and he will always have new ideas and look for improvements in his techniques.

You should know more about the sexual side of an Aries man as It can help you understand him better. Because his star sign is linked to fire this characteristic shines through in everything he does.

Find out more about his sexual temperament in this YouTube video.

An Aries guy is also very unpredictable when it comes to sex. You never know when he is up for it or not. This can be a little disconcerting as he is normally the one who wants to take the lead.

Felicity Keith’s new program gives a lot more insight into how to keep an Aries man happy in the bedroom. It explains important sensual facts that will make a man obsess over a woman, and I recommend watching a short video here, which explains more about it.

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Aries man has a fiery side in bed

A thing that is very common for an Aries guy is that he might be a bit disrespecting in bed, so be cautious if this can hurt your feelings. His enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of him.

You can always talk it out with him and tell him that you don’t want something like that, and he will understand. These tendencies are connected to the Mars energy, the ruling planet of his sign.

He enjoys the rough and tumble, rather than the slow and predictable and is keen to experiment. He is a true man for enthusiastic sex, so if you like that, then an Aries man is for you.

It’s really hard to make an Aries man be slow and romantic, but it’s not impossible, though. If he is in love with you, he can be romantic, but if you two do not know each other very well, do not expect him to be gentle.

If you want to be in a relationship with this guy, my advice is not to go to bed with him too soon. He might think that you just want sex and nothing else. You should play hard to get at first, but only for a short period of time. He might get bored and go away.

Sometimes, an Aries man can be selfish in bed. You can find a lot more about how he comes on to a woman it in this article if you are not sure how to handle him when he becomes like that.

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He likes to spice things up

If you like routine, forget about it with an Aries man. He likes adventures.

He is someone who constantly has the urge to change things and try new things in bed. As a true Aries, he is honest, direct and straightforward. That is why roleplay is usually not his thing, but you can try all kinds of new poses with him.

Also, if you want to try something new, speak to him about it. He doesn’t like to guess what you like or want.

Aries man likes things that are pretty risky, so he might like things such as sex in public places. He really likes things that will lift his adrenaline levels up.

If you are not really into things like that, you can always change where you have sex. Switch from the bed to the kitchen table or floor, he will always be willing to give it a try.

Anyway, an Aries guy is almost always open for sex because of his high sex drive, so turning him on is not so hard.


If you are an impulsive, energetic woman that loves experimenting with new things, and if you like your man to be strong and dominant in bed, then an Aries man is for you.

If you try to negotiate with him, though, try not to be aggressive and state your opinions only as suggestions. He is much more likely to listen to you. Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire method can help you in that as well.

Don’t forget to compliment him, but do it honestly and directly. He will very much respect you for it because he can see through any false flattery.

All in all, getting into bed with an Aries man is not for every woman. He can be too aggressive or self-centered for some, and that is totally okay. If you love the same things as he does, you two will certainly have a great time together.

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