Sagittarius Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

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man sitting on bed watching a woman put her make up on in front of a mirrorA basic characteristic of the Sagittarius man is one of adventure and freedom and this is something that is also apparent when he is in bed with his lover.

He has a need to be in control but finds it exciting when his partner introduces opportunities to enliven his senses.

The Sagittarius man in bed loves challenges and will want to feel that he has won you over rather than you just submit to his every whim.

He is looking for a sexual partner who has a similar enthusiasm and is prepared to introduce things that she has discovered that will raise the pleasure of both of you.

Before I move on with the rest of this article, I want to tell you about an important discovery I made recently on a study by relationship expert Felicity Keith.

The subject of sex is sometimes a taboo topic that is glossed over, with generally the woman keeping her fingers crossed that everything turns out ok.

Felicity Keith has done an in-depth study to help women understand the part a woman can play in achieving maximum enjoyment in the bedroom and thus enhancing any relationship.

Felicity has discovered that a major turn-on for a Sagittarius guy is a woman whispering in his ear with not only terms of endearment but also dirty talk.

This is something a lot of women shy away from because they find it alien to put into practice and so miss out on a complete relationship with their Sag crush.

Felicity has now made her study available to women so that they can fulfill the hidden desires of their guy.

You can listen to a short video in which Felicity explains her program The Language of Desire.

Sexual Traits Of The Sagittarius Man In Bed

Man in shorts sitting on a bed watched by a woman in bedA sexual encounter with a Sagittarius male can be very passionate and wild, providing his partner is prepared to be open-minded.

He is ready to experiment with new things and finds it exciting that his partner is willing.

It is important for him to be told that his sexual performance has come up to scratch, and he will often ask for reassurance.

He tends to be open with his sexual desires and likes a confident woman to make the first move.

He is open to lovemaking in locations other than the bedroom as well as experimenting with sex toys or different positions.

As you can tell by now routine sex can be a bit boring for him.

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How To Turn On a Sagittarius Man In Bed

A man born under this star sign loves the excitement and it is a thrill for him if a woman is hard to get.

A woman who tries to box him in and comes across as too keen will quickly lose his interest.

Don’t pull back so much that he thinks you are unavailable, just enough to get him thinking.

Being a little bit mysterious will raise you above any competition.

You only need to drip feed him small pieces of information about yourself rather than telling him everything at once.

You will drive him mad with curiosity if you say things like ‘I will tell you later, maybe!

A Sagittarius man loves to engage with a woman in foreplay and is considerate to know what things are exciting for you as he wants to please.

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One of the greatest turns on for him is his woman whispering in his ear the pleasure he is giving her.

To drive your Sag man wild and to keep him focused on you and only you listen to the relationship expert Felicity Keith. Felicity explains her program in detail which lifts it above being smutty or crude.

The Language of Desire is a work that is recognized by scores of women as being a major help in their romantic relationship.

Rejected Sagittarius man in bed with woman who is looking at him Sagittarius Man In Bed Turn-Offs

Consistency and familiarity are the two things that need to be avoided when in bed with a Sagittarius man.

He has a yearning for adventure which links with his out-going personality and this follows through into the bedroom.

A Sag man also has a free spirit which makes him avoid any sense of commitment until he is ready.

He is a star sign that does not want to be alone but it will have to be with a woman who has a similar attitude to life.

If you are looking for a permanent relationship with your Sagittarius crush allow him to do the running.

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Sagittarius Arousal Techniques In Bed

As I have said your Sag guy is one for adventure so make sure his anticipation is at the top of the scale by wearing sexy lingerie.

Casually show a glimpse of a stocking top while removing your high heels.

Pretend you haven’t noticed him ogling you as you seductively brush your hair.

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The Sagittarius man fantasizes about adventure and discovering new experiences so roll play is a new form of fantasy to him.

Dressing up and acting out famous romantic partnerships like Romeo and Juliette or Antony and Cleopatra can create fun which a Sag man thrives on.

Be prepared or even suggest that sex away from the bedroom would be a turn-on for you.

A romantic getaway offers a change of scene which could lead to more adventurous places for romance.

Be flexible as long as you feel comfortable with any way out suggestions.

Erotic storytelling can raise anticipation and temperature.

You could innocently suggest a game in which each takes it, in turn, to enlarge on a story.

You could start off by saying ‘If I offered you a massage should I start at your feet?’ Fantasies like this develop into reality.

I found this youtube video that I think you may be interested in. An astrologer tells you more about sex with a Sagittarius man, I hope you find it interesting.

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Final Thoughts

If you have just started dating a Sagittarius man or you are looking for new ways to bring excitement back into an existing relationship you need to think adventure.

The guy born under this zodiac sign is easily bored with mundane normality.

If you are looking to have him wanting you, it takes a little thought and imagination to get him excited.

Follow the tips above to learn what you need to know about a Sagittarius man in bed, but note the one that has the best chance of working, which is The Language of Desire.

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