Cancer Man is Playing You – 5 Clear Signs to Look Out For

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Last Updated on March 17, 2023

Have you ever felt like someone was playing games with your heart? If so, you may be dealing with Cancer man.

These moody, sensitive individuals have been known to have a penchant for manipulating and playing mind games in order to get what they want.

If you think your Cancer man is playing you by using his emotional prowess to toy with your feelings, read on to learn how to spot the signs and protect yourself from getting hurt.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Pay attention to his communication style; if he is evasive or distant, it could be a sign your Cancer man is playing you.

2. Notice if he is making excuses for not seeing you or canceling plans; this could be a sign of disinterest.

3. Observe if he is overly flirtatious with other people; this could indicate that he’s not taking the relationship seriously.

4. Watch out for sudden changes in his behavior; if he suddenly becomes more distant or unresponsive, it may be a sign that something isn’t right. This video will explain exactly how to get him to re-focus on you.

5. Be aware of any inconsistencies in his stories or actions; this could be an indication that he is not being honest with you about something.

Cancer men can be sweethearts one day, and moody monsters the next. They are unpredictable, and often change their minds about things too quickly.

This makes it hard to know what to do and how to react.

If you’re dating a man with this zodiac sign, here are some tips to help you decide if your Cancer man is playing you.

How to Know if a Cancer Man is Playing You

Here are the 5 most common signs that show a Cancer man is just playing a game with you.

If you do discover that your Cancer man is leading you on, then you’re better off without him if he does not agree to change his ways.

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He Is Very Elusive

One of the most common signs that a Cancer man isn’t serious about his relationship is when he won’t answer your calls or texts.

You might think that he just wants to avoid talking to you because he is shy or embarrassed, but there could be another reason why he avoids you.

If he is evasive and always seems to be busy, he may be avoiding you because he is trying to keep things casual.

A lot of men find themselves getting too close to women way too quickly and don’t realize how much commitment they really want.

When they start feeling too attached to the person they are seeing, they try to push her away.

This can make him seem distant and uninterested.

But if he is being secretive about where he is, what he does, and who he is hanging out with, this might mean that he is having doubts about whether he wants to commit to you.

He may even be afraid of losing control over himself and becoming emotionally attached to you.

So, if he is constantly dodging your phone calls and messages, he may not want to risk hurting you.

Something that has worked well for many women is sending these emotional words by text, which will stir your guy’s emotions and get him thinking about you.

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He Avoids Making Plans

If you’re dating a Cancer man, it can be very annoying when he cancels plans with you, without giving you a reason.

In fact, some men are downright mean about pulling out of plans at the last minute, especially when they want to keep something important to themselves.

This behavior can be hard to understand because we often think of ourselves as independent people. We believe that we don’t need anyone else to help us succeed.

But, unfortunately, there are many reasons why our partners might cancel plans at the last minute.

One of those reasons is because they are playing you. They know how much you care about them, and they use that knowledge against you.

He Avoids Affection in Public

If your boyfriend doesn’t hold your hand or hug you in public, it could mean one thing – he isn’t really interested in being with you.

A man who wants to take your relationship to the next level will want to express how much he cares about you by kissing you in public.

If he does this, it sends out signals to everyone around him that he is committed to you.

He might even do something like walking arm-in-arm with you, or simply hold your hand while shopping together.

This demonstrates that he is willing to stand up for you and support you no matter what happens.

A man who holds your hand in public is showing you that he values you and considers you special.

If he doesn’t feel comfortable doing this, chances are he isn’t ready to commit to you.

If your guy is not showing you enough affection, you may not be providing him with the main thing he needs in a permanent relationship. This video explains in detail just what it is.

worried woman holding her head, concerned her Cancer man is playing her

He Avoids Introducing You to His Friends

Cancer men are very protective of their relationships.

They don’t want to let anyone else know what’s going on in their lives, and they’re not interested in sharing their feelings.

And while there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with people you care about, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to move forward romantically.

The reason why he won’t ask you to hang out with his friends is that he wants to keep everything separate from you.

He knows that if he brings you along, you’ll start asking questions, and he’s afraid that once you do, he’ll lose control over his emotions.

If you’re looking for a relationship, you’ll need to understand that it takes a lot of work to build trust and intimacy with a guy.

But if you want to win over a Cancer man, you need to show him that you respect his boundaries.

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He’s Constantly Checking His Phone 

A Cancer man who is always checking his phone could simply be playing games or watching videos on YouTube.

Or he could be chatting up other women.

If you suspect he is doing anything else while you’re together, it’s probably better to end things now rather than later.

If you think he’s just playing games, try talking to him about what he enjoys doing online.

Ask him how long he typically plays a game, or how many hours per week he spends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You might find out that he doesn’t spend nearly as much time on those sites as you thought.

He might also be interested in something outside of the digital realm.

If you see him spending a lot of time in art galleries, museums, bookstores, or even in nature, ask him why he likes those activities.

Maybe he wants to learn something new, or maybe he just really appreciates beauty.

Either way, it’s worth asking, so he knows you care about his other interests.

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Final Thoughts

A lot of men are very good at keeping their distance. They’re shy, introverted, or don’t trust easily.

They want to keep things casual, and they don’t want to invest too much energy into relationships.

If you think your Cancer man is playing you, it could mean he doesn’t feel safe enough to let himself go.

Check out this video to see if he is lacking an essential ingredient in the relationship.

Or he might just be interested in being a friend with benefits.

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