Pisces Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

Pisces man in bed with a womanA Pisces man in bed is often romantic, sensual, and eager to please his lover.

Being a water sign, intimacy often comes down to emotions with him. This doesn’t mean he’s the type of guy to cry on you after sex, so don’t worry!

He wants to feel an emotional connection with his lover. This makes his lovemaking all the more intense and passionate.

While he can be known to wear his heart on his sleeve, if he’s really into you then he’ll go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied sexually.

Having said that, turning on and exciting a Pisces guy is not always as easy as you may think.

Besides wanting to feel a connection with you, he also wants a woman who can stimulate his mind and ignite his sexual passions.

His brain is always active, so for a Pisces guy, the words you use can have a big impact.

If you can combine subtle sexual innuendo and a flirty playfulness with the words that are psychologically proven to turn guys on, like these ones in this video, then he’ll be super hot for you, making the sex amazing and fulfilling for both.

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The Pisces Man in Bed – The Surprising Details

He’s Romantic And Considerate

If one zodiac sign can be defined as a romantic lover, it would be a Pisces man.

They associate everything with love and affection with emotion, and that is why they are so sensual in bed.

Unlike his water sign cousin, Cancer, a Pisces man doesn’t stick to one person necessarily and can roam around, always looking for a true connection.

That is why a Pisces man would have no problem with sleeping with a complete stranger or even a few of them at the same time. Nevertheless, he would feel some kind of connection to them afterward.

Things don’t always need to be romantic, though. It all depends on how he sees his partner; as a love of his life or fulfillment of his wild fantasy.

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He Is Sensitive

Rejected Pisces man in bed with womanYou should know that all you need to do with a Pisces man in bed is to praise him. Or at the very least, that you respect him.

He can get really depressed if a woman tells him that he is not good in bed, and he might not want to sleep with her again after it.

When you want to tell him that you don’t like something that he does, you just do the opposite thing. Tell him what you really like to do and encourage him to do it that way.

You should tell him about the things he is good at and that should put an accent on that. If he really does something irritating, it’s better to use body language to show him that.

The Pisces Man Ego

You should always be gentle with a Pisces man’s ego. He doesn’t talk about what he likes; he shows it.

This goes for what is done to him and what he does to his partner. Where is the fun if he doesn’t have the chance to try to guess what a woman likes?

With a Pisces guy, if he likes something, he will show it with his body language. Maybe he will change the pace of his breathing, or even moan a bit when you do something he likes.

He loves it when his partner lets him explore her body and gives him feedback. That is very important to him as he wants to then use this to take you to even deeper realms of pleasure. Conversely, a big turn off for a Pisces man is when a woman doesn’t react to his touch.

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He Wants Connection In Bed

couple romping in bed and laughingPisces is a feminine sign. He wants to become one with his partner and feel his whole being. That is where their sensitivity actually shows.

But their dual nature sometimes makes him feel lost and torn, not knowing what he truly wants.

That is why a Pisces man sometimes cheats on his partner. He is never sure what’s real and what’s his imagination, and he can misread passion for something deeper.

Nevertheless, true emotion is what a Pisces man wants. That is why he also sometimes just disappears, without any explanation. Don’t worry, though. If he finds the one, he builds a stronger relationship in time.

The same refers to his sexual life. That is why he is usually more a giver than a taker. He wants his lover to feel special. To him, every woman that he chooses to sleep with is special to him.

He tends to idealize his partners too much, and that is why he sometimes gets a little disappointed.

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He Loves To Fantasize

Even if he is naturally submissive by nature, he likes to switch roles. Roleplay is always a good idea to suggest to a Pisces guy.

He would like to experiment with all kinds of roles, but he would let his lady take the leading one. Also, you should know that the erogenous zone of a Pisces man is his feet, but most of them say that this is false.

For a few bonus tips, you may also find this YouTube video of interest relating to love and sex with a Pisces guy. Related by psychic medium and relationship coach Amira Celon it explains the techniques needed to keep your guy happy.

Final Thoughts

Pisces men are complicated, but they will not fail your expectations when it comes to sex. Good communication with him, both verbal and physical, is crucial.

In Felicity Keith’s The Language of Desire, you can find even more information about seducing a Pisces man. The program has helped countless women to improve their love life and relationship by uncovering the true characteristics of a Pisces guy.

All in all, let’s say that a Pisces guy is a true representation of a lover.

There is no male sign in the whole horoscope that can include emotions in bed that well. If you want to be loved madly, both emotionally and in between the sheets, then you are reading about the right sign.

That is basically all you need to know about a Pisces man in bed, and it should give you enough insight to know whether you are compatible with a Pisces man in bed or not.

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