Leo Man In Bed – What You Need To Know About His Sexual Nature

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Last Updated on July 29, 2023

If you have a Leo man in your life, then this blog post is for you. The Leo man in bed is an adventurous and charismatic lover who likes to take the lead.

He will be sure to make his needs known and he won’t hold back any of his desires for you.

This means that as a partner, it’s important for him to feel confident that he can tell you what he wants without fear of being rejected.

It is important that you understand his needs and secret desires and this article will help you emotionally connect with this sometimes complicated character.

The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun and is represented by the symbol of the Lion, which gives an indication of a fiery nature.

However, when it comes to assessing the temperament of a Leo man in bed, he could easily be referred to as a pussy cat by the woman who understands how to control the beast within. 

The Leo man is generally thought of as a dominating and selfish person, but when his true sensual emotions are awakened he can become the most considerate of lovers.

Whatever the reasons, you can easily ignite the flames of desire by understanding what really turns him on and gets his heart racing.

Key Takeaways:

Favorite Position: Freestanding face-to-face

Favorite Foreplay Move: Receiving 100% of the attention (fortunately, this does not need to be all the time)

Best Tactic To Turn Him On The number one sexual tactic to make Leo man crazy for you is dirty talk (step-by-step guide here). After all, the brain is the number one erogenous zone in the whole body.

Leo Man in Bed – Why You Need To Connect With Him Emotionally

Sex is a basic necessity in life but it is the emotional connection that is made between two people that cements the unbreakable bond in a true love relationship.

I am not surprised that you have your eye on a guy with this zodiac sign, his open personality and friendly nature make the Leo man a hot target of the opposite sex.

However, you need to be aware of his sometimes hidden, characteristics that only become apparent when you start to understand his emotional side.

Born under the influence of the Sun, he craves basking in other people’s attention and he loves being praised and complimented.

Opinions of others are important to him, and he tends to have the biggest Ego of all the Zodiac signs. This is not so odd actually, as his zodiac sign is represented by the king of the jungle.

Leo is a fire sign. His energy is very dynamic, which makes him industrious and conscientious in everything he attempts.

If you are at an early stage of your relationship, this post dating a Leo man could be of help.

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Igniting His Sexual Imagination

If you are wondering what he is like in bed, I can tell you that this guy’s libido is very high. He loves to satisfy his ego that he is the desired being.

A Leo man in bed enjoys sex and all the things related to it.

But beyond the physical pleasure of sex, what he craves most of all is a deep emotional bond with a woman who can inflame his passion.

The Leo man doesn’t like to be neglected or controlled.

While balance is important to him, he needs to feel wanted and desired by his partner.

He is in his element when he senses that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with him.

For him, it’s the ultimate ego massage.

A Leo man has an active imagination that stimulates his senses and triggers his lustful passions.

This is why his excitement levels sky-rocket when a woman whispers naughty things like these into his ear during lovemaking.

It drives him crazy!

As erotic as it can be, talking dirty is a powerful tool you can use to create an incredible emotional connection between the two of you.

And he will love you all the more for it.

Sex therapist, Felicity Keith has developed a program that has brought a totally new dimension to my, and many other women’s love lives.

Unfortunately, pillow talk is avoided by some women due to either not knowing what to say or a lack of sexual confidence.

Little do they know, however, that it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to capture and hold a Leo man’s interest and desire.

If this is you, then you can cast your worries to the wind.

Felicity has combined all her knowledge, experience, and expertise into a simple method that not only tells women the exact words to say 

But also how to own your sexual confidence and become the goddess you have always known you can be.

Don’t just take my word for it, Felicity explains exactly how you can become his dynamite lover in this short video here.

I’m sure you, like me, will be pleasantly surprised by how responsive and turned on your Leo man will be when you use this simple technique in the way that Felicity explains in the above video.

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How To Please a Leo Man Sexually

If you have watched the above-mentioned video from Felicity, you now know the number one technique to make him crave and desire you.

Now, here are 4 more sexy tips that will drive the Leo man wild in bed. If he has Venus in his chart then please also see my article on Venus in Leo men.

He Wants To Be Praised

The Leo man in bed is usually regarded as not being much of a giver.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that he’s not a good lover in bed. Rather, it means that Leo man takes great delight in all the wonderful and tantalizing things his partner does for him.

For Leo men, sex is not something that can be disregarded or considered unimportant, especially when he thinks he has found his special partner.

Sex is literally one of his greatest pleasures.

He actually doesn’t care if he is dominant or submissive once he has managed to really connect with his partner.

A Leo man can sometimes be accused of self-satisfaction and only interested in his own pleasure.

However, this is not the experience of a woman who can create a deep, intimate bond with him.

Being able to spark and direct his imagination and sexual desires with your words is a complete game-changer, and can lead to highly fulfilling intimacy for both partners.

It is his Ego that makes him want to please his partner. He enjoys the fact that he is the reason for someone else’s pleasure.

“Being able to use these words to spark and direct his imagination and sexual desires is a complete game-changer.”

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He Loves Oral Sex

Leo men love to both give and receive oral sex. He makes it his mission to give his partners pleasure and deeply satisfy them.

In return, he also wants to experience the same levels of ecstasy with you, too.

He will take great delight in getting to know your intimate areas and what kind of touch you enjoy the most in bed.

When he goes down on you, it is also an arousing experience for him as well.

In turn, when you go down on him, your technique and the way in which you give him pleasure will make a big difference in how fulfilling he finds intimacy with you.

If he sees that you’re also enjoying giving him oral pleasure then you’re off to a good start.

Unfortunately, when it comes to oral sex, a lot of women think they are doing it right, but a lot of men attest that often the blow jobs they receive are mediocre at best.

Of course, some women with a lot of experience know how to do it well.

However, if you’re reading this and are wondering if you’re doing it right, then I recommend you listen to this advice on oral sex from a guy’s perspective.

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He Likes Classy Women

This statement is actually a bit tough, but it is true; A king wants a queen, and he will accept nothing that is below his own standards.

Leo man cannot face the fact that he slept with a woman who he considers unworthy.

His partner’s status is also important to him. The higher it is, the more it will feed his enormous Ego.

He just wants to make sure that she is not better than him (because no one can be better than him, at least in his eyes).

A Leo man’s traits show he cares about what others think of him. That is why he may choose his partner based even on what other people think of her.

In addition to that, I can tell you that there is a high possibility that he will sleep with a pretty or influential woman only to be able to brag afterward.

Like a true Leo man, he likes to hunt. If he sees something he wants, he will go for it and will strive to get it at any cost.

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No Rules Sex

A Leo man is considered to be one of the best lovers of the zodiac, but only under certain conditions.

Knowing how to stimulate his senses will make him obsess over you. And the most effective way to do it is through the Language of Desire.

This fiery man in bed hates being controlled. If you are a dominant woman, then a Leo man is probably not the right one for you.

He doesn’t have any problems with being submissive as long as he is made to feel important.

So, if you humiliate this guy in any way, he won’t just leave. He might even take revenge on you.

Just bathe him in attention, and he will be happy and pleased.

Also, he despises being told what to do. He is lazy by nature and he doesn’t like to please other people if it doesn’t benefit him.

Yes, I know, this is a little selfish, but if you want to sleep with this guy, you have to accept him for who he really is.

Leo man will not change his habits just because someone else wants him to.

A woman who wants him long-term must use all the tools available to her to create an even platform.

His sexuality plays a big part in his life and how he sees his connection with people he regards as being important to him.

If you take my advice you definitely need to know as much as you can about him in order to have unforgettable and fulfilling sex with him.

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Final Thoughts

At first, it seems almost impossible to catch up with him and his high standards, but that is far from the truth, so don’t let that put you off.

A Leo man can sometimes seem unreachable, even arrogant on occasion.

However, in bed, he is a passionate lover, much like the other fire signs of the zodiac.

Pleasing him is not much of a big deal if you know how to do it right.

Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire method can help you with that, so I highly recommend you check it out.

When treated right, this guy can be an incredible lover.

He really likes to enjoy physical touch, but the thing he likes even more than that is when he is responsible for someone else’s pleasure.

That makes him feel important and powerful and also creates an emotional tie that he relishes.

Therefore, I advise you not to give up if you really want to have a successful sexual relationship with a Leo man, he is definitely worth your time.

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