Scorpio Compatibility – The Best And Worst Matches

A Scorpio man with his partner

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

Even the fiercely independent Scorpio needs some companionship. Realistically, they long for it.

Intense, energetic, and passionate; the Scorpio sun sign is mysterious and intriguing to the eye.

The Scorpio feels deeply, yet sports a cool exterior that drives potential mates wild with interest.

The Scorpio can come off as reserved – but when they are ready to love, they do it with all their heart — looking to satisfy their partner for a lifetime and on the deepest levels.

These traits are attractive to many.

But beyond Scorpio’s universal surface appeal, there are aspects of this sign which make Scorpio compatibility better suited for some and not so much for others in the long run.

Below is everything you need to know about which zodiac signs are best and least suited for Scorpio based on sun signs alone.

For the most accurate description regarding compatibility, it is important to understand your complete natal chart.

The Best Matches For Scorpio Compatibility

The Scorpio, like other signs, is most compatible with its element counterparts. Scorpios can also work well paired with some of the earth signs.

Read on to discover Scorpio’s soulmate.

Scorpio and Pisces

The Scorpio and the Pisces are both intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually deep and so is their bond with each other.

The Scorpio/Pisces relationships satisfy the part of the individual that often feels misunderstood, filling the void of deep connections that lack in their other relationships.

Pisces, just like Scorpio, is a sensitive sign, both communicating through their intuition and emotion.

The astrological sextile points to a relaxed flow of energy.

Pisces is famous for wearing their feelings on their sleeve while Scorpio is not likely to show them at all (until they let you in that is).

It is not only the similarities that make these two a great match, but also their differences that balance each other out almost flawlessly.

The Pisces is more receptive and the Scorpio domineering. In a relationship, the Pisces will feel cared for and taken care of while the Scorpio will feel like they can be dominant.

This translates well between the sheets too.

Scorpio is intense and driven while Pisces is a laidback, easy-going sign. On the outside, the pair may seem different.

But on the inside, the Scorpio and the Pisces are both extremely passionate, creative, and imaginative people who are looking to be emotionally satisfied.

These two will likely never run out of things to talk about and ways to connect.

Scorpio Compatibility With Cancer

Just like the Scorpio and Pisces connection, a Scorpio and Cancer bond is an emotional one.

Cancer is another sensitive water sign looking to connect at the depths of the soul.

Cancer can also be intense at times, more so than the Pisces but not as intense as the Scorpio (the zodiac poster child of intensity).

This could work either way, but it is really in their balancing of differences that make Cancer and Scorpio work like a charm.

Cancer is known to be warm, caring, loving, and committed. This puts Scorpio’s jealousy at ease and makes Cancer feel appreciated.

Cancer is wildly famous for being domesticated and Scorpio is intensely focused and driven.

These Scorpio/Cancer characteristics make them well suited for each other in long-term relationships, marriage, and even in raising a family.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are intense, emotional, and possessive. They both love everything they have and if their love is for each other, their match is unshakable.

Scorpio and Virgo

Unlike the previous two signs, the Virgo is not very emotional at all, yet Virgo is a sign that is considered a harmonious one for Scorpio compatibility.

The super-rational Virgo is the least emotional of the 12 signs.

This is not to say the Virgo is emotionless.

On the contrary, Virgo is much like Scorpio in that they will not show their emotions to just anyone.

But if the trust is there, Virgo and Scorpio can have a rich emotional life together.

Scorpio and Virgo are both sensitive, however, Virgo is an over-analyzer who is not too fond of criticism.

More than anything, the Scorpios do not like to have their feelings hurt.

Feelings aside, Virgo and Scorpio are both extremely loyal signs with their share of trust issues.

Through understanding one another, they alleviate some of their insecurities around opening up in relationships.

The Virgo and Scorpio connection is rooted in trust. These two signs have the potential to make each other feel comfortable and secure.

The Scorpio is the one sign that can even open the Virgo up in the bedroom.

Both signs are sensitive and reserved and at the end of the day, both are looking for the same thing: a partner to who they can trust and commit to.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Calculated, driven, devotional, hardworking, and stubborn, the Capricorn shares many of Scorpio’s traits, albeit far less emotional.

Both signs are strategic and committed, looking for someone who they can love for life.

Scorpio and Capricorn are both cautious when it comes to matters of the heart and can be possessive, even downright jealous.

They are both strong signs and need to appear in control.

The Capricorn is often thought of as being cold, although this is mostly on the exterior, as with the Scorpio.

But the reality is that Capricorn is an earth sign and by nature is far less emotional than Scorpio is.

The Capricorn and Scorpio match works well because they both give and receive love through demonstration.

This speaks to Scorpio’s loyal heart and possessiveness. In a lot of ways their love language is the same: “show me, don’t tell me”.

On the exterior, both signs are driven and hardworking. Their bond can be strengthened through their determination for one another and their goals.

They are a winning match to start a home and plan for the future together.

Woman laying down and laughing with her man

Scorpio Compatibility – Worst Matches

The Scorpio is alluring, and can easily attract many people.

Outwardly, they may seem one way, but their inner worlds tell a vastly different story.

This makes the relationship between Scorpio and the other signs below tough for long-term relationships.

Scorpio and Gemini

Healthy communication is essential in any relationship and no two signs could be more different in their communication styles than the Scorpio and the Gemini.

This is only one issue that the Scorpio and the Gemini butt heads on, but this alone makes Gemini a poor match for Scorpio.

The Gemini tends to be very heady. As an intellectual air sign, they have a difficult time understanding the deep and turbulent emotional nature of Scorpio.

The Gemini is a mutable sign, coined “the twins” for their double-side which the grounded Scorpio perceives as shadiness.

Both the Gemini and the Scorpio are intellectually powerful. You would think this would make for a good conversation between the two.

But the Gemini thinks the Scorpio is much too focused on one thing and gets too deep and dark for their liking.

On the other hand, the Scorpio sees the Gemini as being fleeting and unwilling to look at and discuss heavier, more important things.

The Gemini likes to keep things light, the Scorpio dark. The Gemini is carefree and easy-going, and the Scorpio is serious and intense. If we are honest, these two signs do not make a great pair.

Scorpio Compatibility With Libra

The Libra and the Scorpio are equally flirty, there is a good chance that these two will find themselves on a first date at some point.

Libra is a lover of beauty. It is without a doubt that the Scorpio’s intense, passionate, and sexual nature will catch Libra’s eye.

One of the issues that arise between Libra and Scorpio is that the Scorpio becomes deeply committed to the relationship while the Libra is still just as flirty and open with others as ever.

The Libra is naturally charming and does not mean anything by this. It is merely playful. But it does not fly well with the Scorpio’s jealousy and possessiveness.

One of the darker aspects of Libra is passive-aggressiveness. This is something that the Scorpio will not go for.

The result is poor communication and problems that endlessly pile up, as neither sign is a fan of confrontation and both will avoid it at all costs.

The Libra likes balance and harmony, but they are also open and spontaneous, often deciding things on a whim.

This has the potential to conflict with the demanding, possessive, jealous, and fixed Scorpio nature.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Because of the intensity, passion, and energy of the Scorpio, they may seem a lot like a fire sign at first.

Making matters more complicated, the Sagittarius and the Scorpio have the propensity to fall for each other.

But as they go deeper, they find that they are quite different in ways that are deal-breakers.

Sagittarius is occasionally referred to as the “watery-fire sign”. This is just as misleading as calling a Scorpio a “fiery-water sign”.

This mix-up will occasionally bring the Scorpio and the Sagittarius together for something short-term that will quickly fizzle out.

The Scorpio can have unrealistic expectations for others and are bound to their emotion. Conversely, Sagittarius is all about freedom.

The Sagittarius, a mutable sign, is much more flexible than the fixed and demanding Scorpio.

For this reason, the Sagittarius is not likely at all to succumb to the Scorpio’s possessiveness, as it is not in their DNA to be held down or feel smothered.

The Sagittarius is open and upfront, often discussing how they think and feel freely. The Scorpio on the other hand is guarded and secretive.

This causes serious misunderstandings in their relationship, leaving one of the two feeling hurt often.

Scorpio and Leo

The Scorpio may seem a lot like the Leo at first glance. Both are passionate, powerful, and dominant signs. But at the core, these two could not be more different.

The Scorpio’s and Leo’s tendency to be dominant will invariably result in some type of power struggle, right down to the smallest of things.

The warm, cheery Leo, by their nature, may not even realize what is happening on the inside of the Scorpio, who can be secretive about it.

Feeling hurt, the Scorpio will remember every slight and is likely to hold on to one grudge after another. It is a war with no winners as neither will let up.

Leo is open, warm, and carefree. They are king and queen social butterflies. The Scorpio is more reserved and quite dark.

The Scorpio’s deep emotion can be a little much for Leo.

It is difficult for the light-hearted Leo to fully grasp the depths of the Scorpio, which is precisely what the Scorpio is looking for a partner to do.

In return, the Scorpio views Leo as selfish or dismissive of them, while this is not their intent at all.

The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is cool — deep, dark, mysterious, and passionate. He is the archetypal “bad boy” that the ladies all talk about.

Possessing an irresistible edginess, the Scorpio man is extremely sexual even when not trying to be.

It is almost like his uniform.

He is a tough shell to break open because he tends to feel misunderstood.

But when he lets you in, he will love you with everything he has got.

There are no half measures with this guy, notoriously known to be possessive and even jealous.

If the Scorpio decides to open up that means he has latched onto you and decided that you are the one.

The Scorpio man has been unjustly associated with sleeping around, due to his intense sexual nature and his Venus aspects.

His deep desire for connection and relationship longevity far outweighs his likeliness to engage in casual sex, especially while in a committed relationship.

At his core, the Scorpio man does not prefer flings.

If there is one thing he does not like, and will not put up with, it is inauthenticity. The Scorpio man can spot a liar from a mile away. He is not the one to play head games with either.

The Scorpio man is energetic and dominating. His dedication will go to any lengths and his loyalty knows no bounds.

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Scorpio Man Relationship Compatibility

Compatibility for long-term relationships with the Scorpio man is best with Pisces and Cancer women.

This is because of their deep emotional connection, intuitive understanding of each other, and their almost telepathic ways of communication.

In these sun sign relationships, the Scorpio man can assume his naturally dominant role while allowing the other signs to feel loved and cared for.

Scorpio men also fair well with Virgo and Capricorn who form strong bonds based on trust, security, and planning for the future together.

These signs also connect with the Scorpio man on an emotional level that he craves.

If you’ve been dating a Scorpio guy and you want to know if it’s really going anywhere, then you might want to see our article here to discover the signs a Scorpio man is in love with you.

Scorpio Man Sexual Compatibility

The Scorpio man’s characteristics in bed are the same as his general traits: intense, dominating, and passionate.

For this reason, the Scorpio man is looking for someone who will allow him to dominate sexually. This may be a bit too much for more prudish signs.

The Scorpio man’s sexual compatibility is best with Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus.

The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpion woman is sexy, reserved, and intense.

She projects an otherworldly, almost magical vibe and displays an alluring gravitational pull, reeling in those obsessed with getting to know her.

Although, most will not be so lucky as she is not quick to show her true self to just anyone.

Just like the Scorpio man, the Scorpio woman feels misunderstood and could be wounded from her past relationships.

So, if she lets her guard down you can bet that she has chosen you.

It is important to the Scorpio woman that she is felt emotionally. She may be even more guarded than the Scorpio man.

In many ways, she has had it unfair because of her sign’s association with sex, death, and other dark-natured things, which have all been taken out of context and blown out of proportion throughout history.

The Scorpio woman needs excitement, especially in the bedroom. She gets bored with the monotony and craves exploration of new things.

If you are lucky enough to be involved with the Scorpio woman, get ready for an adventure.

Like the Scorpio man, the Scorpio woman is not one for playing games.

If you “get” her and think that you can hang, well then, you have found yourself a devoted, passionate, and loving mate for life.

Scorpio Woman Relationship Compatibility

The Scorpio Woman is looking for the same as the Scorpio man: emotional security, trust, and feeling understood.

Though the Scorpio woman is less dominating than the man, their compatibility is best with the same signs and for mostly the same reason.

The Scorpio woman is most compatible with Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn men.

Scorpio Woman Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio is the zodiac sign most associated with sexuality. The Scorpio woman is adventurous and kinky in bed.

She is always willing to explore and try new things. As a matter of fact, it is necessary for the Scorpio woman to switch it up.

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Scorpio Compatibility – Final Thoughts

The Scorpio woman’s sexual compatibility is best suited for Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Scorpio compatibility is strongest with Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

These signs offer the sensitive Scorpio the security and understanding that they need.

With them, the Scorpio can feel that there is trust and that their connections are authentic and go beyond the surface.

The Scorpio yearns for strong bonds and lasting relationships and these signs can deliver that to the misunderstood Scorpio.

The Scorpio is best to keep clear from the signs that tend to not take them seriously.

Nothing stirs up the Scorpio more than the carefree signs which will unknowingly brush them off and disregard their turbulent feelings and intensity, such as Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo.

If you’re interested to know more about the compatibility of other zodiac signs, then our article here explains what are the best zodiac love matches, and how this can help you.

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