Aquarius Compatibility – The Best and Worst Matches

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Last Updated on April 15, 2023

Are you an Aquarius? Or are you looking for your perfect match with an Aquarian? Look no further!

Aquarians are known to be loyal, independent, and full of life. It’s important to find someone who is a good match for that unique personality.

When you do, make sure you understand how to keep them committed in a relationship, as this video explains.

To help make things easier, we’ve put together a list of the best matches for an Aquarius. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are most compatible with Aquarius.

Aquarius Characteristics

To understand Aquarius compatibility we need to take a look at this air sign in conjunction with the other zodiac signs. Each will bring to the forefront different characteristics that can dominate the relationship.

Aquarius natives are humanitarian, opinionated, and sociable.

One of their standout characteristics is that they want to free themselves from personal and social conditioning.

Aquarius Suns are rebels who desire to change the injustices in the world, but they aspire to do it in an organized way.

Let’s not forget that the traditional ruler of this sign is Saturn.

Reading about compatibility could be helpful if you wish to have a one-to-one relationship with an Aquarius born under Sun or if you are an Aquarius native.

This article will help you get useful information for navigating the hazards of human connections.

However, it is worth mentioning that the field of Astrology is broader than just the analysis of Sun signs. Learning the vital facts explained in this video will help to create perfect harmony.

If you want assurance in a long-term relationship you should book a consultation with a professional astrologer to get an in-depth report of the potential compatibility between two different people.

The Sun signs in this article offer a starting point about this topic.

Aquarius Compatibility – The Best Matches

The best matches for Aquarius compatibility natives have to share some characteristics with the innovative nature of this fixed airy sign.

Keep reading to know more about them. If the Aquarian in question also has Venus in their chart then I also recommend you read about the Venus in Aquarius traits here.

Aquarius And Libra

The connection between an Aquarius Sun and a Libra Sun is very strong. Both are air signs that appreciate expressing their ideas verbally.

Since both Aquarius and Libra are very vocal, they will enjoy sharing information and talking things out when they are experiencing problems in their relationship.

Jealousy and dishonesty are unlikely to emerge in a bond involving these two signs.

The intellectual flare that both Libra and Aquarius compatibility possess is what attracts them to each other. But they may display some differences when it comes to expressing affection.

Aquarius is a sign that is recognized as not being as romantic and sensual as Libra.

Therefore, it will take some time for the water-bearers to learn how to open up to their fair and diplomatic partners.

Libra is a social sign. Aquarius is gregarious too, but people with the Sun here also like solitude and some alone time to feed their individuality.

For an Aquarius, the Libra partner could seem needy. On the other hand, Libra could consider that compatibility with a partner is detached.

Fortunately, they can make their relationship work because both signs complement each other in a very refined and soothing way.

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Aquarius And Sagittarius

Aquarius is an air sign that belongs to the positive modality. Sagittarius is also positive and its element is fire.

Since air fuels fire, these signs boost their innate qualities when they are together.

Furthermore, they are linked by a sextile. A sextile is an astrological aspect that signals a free and unrestrained movement of energy.

When a Sagittarius and an Aquarius Sun enter a relationship, they will click immediately.

These two signs tend to adore each other and they will have the best adventures and the best laughs when they are together.

Aquarius + Sagittarius is a good match because both signs are curious and determined to learn something new every day.

Besides, they are both very independent, so they will preserve their individuality even in a committed and serious relationship.

Aquarius is unique and they would like to spend their precious time with someone smart and fun.

Sagittarius is exactly like that. The centaurs will not make them feel bad for being a dreamer and for wanting to create a better future.

When they are together, they will philosophize about deep topics and live an existence filled with mental stimulation and endless exploration.

Aquarius And Aries

It is simple for Aries and Aquarius to be in a romantic relationship because they have similar values and attitudes toward life. These two signs just “get” each other.

Both Aries and Aquarius are positive signs. Aquarius is an air sign and Aries is a fire sign, which means that they are a match made in heaven.

They are capable of nurturing their good qualities without losing their individual personalities.

These two signs share many of their interests, so they will have a great time hanging out together.

They will never run out of things to discuss because compatibility comes with sharing information and Aries enjoys listening to attention-grabbing facts.

Whenever they are together, they will make everlasting memories.

In a relationship, Aries and Aquarius are going to be refreshingly honest with each other. Neither of them is going to hold back their feelings, even if doing so leads to a confrontation.

Aries refuses to censor themselves and Aquarius is straightforward and direct. This couple does not see the point in lying, especially to their loved ones.

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Aquarius Least Compatible Matches

If you were wondering about the less compatible matches for Aquarius, now it is time to analyze them.

Please bear in mind that this compatibility article takes into account the Sun signs alone.

People who were born with Sun signs that are not usually compatible can still foster a healthy relationship.

Compatibility goes beyond Sun signs and there may be other astrological placements in the natal charts that could make a relationship work and be stable.

Aquarius and Virgo

Even though Virgo and Aquarius are both quite intellectual, they have different approaches toward existence.

Virgo is a practical and realistic sign, whereas Aquarius seeks spiritual enlightenment and theorizes about society in abstract terms.

Reaching agreements could be almost impossible between these two Sun signs.

Aquarius may have a hard time dealing with Virgo’s acute criticism. And Virgo could find it unbearable to put up with the lack of pragmatism connected with the innovative Aquarius.

They might struggle to find some common ground as the foundation for their relationship.

When dating, the Virgo partner may want to plan every encounter in a detailed way, but the Aquarius partner may desire to be spontaneous.

This clash could cause some tension. Besides, Virgo is often cautious when it comes to showing affection or when they are in the bedroom.

Aquarius may find this attitude boring and dull.

Virgo may insist that they are right and they may want to order their partner what do to.

Aquarius couldn’t care less about someone else’s orders or opinions. They are going to do what they believe is best for themselves.

Virgo could get very tense when their partner does not listen to them, so Aquarius will get under their skin without even knowing it.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius may be a distant and impersonal sign for the sensitive Pisces.

This watery sign can’t wait to marry the perfect person they have created in their imagination. An Aquarius may not be the dreamy person a Pisces is looking for.

A relationship between a Pisces and an Aquarius could be exhausting for the Pisces partner.

They could feel that their emotions are not taken care of. The aloof style of the Aquarius could create a feeling of loneliness and agitation for the Pisces.

As a mutable sign, Pisces knows how to handle constant change and their attitudes are flexible.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and does not deal very well with the fluctuations of Pisces.

While Aquarius is very rational and mental, Pisces are more concerned with the subtle realm of feelings and idealizations.

In many cases, Pisces will let their emotions flow and they will walk away before dealing with the constant disappointments from the Aquarius.

The best chance for a satisfying relationship between an Aquarius and a Pisces is a scenario where Aquarius is very connected with their emotions and knows how to express them.

Unfortunately, this scenario is infrequent.

Aquarius and Cancer

The unconventional nature of Aquarius interferes with the person born under Cancer who needs to remain in a calm environment for a long period of time.

The homey and cozy feeling that a Cancer craves to experience on a regular basis can be deeply disturbed by the need for new adventures that are connected with the airy nature of the Aquarius.

These differences are hard to reconcile.

An Aquarius may bring nervousness and too much information to the quiet routine of a Cancer.

This watery sign may not be able to handle the train of thought that the Aquarius partner may display every time they try to have a conversation.

Cancer needs to be with an empathetic and nurturing listener rather than with someone who tries to speak as fast as they think.

The Cancer Sun is sensitive enough to pay close attention to details and pamper its partner with constant displays of affection.

The Aquarius Sun, on the other hand, maybe more reserved.

Cancer values intimacy, stability, and hanging with their family, while Aquarius is more interested in studying, chatting, and spending time with friends.

There is a broad gap between their worlds that sometimes is impossible to overcome.

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Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is self-sufficient, intelligent, and good at communicating.

His brain is always busy considering new ideas so he might sometimes appear cold and absent-minded.

However, when he is enthusiastic about a topic he can spend long hours talking about it.

This man doesn’t like the idea of being tied down, which is why his compatibility potential can seem limited.

If he feels suffocated in a serious relationship, he will run away with no explanations given.

The Aquarius man needs a partner capable of giving him some alone time, a person who encourages his independence instead of trying to take his freedom away from him.

If the Aquarius man feels like he is not allowed to be himself when he is dating someone, he will prefer to be single.

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Aquarius Man Relationship Compatibility

Libra and Sagittarius are the most compatible signs for the Aquarius man.

Having a relationship with a fellow air sign or the third fire sign is beneficial for the Aquarius man because his partner will make him have a fascinating time.

If you want more info on the Aquarius man in romantic relationships then I recommend you read our article here on the Aquarius man in love.

Aquarius Man Sexual Compatibility

If the Aquarius Man is looking to experience a pleasing sexual life, he should choose partners with the Sun in Aries or Gemini.

These two signs are also positive and will definitely know how to set the stage for stimulating activities.

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Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is usually witty, sharp, and goal-oriented. This woman has a mind of her own and does what she likes.

She is not too concerned about other people’s opinions. She loves freedom and doesn’t want to be controlled.

Although she may seem to be indifferent when it comes to relationships, she actually longs for a partner who is compatible with her soul and who could understand and appreciate her distinctiveness.

When in love, the Aquarius woman can still be rational and she will never lose her values just to be with someone else.

She is attracted to people who are intellectual, unique, and have their own ideas. The Aquarius woman likes talented people who can bring something good to the world.

She doesn’t like spending time with clingy or dependent partners because she needs to be with someone she admires and respects.

Aquarius Woman Relationship Compatibility

The signs that are most compatible with a serious relationship with an Aquarius woman are Aries and Leo.

The relationship between Aquarius and one of these fiery signs will usually prove to be exciting and entertaining.

Aquarius Woman Sexual Compatibility

A long-term relationship between an Aquarius woman and someone with the Sun in Pisces or Scorpio may not work well.

But sexual encounters with people who have the Sun in Pisces or in Scorpio will be enjoyable for the Aquarius woman.

These watery signs are emotional and intense, two qualities that could be desirable to find in a sexual connection. However, on other levels, Aquarius compatibility would not usually work well with these two signs.

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Aquarius Compatibility – Final Thoughts

Original and creative, Aquarius people really know how to light a room with their thought-provoking ideas and opinions.

Their eccentricity and confidence make them irresistible!

Aquarius Suns are group-oriented and they may have many friends from different environments.

Since they usually have a very active and eclectic social life, they will not give up hanging out with their like-minded people to stay at home with someone possessive or monotonous.

They won’t settle for less than they deserve. This is why Aquarius is compatible with fellow air sign Libra and with fire signs Sagittarius and Aries.

Both air and fire are positive elements that wish to have a dynamic life.

Establishing a committed relationship with an earth or water sign may not lead to the best Aquarius compatibility.

Earth and water are elements that belong to the negative polarity.

This means that their natives are much more domestic and quiet than the outgoing Aquarius Sun.

If you want to know more about the compatibility potentials of the other star signs then I recommend you check out our article here on the best love matches by zodiac sign.

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