Cancer Man In Bed – What You Need To Know

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Have you got the hots for a Cancer man, and now you’re wondering what he’s like in bed?

Maybe you’re already in a relationship with a Cancerian, but you want to discover more ways to ignite his sexual passions.

Either way, in this article I am going to reveal Cancer man’s sexual secrets so you will not only know exactly what to expect when things get intimate, but you’ll also learn my top tips to super-charge your sex life with him and turn him on like no other.

Of course, the zodiac sign a man is born under will give an insight into his character. We can use this valuable information to create a connection, and then spark the passions of your Cancer man in bed.

If you want to make him yours for the long-term, then understanding his nature on a deep level will help you to create a strong relationship as well as well as a steamy and fulfilling sex life with him in bed.

The Influence Of The Moon

The Moon plays a controlling factor in Cancer, which is represented by the Crab. Because of this he is a water sign with deep emotions.

Each of the other eleven zodiac signs is either Earth, Air, or Fire and all have ruling planets depending on their position at the time of birth.

In astrological terms, it is accepted that some zodiac signs are more compatible than others but understanding how a Cancer man thinks and acts in a romantic setting is all-important.

If you would like to know more about a Cancer man’s traits and characteristics, and also how he acts in romantic situations, then I recommend you take a look at Cancer Man Secrets by relationship astrologer, Anna Kovach.

A man born under the sign of Cancer has a very sensitive nature which can make him shy and even a little introverted in bed when he is first getting to know someone. But fear not, in this article I am going to tell you exactly how you can unleash his passions and drive him crazy.

If your guy is also a Cancer moon, then you can also find out more about the Cancer moon man in bed here.

Cancer Man In Bed – What You Need To Know About His Sexual Nature

The Cancer man usually has a very active brain and is stimulated by conversation before and during any sexual activity.

He tends to have a vivid imagination, so telling him how hot you’re getting before and during sex is highly arousing for him. He wants to experience a connection with you.

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How To Ignite The Sexual Passions Of Cancer Man

Be Affectionate

Creating an environment that your Cancer crush feels secure and comfortable in is of utmost importance.

Most men are flattered by affection from a woman but with a man born under the sign of Cancer, you will need to smother him in it.

Cancer is a water sign, so he is particularly driven by emotion, even in bed.

He is also very intuitive so always makes any advances genuine and avoids any falseness that will throw up doubt in his mind.

This guy needs to feel the emotion between the two of you, as the experience for him is really more about love than just sex.

To perform properly in bed he must experience romance so showing him bundles of affection is the only way to see the true person.

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He Likes To Lead

Cancer men can sometimes have a tendency to feel insecure in bed so care should be taken not to be too dominant and risk denting the macho image he has of himself.

By being feminine and submissive will act as an aphrodisiac to him.

Cancer, being the sign of the crab is naturally drawn to water.

Try pampering him in the hot tub before moving to the bedroom. This will enliven his senses and help both of you relax when in bed together.

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He Loves Romance

Something that you will notice about a Cancer man when you get to know him is his desire to make his loved one feel ultra special.

When between the sheets he will want to find out the things that you like so he can please you as much as possible.

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Use Pillow Talk In Bed

You need to learn to leave any inhibitions outside of the bedroom when making love to a Cancer man.

His emotions are primarily governed by your verbal feedback.

Psychic Reading

If you need any help in this area you could not do better than to watch this video of The Language of Desire.

Be Wild

A male born under the sign of Cancer can seem reserved and even shy until he really feels he knows you well.

He will do everything he can not to offend you so he will relish the situation if you take the reins to start with.

If the mood is right, then send him crazy by loosening your clothes or even doing a striptease for him.

Make him feel he is the center of your universe by showing him your wild side.

Taking the lead in bed from time to time and showing him who’s boss to start with will excite him and allow him to come out of his shell.

By making the first move you will put him on cloud nine and satisfy any doubts he may have of offending you in any way.

He will know that you care about him and will be ready for the stable relationship that he has always desired.

Below is a YouTube video that I think you may find interesting as it deals more with how a Cancer man relates to sex through love.

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Sensual Touch

Cancer men love combining intimacy and sensual touch in bed so a sexy massage is always very welcome!

Use scented oils to create the aroma of passion. They will help spark his desire and get him hot.

Treat him like an Adonis and make him feel he is the only one in your life as you stroke and caress his body.

This will be a massive turn on for him as his imagination runs wild with thoughts of what is to come.

Cancer Man In Bed – Final Thoughts

Creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere that is secure from interruptions is key to creating an intimate experience with your Cancer crush.

Set the lights low and stoke up the heating so that any nakedness is not inhibited.

Take the lead and show him how much you want him by whispering in his ear the Language of Desire, and then allow his passions to reach boiling point.

He wants to know there is an emotional connection between you, so by following the above tips, you will provide what a Cancer man wants in bed.

To learn more about a Cancer man you can refer to a program by leading relationship expert Anna Kovach called Cancer Man Secrets.

Need More Help With Cancer Man and Sexual Intimacy?

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