Dating a Libra Man – The Way To His Heart

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Last Updated on April 7, 2023

If you’re looking for a romantic and balanced relationship, dating a Libra man is the way to go.

From his charming personality to his well-rounded lifestyle, this sign of the zodiac is sure to make your life sweeter.

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5 Key Takeaways

1. He is Loyal and Faithful: A Libra man will be loyal and faithful to his partner, no matter what. He will always make sure that you feel safe, secure, and cherished within your relationship.

2. He is Charming: The Libra man has a natural charm that can draw people in and make them feel comfortable around him. He loves to laugh and have a good time, making it easy to connect with him on an emotional level.

3. He is Intelligent: A Libra man is usually intelligent, so conversations with him can be stimulating and interesting. Whether you’re talking about politics or art, he’ll be able to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

4. He is Loving: A Libra man loves deeply and wants nothing more than for his partner to be happy.

He will do anything for the person he loves, including showering them with gifts, compliments, and affectionate gestures of all kinds!

5. He is Balanced: A Libra man strives for balance in all aspects of life – from his relationships to his career choices – making him an excellent long-term partner who won’t let you down!

It is no surprise you are online searching about the enigmatic man born under the zodiac sign of Libra which is represented by the scales. He is possibly the most charming out of all the zodiac signs after all.

The Libra male is generally recognized as being outgoing, with characteristics that make him smart, funny, friendly, and diplomatic.

He tends to stick out in a crowd and people gravitate toward him wanting to be associated with the warm social environment he creates.

And chances are that they already do as he seems to make friends easily.

This highly social guy seems to be friends with everyone.

Surely, this could be a potential recipe for disaster, or is it? Let us dive in and find out what it is really like dating a Libra man.

Best Match for Dating a Libra Man

If you like to socialize, or at least do not care that your partner is always doing so, then a Libra man might be for you.

Homebodies and introverts are probably not his best partner. But which zodiac signs best suit him? Other heady and social air signs for sure.

This includes Gemini, Aquarius, and other Libras that seem to be his best matches.

And since he is an extrovert and has an endless abundance of energy that never seems to flag, he does well when paired up with fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Other zodiac signs can still grow into a successful relationship with Libra but will need to be tolerant of his sometimes over-friendly manner.

If you want to win the heart of a Libra guy and be assured you are the only woman he ever really wants in his life, then you need to understand his overriding desire in a relationship.

You may be surprised because it is not what you probably think!!

Leading dating expert James Bauer has spent years analyzing the key emotional triggers that make a man stay faithful to one woman, and he explains in this video what a man really craves from a long-term relationship.

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Libra Man Dating Habits

When dating a Libra man, you must understand that he is probably going to be the life of the party, wherever he goes.

However, if he is falling for you, he will most likely want to take you somewhere not too loud, so he can talk. But not selfishly, he wants to hear you talk too and exchange some ideas and humorous banter.

He is particularly keen on beauty and sensuality, so there is no doubt that wherever he takes you it will be a pleasurable experience for you.

But remember, he is the life of the party, so do not be surprised if you end up at a lively joint at some point during the night.

Do not get your feelings hurt if he seems to be bouncing around a lot saying hello to everyone.

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Libra Man Dating Traits

When dating, a Libra man can be extremely charming, flirtatious, and romantic, and he loves everything about being in a relationship. He hates the thought of being alone, and thanks to his magnetic pull, he rarely is.

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, this one seems to be the most experienced with love. He can thank his native planet of Venus for this.

But other than that, he is strikingly likable. He lives for relationships and so he does what he can to be in one.

The Libra male is up for the chase, even if he does not make it apparent. He can also wait, but he will ultimately land the one who his heart desires.

As referred to above, he will probably impress you with his smart wit, the fella never runs out of things to talk about.

You know how there are some couples who sit in silence, either because they enjoy it or else, they have run out of things to talk about? Yeah, the Libra man is not one of those.

He may just forget to take the trash out or leave a mess in the kitchen, but who can stay mad at such a sweet and funny guy?

Libras are notoriously lazy; his ideal mate would be someone who picks up some of his slack because he does have some that will need attention.

Sounds like a choir, right? But you have to put it in perspective and think about what your return is- a loyal guy with who you will never share a dull moment.

To make sure you always have control over his temptation to wander into the arms of another woman, listen to this short video that explains The One Thing He Craves In A Relationship.

He has a way with people that leaves you in awe. He is also in tune with his feminine side, so much so you may sometimes swear he was from a different planet.

Even when it is “bad” it is not boring. Many partners have dated a Libra guy only to become jealous of his high likability to other people who are attracted to him.

He easily makes friends and has a lot of them. Some of these friends are going to be women. If you understand that he sees them as friends and nothing more, then the two of you will be fine.

Sometimes you have to let the Libra guy be a Libra guy, with limits of course. He is close to his friends and family, but he should not be involving them in your business.

If this happens, you must set the Libra man straight. Let him know he has stepped out of bounds. If there are things that he understands it is open communication, fairness, and diplomacy.

Since he is Mr. Smooth, there is a chance that he may be a little too much into himself from time to time. This is OK if it is not his default mode.

And if it is, then it should be noted that one of the dark sides of Libra is self-centeredness, and he might not be the right Libra for you.

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Sex With a Libra Man

What a Libra man wants in bed is a fun partner. He approaches sex light-heartedly, not one to get bogged down by the emotional security side of it.

He appreciates beauty and so he values his partner’s unique traits and quirks. He loves to partake in sensuality and is in tune with his feminine side. This gives him a one-up with the opposite sex, as he somehow knows intuitively how to please them.

Although, this should not be surprising. His ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love.

His sexual G Spot is activated by the mental imagery of lovemaking, so if you want to skyrocket his passion you need to whisper the erotic words that will send him into spasms of desire for you.

A technique that has proved successful for scores of women can be seen in this video by relationship guru Felicity Keith entitled, The Language of Desire.

Being able to massage his mental love muscle in the way that Felicity explains is a bit turn-on for a Libra man.

Dating an Aries Man Long Distance

The Libra guy is fair, and just, and he ranks relatively high in loyalty. He will go along with a long-distance relationship for as long as he sees it as reasonable.

He will sacrifice on his end, but he needs to be kept interested. If he knows that a long-distance relationship will amount to something greater in the future, he will hold off and stay loyal.

If you are in this position and want to be sure you are always in his thoughts, Text Chemistry shows you how to use carefully crafted psychological text messages to keep him thinking of you and yearning to be with you.

This is one of the most effective ways to make Libra men miss you when you’re not around.

On the plus side of things, the Libra man is a great entertainer. He will always make fun and interesting phone calls and face times.

If he knows you are down, he will always do what he can to lift your spirits. If you need someone to talk to and an ear to listen, the Libra man has got your back.

Dating a Libra Man: Final Tips

Want to win the Libra man’s heart? Be an ear for his smart, witty banter, and keep him engaged by bouncing some of it back off him.

He will love to flirt with you even when you’re not with him in person, so knowing how to text a Libra man to keep his interest will go a long way.

Make sure you have some fuel in your tank because he likes to go. He loves to socialize and likely jives best with other extroverts.

The guy is popular, romantic, charming, and smart, yet he is loyal- a good friend and a great lover.

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