Dating an Aquarius Man – The Inside Story!

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Last Updated on April 7, 2023

Are you looking for a passionate and creative partner? If so, then dating an Aquarius man could be the perfect choice for you!

With their unique combination of intelligence, wit, and charm, Aquarius men make great partners.

Read on to learn more about what it takes to date an Aquarius man, including tips on how to make your relationship thrive.

5 Key Characteristics of Aquarius Men – Once they relax in your company

1. They are intelligent and creative – Aquarius men are often very intellectual, with great imagination and natural curiosity.

2. They have a great sense of humor – Aquarius men are typically witty, quick on their feet, and have an infectious sense of humor that makes them great company.

3. They are passionate – Aquarius men tend to be highly passionate about their interests and goals in life, making them highly motivated partners who strive to make the most out of every experience.

4. They are independent – Aquarius men tend to maintain a sense of independence in relationships, which allows for healthy boundaries between both parties.

5. They are loyal – Despite their independence, Aquarius men remain fiercely loyal to their partners and will go the extra mile to ensure that the relationship lasts for years to come.

All of this has truth to it, as long as you understand what an Aquarius man must have to be happy in a long-term relationship. So let us take a look at what it is really like to date an Aquarius man.

Best Match For Dating an Aquarius Man

The Aquarius male is something like the misfit of the zodiac. Because of this, you would think that he would connect with other misunderstood signs, which he no doubt does.

But a romantic relationship with him is another story since the Aquarius man sees the world quite differently from how others view it.

For one, he is extremely rational and does not like to get tied up in emotions and the insecurities of others.

This is why he does best with other mind-based and light-hearted air signs like Gemini, Libra, or another Aquarius.

He tends to be dominant, extroverted, and adventurous. He works well as a mate for the more physically oriented fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

If you have the hots for an Aquarius guy and want to become the center of his attention in a romantic relationship, there is something you need to bring to the party.

Sure, an Aquarius male is drawn to beauty and intelligence when considering a partner, but his real craving is for emotional security. The one vital ingredient in a successful relationship.

Dating expert James Bauer has spent years studying what a man craves more than anything from a woman, and surprisingly it is not what you are thinking now.

Of course, sex is important, but it is not what holds a relationship together long-term. Find out for yourself what will make a guy desire you and want to be with you by listening to James in this video.

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Aquarius Man Dating Habits

He is a tough cookie to crack. Your guess on where the Aquarius man will take you out on dates is as good as mine. He can be unpredictable and strange in a good way. This man absolutely hates what is normal.

When everyone else is going for dinner or coffee on a first date, the Aquarius guy will take you bowling or off-roading.

But it does not matter what the two of you do, to him what is important is that you guys are friends before anything else.

He needs someone who understands his quirks and someone who has a few of their own.

If you two share the same oddball interests, it makes things just that much simpler and all the better.

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Aquarius Man Dating Traits

If you find yourself going out on a date with the Aquarius man, then you must have done something right without even knowing it- something that most of us would have overlooked.

Yes, the Aquarius man is like any other guy, he appreciates physical beauty, but for most Aquarius guys this is not enough to keep their interest.

He is attracted to people with an odd side, even if it is subtle or hidden. He enjoys the non-traditional and often finds himself with quirky partners.

It could be that he is attracted to the way that a mind works, or maybe it is a detail about a person’s fashion sense that caught his eye- something cool and original that sticks out.

These minor character traits are important to him because he is not a shallow guy and often will be the first to spot and call out superficiality.

He needs to be friends with a person first before committing to anything more serious, so he must have the reassurance that there is more to a person than just what lies on the surface.

Dating expert James Bauer explains in this short video the vital facts a woman must know when dating an Aquarius man.

The Aquarius man is independent, even fiercely so. He is strong and assertive and can make for a good provider and family man, but he is not a caregiver to anyone by any means.

This man loves his freedom so much that his entire existence is based upon protecting it.

He needs a partner who loves their independence as well, and the two of you are willing to give each other your respective space as needed.

This may sound a bit cold to those who misunderstand the Aquarius man or maybe have had an experience with one where it did not go well.

He already gets a bad rap for being aloof, but his positive qualities more than make up for this.

Aquarius is an intelligent sign, but to state that they do not care is just not true.

He is a humanitarian and an idea guy, who, with his outside-of-the-box thinking, devotes his time to bettering things around him- his friends, his family, and the world at large.

This is the sign of philosophers, inventors, and musicians whose works tend to permanently shift culture.

This is not to say that all Aquarius men are great people and suitable mates. Just like any other zodiac sign if the person is out of balance and ungrounded the pendulums swing too far to the negative.

His detached nature serves him well, but on the other hand, it can make him lack empathy. Of course, no healthy man of any sign would be unempathetic.

He will tell you about his ideas, many of them amazing, but if he is ungrounded then he will have a tough time bringing them to fruition.

And the Aquarius man who lacks focus and drive will ultimately drive his partner nuts.

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Sex with an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are sexually adventurous. They absolutely love sex, just as long as it is not the traditional kind. He is big on experimentation and will try just about anything that is not the same old-same old.

Some of the more sexually uptight signs would label it as a perversion, the Aquarius would say that he just likes to explore.

This could mean several things, most likely role-playing and other general kinks but nothing too extreme.

So, if you really want to get your Aquarius man going, I recommend trying out some new and unusual things. Chances are he will be all about it.

A sure-fire way of raising his passion for you is exciting his mental G Spot by whispering in his ear during lovemaking.

As I said before, he is emotionally driven so praising him and letting him know the pleasure he is bringing you is a major Aquarius turn-on.

Knowing the right words and when to say them can be a make or break in creating the right atmosphere with this technique, so care must be taken.

If you need a little help in this area, and to assure yourself of maximum results, I can recommend a video by leading relationship expert Felicity Keith called The Language of Desire.

Dating Aquarius Long Distance

As long as your aloof Aquarius man is occupied, he should be fine in a long-distance relationship. He is probably so wrapped up in creating and inventing – or whatever he has going on – that he did not even notice that you were gone.

This, of course, is a stretch, but it does give you some idea of what makes a long-distance relationship with him work.

He is not a needy man, so he does not crave someone constantly at his side. He is inventive, so he will keep himself occupied and out of trouble.

For as disconnected as he is accused of being, he is very trustworthy and faithful to his friends, family, and lover.

Although he has unusual ways of showing it, he cares a great deal and he will miss you a lot. His oddball ways of showing you this from the cross country will make you think he is really sweet.

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Dating Aquarius: Final Thoughts

The Aquarius man is a real gem, an outlier in a copycat world. To win his heart you must be unique in your own way, and supportive of him in his.

When dating an Aquarius man remember that he needs a friend first, which is not difficult because he is generally friendly, offbeat, and smart.

This allows him to connect with people from all walks of life – having all types of friends – but as far as a lover goes, it may just take someone as goofy as he is.

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