The Telltale Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

If you’ve got your eye on an Aquarian but he doesn’t seem to be showing signs he likes you, then here in this article, I am going to share with you how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you.

Astrology can give an indication of a person’s traits and characteristics based on the date and time of birth, and also reveal to you the signs an Aquarius man likes you.

A man born between the dates of Jan 20th and Feb 18th will come under the astrology star sign of Aquarius which is the water carrier.

Each star sign of the zodiac falls under one of the main elements of Fire, Earth, Air, or Water and each is represented by a symbol or character.

Some couples, because of their compatible zodiac signs seem naturally drawn to each other.

However, with an Aquarius man, it is sometimes difficult to tell if he just likes you as a friend or if he may be looking for more……?

An Aquarius man may appear very confident on the surface but underneath this charismatic veneer is a guy who is always thinking.

This makes him slow to commit to anything until it has been thought through. Especially when it comes to romance and affairs of the heart.

If you understand the traits of the guy you have the hots for, it’s pretty easy to tell when an Aquarius man likes you.

However, getting him to make a move on you can sometimes be a little tricky, but don’t fret, help is at hand.

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How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Likes You

He doesn’t need to tell you his feelings outright for you to know if he is feeling you or not.

You just have to be aware of the little things he starts to do which may seem out of character.

Read on to discover the top signs an Aquarius man likes you. If he is an Aquarius moon, then also read my article on the Aquarius moon man here.

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He Behaves Differently When You Are Around

Aquarius men are interesting because they can often be pretty standoffish to the world but not with those who they hold dearest.

Take a look at how he acts around other people, is it different from how he is towards you?

Sometimes these subconscious signs are a real giveaway!

If he likes you, he is going to be showing a completely different side of himself, and in a good way.

It’s not that he is changing who he is when around you, he is just showing a more open and kind side to his personality.

He is comfortable around you and perhaps a little nervous too.

Hang out with him and a friend and look for any differences, this should make it pretty clear how he feels about you.

He Wants To Speak To You About Deep Topics

Aquarius men love to have intellectual conversations with people they care about.

If he is trying to initiate these kinds of serious chats with you, it’s pretty clear that he has some deeper feelings for you.

He is trying to work out whether you are the kind of woman he could see himself being with so don’t be afraid to challenge him with your own thoughts and opinions.

He likes a woman who thinks for herself so you don’t necessarily need to agree with everything he says.

When you like someone, you want to keep the conversation going as you chat with them about anything and everything, this is what is going through his head right now!

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He Will Laugh With You

When an Aquarius man likes a woman, it gets to the point where he is done trying to hide it.

This means that before long, he will start flirting with you.

This could involve him paying you compliments, finding every opportunity to touch you, and generally just having a laugh with you.

What vibe do you get when you are together and having fun?

If he makes eye contact, flirts, and has that tell-tale cheeky glint in his eye, it’s pretty clear that he is into you.

Perhaps he is too shy to flirt in the flesh quite yet and is doing so via text message/social media?

Whatever way he is choosing to flirt, it’s a good sign.

If you feel the same way, you should definitely return his flirting and this could blossom into something amazing before you know it.

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He Opens Up To You

Although Aquarius men can be sensitive, they will not open up to just anyone in their life – but he will if he likes you.

If you notice that he is quite emotional with you, perhaps talking about his past or things that he has been through, the likelihood is that he likes you very much.

He is really putting his trust in you to talk so openly and he will not do that with every person he meets.

He is giving you his trust and the most probable reason for him doing this is that he could see himself being in a relationship with you.

Learn more about Aquarius men with the amazing program by Anna Kovach called Aquarius Men Secrets that includes Sextrology, and I’m sure you will find it to be such an eye-opener.

He Invites You To Do Things With Him

As an Aquarius man, he is very picky about who he invites into his life so you’d better be feeling honored if you are on the guest list.

The typical guy with this horoscope sign is a lone wolf and he won’t spend his time with just anybody.

If he is inviting you to do things, it shows that he really wants to have new experiences with you.

He values your company and why else would that be the case if he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship?

Aquarius men are quite spontaneous and if he is inviting you along on his weird and wonderful adventures, this is a great sign that he sees you as a very important part of his life.

Make sure that you take him up on some of his offers and take the chance to get to know him.

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He Calls You His Best Friend

An Aquarius man typically gets into a relationship where it starts as a strong friendship and they can often develop feelings for somebody they have been friends with for a long time.

It is actually ideal for you to grow your bond with him, this way and you will be so happy you took it slowly.

If he’s constantly calling you his best friend, this could be because he knows he has romantic feelings for you – but he isn’t quite ready to admit it to himself yet.

You definitely aren’t in the friend zone, you just need to show him signs that you like him too.

Why not take the initiative in this situation, be brave and move in for that first kiss?

I hope you find the following YouTube video helpful in understanding the subtle signs that an Aquarius man likes you.

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Final Thoughts

If you have the hots for a guy you have been spending time with and you want to discover how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you, just check what has been discussed in this article and see how these signs align with him.

While most guys are pretty straightforward, there can be differences in the signs depending on what his horoscope points to.

Find out even more about this crush of yours by checking out Aquarius Men Secrets including Sextrology by relationship coach Anna Kovach.

It is amazing what secrets you can uncover just by exploring his characteristics/traits further.

Want To Know More Signs An Aquarius Man Likes You?

I hope this article has helped you in your quest to discover the man of your dreams. If you want to know more about an Aquarius man there are more articles on our homepage here.

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