Dating a Cancer Man – How To Bring Out His Romantic Side

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

1. Be Supportive: When dating a Cancer man you need to show support in order for him to open up and trust you. Show him that you are there for him and that you care about his feelings.

2. Show Affection: Males born under this zodiac sign are very affectionate people, so make sure to show your affection through physical touch, compliments, and kind words.

3. Listen: A Cancer man needs someone who will listen to him without judgment or criticism. Make sure to be an active listener when he is talking and let him know that you understand what he is saying.

4. Be Patient: Cancers can be slow to open up and take their time getting to know someone before committing to a relationship.

Don’t rush things; take the time to get to know each other at a comfortable pace. Make sure you understand the main thing a Cancer man needs in a relationship. It’s not what you think!!

5. Have Fun Together: Cancer men love having fun and being around people who make them laugh and enjoy life with them!

Find activities that both of you enjoy doing together such as going on hikes, playing sports, or just hanging out with friends.

Whether you have been pinched by the all-too-sensitive crab! Or you are merely poking a shy one’s shell hoping he will eventually come out to play!

The traditional and caring Cancer man is certainly a top contender for best partners to settle down with.

Why? Because domesticated Cancer is all about his home environment and family.

He is about giving, giving, and, you guessed it, more giving. Here is what else you can expect from dating a Cancer man if you have not experienced it already.

Best Match for Dating a Cancer Man

The Cancer male is ruled by his emotions.

It sounds and even appears crazy to some, but not to him. Not to his fellow water signs either.

The Scorpio and the Pisces are best suited to the Cancer man, being mainly low-key, creative, intelligent, sensitive, and intuitive signs.

They are all too often misunderstood and tend to click with each other quickly right off the bat.

The Cancer also goes perfectly with another Cancer.

And as a rule of thumb, it is safe to say the guy born under the zodiac sign of Cancer will do well with the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

This is because these sensitive signs are also homebody traditionalists who value commitment and family.

Whatever your own zodiac sign, if you have the hots for a Cancer guy you need to understand what he is looking for from a relationship. You, like me, may well be surprised by the answer!

Dating expert James Bauer explodes the myth that most men are only interested in one thing from a woman.

Listen to this short video in which James explains what you need to know to create a lasting relationship with your Cancer crush.

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Sex with a Cancer Man

Sex with a Cancer man hurts because he likes to use his pinchers. Well, not really. It is pretty much the opposite of that.

The Cancer man is the caregiver of the zodiac. In the bedroom, he puts in all the extra effort to make sure that his partner’s needs are met.

Like with all water signs, the act of making love is also a form of emotional security for him.

Meaning, it is not merely physical but an entire mind, body, and soul experience.

He is also traditional. So, expect lots of that kind of stuff.

If he is slow to warm up, it may be because he is shy or feeling insecure.

This sign is not one for sleeping around, so he needs to know he can trust you before he opens up sexually.

Because he is emotionally driven his imagination plays a big part in his sexual experiences.

Whispering in his ear during lovemaking, telling him the pleasure he is giving, is a big turn-on.

Something that gave me confidence in this area, and I know has helped scores of other women, is The Language of Desire.

Written by Felicity Keith, who is a renowned sexual relationship expert, her program explains the important words that will raise his passion for you, and only you.

Cancer Man Dating Habits

It is amazing to believe that a man so likable and friendly prefers to spend all of his time at home. If he ruled the world, every date he ever had would be at his house.

However, since the real world does not operate like Tinder, the crab must come out to play every once in a while.

The Cancer male is romantic, but not particularly adventurous.

He is not one to take a lot of risks, so expect a lot of safe (but romantic) bets when dating him- you know, dinner, the movies, walks in the park, that sort of thing.

But surprises in the early stage of dating? Yeah, this is not really the sign for that.

Cancer Man Dating Traits

The Cancer man when dating can be introverted and magnetic at the same time.

He is warm, friendly, and generous.

The emotionally and mentally smart Cancer man knows people and how to make them feel good. This is due to the sign being so intuitive and sensitive.

Everyone has that Cancer friend who we can depend on. This sign can come through in the clutch and does every time.

But not just as a friend, a Cancer partner is a 24-7 ear to listen to and a shoulder to cry on.

He is a water sign who understands emotions and finds ways to connect with you through them.

Cancer The Crab

Cancer is a water sign, which makes him easy-going, adaptable, caring, intuitive, sensitive, and creative among many other things.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, which governs our emotional life and secret desires.

So, with him, you can expect an extra sensitive water sign.

He is a traditionalist in every sense. Well, aside from his job, which is most likely as a nurse, teacher, or social worker, or some connection to assisting others.

But his eye is on the prize, which is marriage, family, and children.

Even as an adult, family (and especially his mother) plays a major role in the Cancer guy’s life.

Water signs get a bad rep for being unmotivated and not particularly ambitious.

This is not true though and you can thank the other water signs for wanting to play his guitar and chant “Hare Krishna” all day instead of doing all the worldly stuff.

The Cancer man is actually extremely motivated in terms of his career, he is just not a cut-throat.

He is a hard worker and a great provider. Simply because this means he gets to provide for his family.

While he is a likable and well-behaved fella, the Cancer man is shy.

Even if he comes across as an extrovert, he is still sensitive and guarded internally. Cancer can be insecure, generally speaking.

Have you ever wondered why the crab carries around a shell? Well, now you know.

His sensitivity does not come without a price. When in a bad mood, you will understand where the term “crabby” comes from.

This is the lighter side of it. If he is being a grump, it is kind of annoying, but no big deal, right?

But he can also be passive. He can quietly hold on to something, that you may not even understand, only to have it reach a boiling point and that is when the crab gets snappy.

He needs to feel constantly validated, and for some, this can be a bit too much. If you feel this may be happening with your early dating then relationship expert James Bauer explains why here.

Yes, it is important to validate your parent, especially one that is so caring and giving, but when it is rooted in a lack of self-esteem it can become unhealthy.

His insecurity can also lead to clinginess.

These negative traits are only Cancer’s shadow sign and are not meant to be generalized.

Of course, not every cancer is whiney, clinging, and throwing hissy fits. As a mature, healthy adult, he has likely worked through these things. All it means is that the sign has this propensity.

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Dating a Cancer Man Long Distance

The Cancer may not be a big fan of the long-distance relationship (who is?), but he can definitely make it work, especially if he is in love with you.

This is thanks to his loyalty and him probably staying at home anyways.

So, he will never have an excuse to not pick up his phone when you call.

But the Cancer guy really needs you at home with him. If you are in this situation currently, it is important to let him know that this is only temporary.

To keep his spirits up, discuss your visions of the future with him. Talk about the good times you have had. The Cancer man eats up nostalgia.

Final Thoughts

The sweet, shy, and sensitive Cancer man may be hiding out in his shell right now and may need you to understand a hidden obsession he has.

This can only be described as a deep longing to be seen as a hero in the eyes of the woman he loves.

Very Freudian I know, but if you want this guy you must know more about His Secret Obsession here.

Once he knows he can trust you and that you are looking for a committed relationship with him, he will come out and be all in.

He needs family, and security and his home is important to him. For the right person who can offer that, The Cancer man is like the gift that keeps on giving.

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