How To Turn On An Aquarius Man – And Make Him Crazy For You

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The secret of knowing how to turn on an Aquarius man lies in understanding his characteristics in relation to his astrology zodiac sign.

The date and time a guy is born are known to have a bearing on his personality as well as the traits he displays when in a romantic relationship.

A man with the star sign of the water bearer Aquarius is usually known to be creative, ambitious, and determined.

He can be single-minded and focused on what he wants to achieve which sometimes makes it difficult for you to feel loved.

When first meeting your Aquarius crush he will prove to be charming and attentive, but this star sign needs a challenge and can easily be distracted by ambitious quests.

Learning how to gain his attention while balancing a relationship is the key to a blissful life with this charismatic man.

How To Easily Turn On An Aquarius Man In Bed

An Aquarius man is driven by logic rather than emotion and as such has a very active mind and is always thinking.

To turn on a guy with this star sign you need to activate his brain. The easiest way of doing this is by whispering in his ear during sexual foreplay.

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This is something that may fill a lot of women with dread! And possibly be embarrassed at how to approach it.

You, like me, will probably have questions racing around your mind wondering what to say and how and when to say it.

Well, please don’t fret! A program that handles this delicate subject in an understandable way has been developed by Felicity Keith who is a renowned sexual relationship expert.

Felicity’s program is called the Language of Desire and has proved to be a winner in turning on an Aquarius man.

Please don’t just disregard this program out of hand as it has helped many women to create a lasting romantic relationship with their Aquarius lover.

Make up your own mind by listening to Felicity who has recorded a video entitled The Language of Desire.

How To Be Attractive To An Aquarius Male

Become a Little Mysterious

One of the biggest Aquarius men turns off’s is when a woman is too in his face and trying too hard to get a commitment from him.

Don’t be overly available and don’t come on too strong, it’s important that you show you have a life of your own.

Perhaps you could casually mention other men in conversation, this might bring out a hint of jealousy which could show him just how much he likes you.

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While you do want to hang out with him, don’t be available EVERY time he invites you to do something.

Avoid opening up too much to him at first, keep certain areas of your life private and he is going to find this really intriguing.

You do need to find the right balance with this because you don’t want to come across as cold or uninterested.

Be Able To Hold a Conversation

When it comes to Aquarius man and sex you need to be confident in order to capture his attention and this also means being able to hold a conversation with him with ease.

While looks might initially attract you to somebody, with the Aquarius man and sex, it’s very much to do with what goes on in your mind and how you portray that.

He likes a girl who is intellectual so if you can have interesting conversations with him, he is going to see you differently from other girls – in an amazing way.

Don’t be afraid to talk about what your passions are in life.

Aquarius men, in general, are very passionate and he will be happy to have found a woman who is the same.

Your words can do a lot and it’s important that you always challenge the Aquarius man in your life.

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Flirting Via Text

By now, you should well and truly have captured his attention so it’s time to move on to the next step.

To really turn on Aquarius men sexually, you need to be talking dirty via text.

Avoid being crude but concentrate on being flirty and suggestive.

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You do not need to go over the top because it is better to leave a little something to the imagination.

At the same time, you want to tease and show him that you are into him.

Perhaps you can send him some discreet photos that show off ENOUGH of your body, but not everything.

Tell him how he makes you feel and what you want to do to him. Felicity Keith actually talks about this effective strategy in her successful program The Language of Desire.

Psychic Reading

You can discover exactly how to make him obsess over you and the power that your naughty words have.

Be Open-Minded In Bed

Aquarius men in the bedroom are very experimental and this is something that you should get on board with.

They are not the kind of guy that enjoys boring or vanilla sex, so make sure that you are just as open-minded in bed as he is if you really want to turn on your Aquarius man.

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Why not try roleplay, food-play, or something else that gets you both hot under the collar?

While he does like to take charge in bed, he will also find it super-sexy if you initiate something naughty.

Nothing is more experimental than outdoor sex so why not be a little risky.

This is such a turn-on and if you suggest the idea to him, he is not going to be able to resist.

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Enjoy Foreplay

Aquarius men LOVE foreplay so make sure that you take your time on his body too. You took a while to get this sexual connection and now he really wants to make the most of it.

He isn’t a quickie kind of guy, he wants to please you for hours on end – and I’m sure that is something you won’t be complaining about.

He is going to let his hands and mouth do the talking, make sure that you return the favor, and concentrate on his erogenous zones if you want to get him turned on.

Why not give him a massage, or tie him to the bed while you tease his body?

The options in how you can incorporate more foreplay into your sex life are huge.

This YouTube video that I found gives some more insights into how an Aquarius man is in the bedroom.

The presenter tells it how it is, I hope it helps with your Aquarius turn-ons.

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Aquarius Man Turn-Offs

If you are insistent on always turning the lights off during sex, this is going to be a big turn-off for him.

Aquarius men love women who are confident so you need to show how confident you are in bed.

Even if you don’t love every inch of your body, I mean come on who does?

Confidence is really key in many areas of life, including relationships and sex in the bedroom with an Aquarius man.

He finds you thoroughly sexy so if you don’t have the confidence in yourself quite yet, keep that in mind, and then it’s just a question of faking it until you make it.

If you don’t quite like the idea of bright lights glaring, invest in some dimmer lights to help set the mood.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to turn on an Aquarius man, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are currently in a relationship with an Aquarius man or you have your eye on one, you can try out these tips for sizzling hot sex and a strong relationship in general.

While sex isn’t everything, if you can turn on your Aquarius man in bed, it is going to make your bond stronger.

Don’t forget to listen to The Language of Desire in order to discover some more words of wisdom from Felicity Keith the sexual relationship expert.

Become more confident with whispering the phrases that will turn on your Aquarius crush and drive him crazy between the sheets.

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