How to make an Aquarius man Miss You

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Last Updated on April 25, 2023

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and you can definitely make the case for that if you want to find ways of how to make an Aquarius man miss you.

If you are dating an Aquarius man and you want to make him miss you when you are not together, there are several things that you need to be aware of.

This star sign is represented by the zodiac water-bearer and indicates strong independence, especially in the male.

The Aquarius man is usually ambitious, determined, and sometimes difficult to understand in a romantic relationship.

He wants to be loved but will she away if he feels as though he is being pressured when he is not ready.

This situation makes it difficult for you but understanding this particular trait will help you focus on what you need to do to make an Aquarius man miss you.

A recent study has been undertaken in which relationship expert James Bauer has discovered a hidden craving in a man, that needs to be fulfilled before he can truly give his heart to a woman.

Understanding this hidden desire will unlock his love and in turn, bring total commitment.

To get an Aquarius man to miss you James has prepared a short video in which he explains this hidden need and how easily you can adapt it to your situation.

You can watch James as he explains the program which he has called His Secret Obsession.

Now you understand more about his hidden desire, we can move on with proven tips to help you win his heart.

How to make an Aquarius Man Miss You

Allow Him His Own Space

Aquarius men do need time to themselves so if you want him to miss you, it’s important to give him space as much as possible.

They are very much lone wolves and they don’t give their heart away quickly.

If you are in a serious relationship with an Aquarius man, that is good news in itself but you do still need to make him focus to make him miss you.

This means no calling or texting him when you are apart, wait for him to come to you.

Although he might not like to admit it, if you are busy doing your own thing for a few days, he is guaranteed to miss you.

If you are successful with this step for a few days, you should then move on to the next step and this will make him completely obsessed with you.

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Be As Independent As Possible

Aquarius men have an adventurous nature so he probably has lots of fun stuff lined up when you are not together.

He is going to be intrigued if you have your own hobbies and are independent when he isn’t around.

Having your own hobbies will actually make you more attractive to the Aquarius man.

Not only will this make him more attracted to you but it will also help him to understand why he misses you when you are not together.

In addition to having hobbies, make sure that you don’t lose contact with your friends and also arrange the occasional night out with them.

While it’s important to have common interests – when you like different things, this gives you more things to talk about when you are together.

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Send Him Naughty Texts/Photos

When an Aquarius man has a woman in his life who he can’t keep off his mind he tends to make excuses just to be around her.

When you are not together, perhaps you are on a business trip or out with the girls, it’s important to make him miss you by texting him.

Why not tell him what you wish you were doing to him right now or tease him with some naughty photos?

When I say naughty, they should not be completely nude because you still need to leave something to the imagination.

He will find this utterly irresistible and speaking of irresistible, you should check out His Secret Obsession.

This is an amazing system that has helped scores of women from all over the world to find complete contentment with their Aquarius crush.

Leave Your Smell Behind

If you spray his pillow, his clothes, or even his car with your perfume when you are not there, this is going to make him miss you.

Obviously, you need to be subtle about this, but if you know you are going to be apart for some time, leave your scent behind.

When he catches a whiff of that familiar smell when you are not around, it is going to make him instantly miss you and he might even reach out to get in touch.

I mean think about when you smell his favorite cologne, doesn’t that make your mind instantly go to him?

In addition to leaving your smell behind, you can also accidentally leave a few of your belongings behind and this would be a great excuse for him to come and see you sooner than expected.

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Don’t Be So Available

When he does reach out to you in order to hang out, don’t always be so available to him.

You are at that stage of the relationship where you want him to want you, and that isn’t going to happen if you always drop everything to be with him.

Aquarius men love their women to have an air of mystery so you can sometimes be evasive of your plans.

Don’t accept every single date that he asks you on, you might have plans, and don’t quit everything just for him.

It is important to find a balance with this however, don’t be unavailable or he could lose interest or think you don’t want him anymore.

If he ever needs to talk to you about something important that is going on in his life, make sure to be there because Aquarius men find it hard to open up to just anyone.

He needs to see you have your own life but you will always be there for him if he needs you.

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Accept Him For Who He Is

Aquarius men are the type of guys who really like to do their own thing and you should not force him to be otherwise, just like he should not change you.

If you cannot work through any differences you might have, it might be better to find somebody else.

If you really love an Aquarius guy, it is vital that you accept him for exactly the man that he is.

When you do this, it means fewer arguments when you are together, which is definitely going to make him miss you when you are apart.

Work through things together, it is important that you BOTH make compromises in order to make the relationship work.

I found this YouTube video which I hope gives you another angle on tips to make your Aquarius crush miss you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful to you and you know how to make an Aquarius man miss you.

If he misses you when you aren’t together, this means that you mean a lot to him which hopefully spells a happy future for your relationship.

It is important that you put these things into action altogether for them to be really effective.

For more advice on how to make your relationship sizzling hot, download His Secret Obsession by James Bauer.

This is an amazing program that really works and should help your relationship go from strength to strength.

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