Dating a Virgo Man – The Key to His Heart

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Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Dating a Virgo man can be both exciting and challenging. The male of this zodiac sign is known for being highly analytical, detail-oriented, and practical.

But don’t let these traits fool you; he’s also kind, considerate, and has a great sense of humor.

To make sure your relationship with a Virgo man is successful, it’s important to understand his personality and learn how to approach him in the right way.

First and foremost, it’s important to take things slowly.

A Virgo man tends to move at his own pace when it comes to relationships; while some men might rush into things too quickly, a Virgo man will take his time getting to know someone before deciding if they are compatible long-term.

Appreciate this patience and show him that you’re willing to take the time necessary for getting to know each other better.

Another key factor in dating a Virgo man is communication. Communication is essential for any relationship, but especially with a Virgo man who needs honest dialogue in order to feel secure in the relationship.

Make sure he feels comfortable expressing his opinions and feelings around you without judgment or criticism from your side.

It’s also important to remember that while he may be an analytical thinker, he still needs emotional support from his partner just like anyone else does.

Letting him know that you care about him and appreciate all of his efforts will help build trust between the two of you over time.

By taking things slowly, communicating openly, and showing appreciation for each other’s efforts, you can develop a strong bond with your Virgo man that will last far into the future!

If you’re ready to create an amazing connection by dating a Virgo man, here’s what you should know about him.

5 Key Takeaways

Demonstrate your loyalty. Virgo men appreciate a partner who is reliable and dependable. Show him that you can be trusted by being honest and open with him, and always keeping your word.

Appreciate his attention to detail. A Virgo man will take the time to pay attention to all the small details in life, and he’ll expect you to do the same.

Show him that you can create an amazing connection by awakening his desire for you.

Be supportive of his goals and ambitions. Virgo men have big dreams and they need a partner who will support them on their journey to achieving them.

Show him that you’re always in his corner by offering words of encouragement and learning how to flip his emotional switch.

Spend quality time together regularly. Virgo men crave meaningful connections, so make sure to take the time out of both of your busy schedules to spend quality one-on-one time together on a regular basis.

Respect his need for space. Virgos need some alone time every now and then in order to recharge their batteries, so make sure not to smother him with too much affection when he needs some breathing room.

You can usually spot the precise and efficient-looking Virgo man from a mile away, probably immaculately kept, shy, and possibly a bit anxious.

He is a guy who is generally thoughtful, creative, and sweet, and many fall in love with him because of this.

But when dating a Virgo man, some zodiac signs fair better as a match. Others, well, he can drive them absolutely crazy.

If you have your eye on a gorgeous Virgo man or you have just started dating, you want to make sure you know how to get him to treat you as more than a friend!

Best Match for Dating a Virgo Man

The Virgo guy is usually reserved, and can also be introverted, and sensitive. Often feeling misunderstood, he needs a partner to whom he can relate.

Not the loud or brutish type, the Virgo man is smart, creative, and maybe not the most outspoken, at least not until he clicks with you.

His best matches are his fellow earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and of course other Virgos.

While not the most emotional type of guy, his other qualities are something that the Water signs can relate to.

He can help Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces to be more rational, while the water signs help this man get in touch with his feelings and come out of his shell a little.

If your zodiac sign doesn’t match those above, don’t worry! The Virgo male has adaptable features which can be played on when a woman understands what he desires from a relationship.

The key to a Virgo man’s heart lies in a woman providing him with the emotional stability he craves.

It is something that is not understood by the majority of women and is greater than his desire even for sex.

The hidden desire that you can release in him is explained in a video by a leading relationship guru entitled His Secret Obsession. A man will fall in love with a woman who unlocks this desire.

Virgo Man Dating Habits

Not only will the Virgo man pull out your chair for you, but he will disinfect it also. Jokes aside, he is a gentleman and pretty traditional as well.

Wherever he chooses to take you, you can be positive that he put a ton of thought into it, because that is what the semi-neurotic Virgo does.

Likely, the two of you will end up going somewhere pretty “normal” and practical, but he still thought about it a lot, and will also try to make it special.

He plays by the rules and goes by the book, dinner, a movie, and a walk in the park. Do not expect the Virgo man to take you anywhere crazy or for him to get his hands dirty.

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Virgo Man Dating Traits

So, we know that he is shy and a bit reserved but did you know that the Virgo man was a charmer? I am guessing yes since you are here reading this.

There is something about his quiet ways that make others think he must be a sweetheart without even knowing him.

Once they do, they realize he is the type of guy whose mom raised him right- he is thoughtful, respectful, and well-mannered.

This gentleman is not one to dive right into a relationship either. He is constantly weighing everything in his mind and does not take love lightly.

Virgo is one of the signs that one wants to get into a relationship for security and stability.

Even if he is a bit shy on the first date, just the mere fact that he went out with you in the first place means he can see a long-term relationship possibility.

He has a deep desire to be seen as the hero in his woman’s eyes and when she understands this obsession, she will know how to make an unbreakable emotional bond.

Remember, he is a perfectionist. He is either going to do something with all of his heart or not do it at all, including going out on a date.

More rebellious or outgoing signs might take this man as being too dry or boring.

Although his practicality and stability are attractive to more mature-minded people who are looking to settle down and get their priorities straight.

He is a long-term planner whose every move is precise- from career, social circle, material possessions, and love, he needs a partner with the same goals and motivation.

The above leaves him feeling often misunderstood, some may even think that the Virgo man is weird.

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His Ideal Partner

This is why he needs to hook up with someone who relates to him, someone who enjoys many of the same activities, most of which take place from the comfort of his home.

Because of his finicky nature, he will not play games with you.

If he is showing interest, it means he is yours. But you may have to be the one who makes the first move due to his shy nature.

It is many of the amazing things about the Virgo male that make us love him that are also his negative aspects if neuroticism takes over.

His perfectionism can easily turn to obsessive-compulsive behavior if not checked. Also, the man holds himself to ridiculously high standards.

If he realizes that everyone is different, that everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be, he will be fine.

But sadly, many Virgos go on a rampage where they hold everyone else to the same standards which are sometimes unrealistic for even himself.

Much of this leads him to be judgmental, even controlling of people and situations, all of which is born out of his anxiety.

If your Virgo guy displays any of these behaviors, it is important to help ground this zodiac earth sign a bit.

Do not let his insecurities take over and rule the relationship. Let him know that you appreciate him and give him some reassurance once in a while.

It is not much to ask for, because it would be a shame to let such a catch slip by.

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Sex with a Virgo Man

Virgo is nicknamed “the virgin”. No, it does not mean that he has never had sex before, but his vibe is pure and innocent, and he does take these features with him into the bedroom.

When it comes to sex with Virgo, he is not a wild man between the sheets, nor is he into kink, multiple positions, role-playing, etc.

You might be saying, “Well, that sounds really dull”.

But what he lacks in adventure, he makes up for it with his attentiveness. The Virgo man is out to please, a complete giver in the bedroom.

One of the main characteristics of a Virgo man is his inquiring mind and active imagination, which tends to analyze every situation that he finds himself in.

Because of this, whispering erotic words in his ear can ignite sexual imagery in his mind and make him highly sexually attracted to you.

If you want to raise the passions of your Virgo man in the bedroom, then relationship expert, Felicity Keith shows you exactly how to spark his flames of desire in this short video here.

Dating a Virgo Man Long Distance

Not only will he wait for you, but the timely Virgo man will also call exactly when he says he will. He will be where he says he is going to be when he says he will be there.

A Virgo man will miss you, and being far away from him might stir up some of his insecurities and anxiety. He may ruminate a little, as Virgos are famously known to do.

But the man is loyal to a T, that is unless he starts to think that you are not being loyal to him.

He is more afraid of you breaking his heart while away than he is thinking about breaking yours.

For the most part, dating a Virgo guy long-distance will be easy, just as long as you communicate with him regularly, and reassure him that you love him and everything will be alright.

If you are in a long-distance relationship communication is key. The last thing you want is a bolt out of the blue and a message telling you he has found a new love.

A clever system that can help overcome this potential scenario is a program called Text Chemistry, created by relationship coach, Amy North. It is especially helpful to avoid a breakup situation.

Final Thoughts

Smart, kind, and classic, the Virgo man makes an excellent mate for low-key types with their priorities together.

The analytic earth sign of Virgo is constantly calculating life and constantly trying to improve all areas of it.

He is far from the life of the party looking to hook up.

Rather, the guy is looking to get ahead and build his life and family. An excellent caretaker, dating a Virgo man, will bring loyalty and stability.

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