How Aquarius Man Shows Love – Has He Fallen For You?

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

1. Aquarius men are known for being independent and aloof, but they still have the capacity to love deeply.

2. How Aquarius man shows love is through acts of service, thoughtful gestures, and intellectual conversations.

3. They may not be as outwardly affectionate as other signs, but they will make sure you feel secure in your relationship with them.

4. Aquarius men also enjoy spending quality time together, whether it’s going on an adventure or just staying in and watching a movie.

5. Ultimately, an Aquarius man will show his love once a partner provides him with the most important thing he needs to be happy with one person. This video explains the key to his heart

Aquarius men are known for their ability to be aloof and distant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel.

They just need a little more time than other signs to warm up.

Once you know how Aquarius man shows love, it will become clear why he can seem so cold at times.

As the water bearer sign of the zodiac, Aquarians have emotions as deep as the ocean itself.

But they often keep those feelings under wraps until they trust someone enough to let them see the real man hiding inside.

It takes a lot for an Aquarian man to open up about their feelings.

There is such a fine line between exposing themselves emotionally which might lead to getting hurt or taken advantage of by a woman who is not genuine.

How an Aquarius man shows love is defined by your reaction to his advances.

Can you really be sure he is falling for you? Read on to discover the signs he wants a permanent relationship.

Is an Aquarius Man Falling for You?

If you are getting to that stage in a relationship where you are asking yourself, these questions, it can be a frustrating time.

Sometimes guys are a lot more telling in their actions rather than their words.

The astrological zodiac star signs a guy is born under can indicate characteristics of how he will react in a relationship.

If you want to know if your Aquarius man is falling in love, you need to look out for how he acts around you rather than the words he says.

A relationship will start with the physical attraction that grows as you find out more about his traits and characteristics.

But getting things to develop into love and commitment requires an understanding of your partner’s deepest needs and desires.

It is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of taking a relationship for granted.

You suddenly realize, too late, that your Aquarius crush is drifting away because you have overlooked a basic need that he desires.

We can all learn a lot about an Aquarius man from his horoscope and what he really needs from a woman to fall in love.

You, like me, may need a helping hand to understand this basic yearning which is explained perfectly by relationship expert James Bauer.

James has identified an obsession that a man is craving from a relationship, that once achieved, will bring total love and contentment.

This discovery is too profound to explain in this article so James has produced a video that you can listen to, as he explains a man’s Obsession here.

This is something that any woman interested in an Aquarius man must understand.

Signs Of How Aquarius Man Shows Love

If you have been wondering about the top signs that an Aquarius man is in love with you, you can discover them below.

If your Aquarius man also has a strong placement of Venus in his natal chart then I also recommend you read our article here on the Venus in Aquarius man.

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He Will Show Signs Of His Commitment

Aquarius men really enjoy experimenting with sex and might not commit to one woman unless he knows he has very strong feelings for her.

He can have a varied sexual appetite until he feels he is ready to commit to one woman.

It is all or nothing with this man and he gives his love everything he has.

If he is very eager to commit by putting a label on your relationship or by exclusively dating you, it’s pretty sure that he is feeling the love in the air.

It is important that you do not rush or pressure an Aquarius man because this can scare him off.

On the bright side, when he DOES commit, you know that he really means it.

Actions very much speak louder than words with this kind of guy.

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He Will Plan Spontaneous Trips or Surprises

Aquarius men usually have a very adventurous outlook on life.

It makes sense to them, that when he has a special lady in his life, he wants to do spontaneous and romantic things with her too.

He might struggle to communicate his feelings to you verbally, so he will show his love by suggesting off-the-wall ideas, that can create a unique experience.

These special events will then hold a lasting impression on his heart.

This could involve taking you out for dinner to a special restaurant, buying you random personal gifts, or even taking you away on spontaneous trips.

Make sure that you show appreciation for these gestures because he doesn’t do them for just anyone.

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He Will Be Sensitive and Caring

Usually, an Aquarius man will keep his guard up and can be quite distant from people who he doesn’t know well.

When he is becoming fonder of someone special, however, the opposite is true.

You will notice such a difference compared to how he is with other people and how he is around you.

If your Aquarius crush is showing special attention to your needs, your likes/dislikes, and that kind of thing – it’s a big sign that he is contemplating a loving future with you.

If you want to bring this loving side out in an Aquarius man and draw him into total commitment, make sure that you understand His Secret Obsession as explained here by James Bauer.

man in checked shirt having a drink with a woman.

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He Opens Up To You

Aquarius men can find it hard to trust so if you notice he is revealing little personal details about himself, this is really a great sign.

Perhaps your Aquarius man starts talking more about family situations or past relationships when he has been hurt emotionally.

Be careful not to get upset thinking he is trying to make you jealous, he is more than likely to want your genuine feedback.

He wants to put all his trust in you because you mean so much to him and you need to make sure you are returning the favor in regard to how much you open up to him.

The fact that he can talk to you about these kinds of things really shows that love is starting to blossom and trust is definitely the best basis for any good relationship.

It is really important that you keep his trust because if it is lost, it will be very hard to get back.

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He Will Want To Spend More Time With You

When an Aquarius man is in love, it is all-consuming for him. While he is flirty when he is single, when he is in love, the only person he will be flirting with is you.

He will want to be around you all the time because he just can’t get enough of you and the feelings that you evoke inside of him.

He wants you and he is showing this by how much time he is spending with you.

In addition to actually spending time with you, he is going to be extremely romantic and affectionate.

He will love to kiss you, send you naughty texts, and generally, show how into you that he is.

His nerves might be stopping him to say, I Love You, so perhaps you can beat him to it?

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He Will Have Intellectual Conversations With You

Aquarius men are usually very smart and like to have in-depth conversations/debates with the person that they spend most of their time with.

Not only will you have the usual type of conversations that couples have, but he also wants to talk to you on an intellectual level.

For him to talk this way to you, means that he finds you mentally stimulating and you are a really important person in his life.

Keeping up with the TV news or sports section in the daily papers will give you some topics to discuss with him.

If you show that you are willing to talk about the things he is passionate about, and you show passion for them too, he is going to absolutely love this.

It will make him even more hooked on you.

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He Tells You Without Actually Saying The Words

While he might find it difficult to actually say I love you, he might say something similar like “I’ve never felt this way about anyone”.

Aquarius men are generally very trustworthy and he is going to want to tell you what’s going on in their heads.

He doesn’t mess around when it comes to love, so you need to trust what he is telling you.

It’s important to go with the flow of the relationship, and enjoy what is happening at the moment, and soon enough he will be shouting his love from the rooftops.

I have tried to help you in this article with my personal tips on how to tell when an Aquarius man is falling in love.

Another venue that may give you some more information is this interesting video I found on YouTube. I hope this completes your search.

Final Thoughts

When an Aquarius man is falling in love he is fighting his emotions balanced against his logical thinking.

He may not initially say those three magical words but he will not be able to hide his body language and the way he acts toward someone special.

The signs that have been mentioned above are a surefire way to tell that he has fallen hard and is in love with you.

If you want to guarantee that your Aquarius crush remains head over heels for you listen to a short video in which James Bauer explains His Secret Obsession here.

If you follow the combination of the tips in this article and the advice from James’s video you will know exactly when an Aquarius man is in love with you.

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