Dating a Leo Man – Vital Tips You Should Know

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Last Updated on July 21, 2022

If you have been dating a Leo man, then you know that he is passionate, ambitious, and loves to be the center of attention. He can be very controlling as well as stubborn.

He’s also flirtatious and will always want to show off his good side to those around him.

You may think this sounds like a typical bad boy but there are some redeeming qualities about being with a Leo man. For instance, he is loyal and affectionate when it comes to his partner–even if they aren’t perfect in every way!

To understand more about a Leo guy and how he may act in a relationship, read on to discover facts you must know, and also tips to get him to focus his attention on you.

The confident ruler of the stars sits at his throne and it can be a lonely place for him. This is because no lion king is complete without his queen.

He certainly seems like a charming and friendly guy, but what is it that he is looking for?

Who is he compatible with?

And most importantly, what is it like dating a Leo man. If he has Venus in his chart then please also see my article on Venus in Leo.

In this article, I am going to answer all these questions and more.

Best Match for Dating a Leo Man

Everyone likes the personable Leo, and at first take, it may seem the two of you are a great fit.
But every zodiac sign has its quirks.

And it is these quirks and how we respond to them that either make or break a committed relationship.

Leo is a fire sign, and fire signs are all about action. For some, they may be a bit too overbearing at times.

This is why, a Leo male matches best with his fire sign counterparts of Aries, Sagittarius, and of course, Leo.

He can also be a great match for air signs as well, in particular, Gemini and Libra, who like him are social, light-hearted, and energetic.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you are not one of the above zodiac signs you won’t get on with a Leo.

You may just have come to terms with understanding what he wants from a relationship, that will help you gel with his characteristics.

You, like me, may have noticed a Leo man’s reserved character and wondered how to bring him out of his shell so that you can discover the real person below the surface.

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Leo Man Dating Habits

The Leo male is a showman through and through and this means he is going to show you a good time (and also he wants everyone to know).

Maybe he really likes you, maybe it is his ego, but most likely it is a little of both.

The competitive Leo wants to be the best date that you ever had and will put in the work to win you over. So, expect him to splurge and take you to all the places you like.

But also expect him to take you places where he can shine, like at a restaurant where he knows all about the dishes and all of the staff.

If he is a skilled outdoorsman, he will take you on a hike so he can show off his knowledge of the countryside.

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Sex with a Leo

Leo, being an extremely physical sign, loves himself with some affection. He is powerful and vigorous, and the bedroom can be a bit rough. For the lion guy, sex is fun and expressive, it is an act of play.

He is generally a passionate man who views sex as important but is also very unlikely to have some of the hang-ups that a lot of the other signs have with it.

This is because he can separate love from sex completely.

However, just because his emotions do not get wrapped up in sex does not mean he is a selfish lover by any means. The Leo man in bed is a generous lover. There is no way he can be satisfied unless you are as well.

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Leo Man Dating Traits

You rarely ever have to wonder if a Leo man likes you because if he does not walk right up and tell you, he will be trying to impress you in other ways that are more than obvious.

Once the competitive Leo wins you over, his need to impress you does not end there. He is a theatrical man who is full of surprises and keeping your attention is something he does best.

You may wonder, why does such a confident person need so much reassurance?

Truth be told, the Leo, while generally happy-go-lucky, can be a bit sensitive and insecure at times. Although, it may be impossible to tell by the way he puffs his chest out.

This is why his partner needs to let him know that his efforts are appreciated, that he is appreciated. Flattery and praise for the Leo man are like his life force.

This sign has so much passion it is no wonder he loves the drama. For him, it is mostly played, the lion batting around his opponent with its paw. He likes the occasional clash only to get over it quickly, makeup, and then make out.

Leos are known to be warm and cheery. The dramatics aside, this is an optimistic zodiac sign.

The stuff that troubles other zodiac signs just seems to roll right off his shoulder. Aside from the occasional passionate conflict, dating a Leo man is pretty simple and straightforward.

This does not mean that there can not be a downside to some Leo men, however.

The dark side of Leo presents itself as egotistical and selfish. An unhealthy Leo guy will fill his tank with flattery from you and then leave you in the dust, offering nothing in return.

He can also find himself locked in power struggles, unwilling to budge and unwilling to lose.

For the ungrounded and immature Leo, his ego will certainly be the death of him. A really bad Leo can be downright cruel.

On the other hand, the healthy and mature Leo knows that he is a born leader and recognizes this responsibility.

This makes him an excellent partner, father, and friend who will go to any lengths to make sure his loved ones are taken care of.

It is not difficult for him to do these things because Leo has tons of vision and ambition. This man sees what he wants and runs full speed toward it.

His strong will and ultimate vigor help see things through. This is why Leo is attracted to a goal-oriented partner or at least someone who stands behind Leo to support what he is doing 100 percent.

Above all else, he needs to be made to feel like your hero. If you can do this then he will prize you above anyone else in his life. This is exactly how you can win his heart here.

Dating a Leo Man Long Distance

Leo is a physical sign and may require some in-person contact, more so than other signs.

Of course, anyone can do the long-distance thing for a period, but the Leo man is one guy who will not want to do this for too long.

If you are in this position and keen to cultivate a long-distance relationship then texting, with the right words and phrases will keep the romance alive.

Carefully crafted words will be absorbed into a guy’s subconscious mind that can create an incredible connection between you. Find out for yourself with these key phrases that will keep you in his mind.

He is physically expressive and needs others to be physical with him as well. If he is left alone for too long, chances are he will go out to find the love and admiration he desires.

But just like any sign if they are in a committed relationship, Leo will try his best to make things work.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Leo man may seem like the two of you are the stars of your own reality TV show. So many plot twists and turns, passion and excitement, and fans looking on.

But the Mature confident Leo man is a true leader, an alpha, the king. If refined, he makes for an excellent partner, father, and friend.

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