Moon in Aquarius Man – His Love Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Women in a relationship with a moon in Aquarius man might be wondering why they feel like their partner is not open to sharing their thoughts and feelings.

This post will explore the meaning of the Moon in Aquarius and what it means for a woman’s relationship.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means that this man is quite independent and free-spirited; he wants to be his own person without too much attachment.

He may seem emotionally detached at times, but he can also become much more attached than you think when he realizes how important you are to him.

The moon represents emotions, so if your lover has the Moon in Aquarius then there are certain things that they need from their partner before they show any affection or love towards them.

Possibly the most unique of the moon sign is Aquarius. We love him, but it would be nice if this man could emote that back to us once in a while.

Maybe he is too busy inside of his head, navigating all of the abstract world-changing ideas that he may or may not see through. The friendly and giving moon in Aquarius man that we all love can be a bit cold too.

Moon in Aquarius Man Key Features


  • Intelligent
  • Creative
  • Original
  • Social
  • Visionary


  • Detached
  • Irresponsible
  • Erratic
  • Stubborn

Ideal Partner

Confident, independent, offbeat, supportive, and a good balance of reality to his out-there ways.

Needs To Work On

Seeing things from others’ perspectives.

Positive Traits

The Aquarius, there is just no other zodiac sign like it. The male with his moon in this placement is a creative genius- the scientist, the mystic, the artist, and the musician.

He bleeds pure originality and is a quirky innovator.

The mind of this man seems always to be going full throttle, so it is no wonder that it is why he spends so much time there, he has no choice.

This guy is an intellectual powerhouse and professional problem solver. If you have already thought of everything inside of the box, contact your Aquarius friend for some advice pulled out of the ether.

He is the kind of guy who is a good friend and mate. He is fair and just, and a natural-born leader marching to the beat of his own drum.

And just as long as he is given some space to work on his “crazy projects”, he will be as devoted to his partner as they come.

Negative Traits

Because the Aquarius can be sometimes so offbeat and original, he is often misunderstood as well.

While not typically a sensitive fellow, he is prone to isolation and retreating into fantasy, not wanting to deal with a world that just does not seem to get him or his vision.

He can be a rebel by nature who tends to buck the system at every corner. This serves him well emotionally but brings him many problems as well.

Sometimes the Aquarius moon can get so wrapped up in their ideas, projects, and hobbies that they get blown off course with their priorities. And sometimes this then leads them never to follow up on their priority ideas, projects, and hobbies.

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Aquarius Moon Man and Love

Just when you think you have the man with the Aquarius moon all figured out – when he has frustrated you to no end – this guy will pull out romantic surprises that knock you off your feet in ways that only the creative Aquarius can. This trait is all the stronger if he is a Venus in Aquarius male.

You probably thought he was forgetful, but this moon has a photographic mind and remembers every little detail. It is just sometimes he files them away in his supercomputer brain, and then the brain gets cluttered.

If he seems aloof, it could be that he is, but he also cares a great deal. He just needs to think of a way to show you this, because the man is a thinker who is always conjuring up romance and ways to show that you mean the world to him.

When he is truly beginning to fall in love he is desperately seeking a connection, a person that can bring out his hidden desire. His desire, even an obsession to be seen as a hero in the eyes of the woman he loves.

For a woman who understands this hidden desire, he will do anything, because it makes him feel like the man he sees himself as.

This may be something that is difficult for you to get her mind around but if you want undying love from your Aquarius moon this short video explains exactly how to win the key to his heart.

He will compromise, and this means a great deal when he does. The Aquarius moon is stubborn and hates to go anyway but on his own path. But if he loves you, he will want you to jump on his road too.

You can learn more about the Aquarius man in love here.

Aquarius Moon Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

The Aquarius moon male has a vivid imagination and goes on adventures inside his head a great deal.

This Aquarius conjunction in a male is associated with being a big dreamer who is well versed in the world of fantasy.

He goes on them physically as well- inside of the bedroom. For all of his heady ways, the Aquarius moon is quite dominant and physical.

Do not get me wrong, he will still delve deep inside of his mind to bring out something fresh and fun. He is like a sex scientist in this way.

Remember, he hates tradition. So, if you have to go there with him, please do not make it a regular thing. His active mind is the thing that stirs his emotions so whispering sexual thoughts in his ear during lovemaking can be a major turn-on for the both of you.

Some women can find it difficult whispering the right terms of endearment due to embarrassment when in between the sheets with their Aquarius lover.

If this is you, you may find it worth listening to a short video by Felicity Keith who is a relationship expert, which is called The Language of Desire. This program has helped scores of women overcome their inhibitions and become the only woman their man needs.

This moon man is into anything just as long as it is not the same old same old- aside from foreplay, of course, which he enjoys tons of.

His day-to-day unpredictability might drive you nuts, but it certainly pays off in the bedroom.

He is open-minded, giving, and willing to do what it takes to please his lover- he is happy making you happy. But if you do not explore along with him, he will get bored and the spark of desire will wane.

If you want to know more juicy details about his sexual nature then, you can learn more about the Aquarius man in bed here.

Aquarius Moon and Attraction

The Aquarius moon loves nerds. But not the typical type you are probably thinking of — the classical “book” nerd you might associate with Virgo — the Aquarius man likes offbeat, strong, independent, and intellectual types.

Like any man, he is a sucker for drop-dead gorgeous looks, but it is your style that seals the deal with him.

Needless to say, he likes an original style, with a confident attitude and possibly a quirky way of communicating for good measure.

Showing him that you are independent will either make or break the Aquarius moon attraction. He reads this as strength and confidence.

But also, it lets him know that you are a drama-free person and that you will not need tons of coddling from this stoic guy.

You can learn more ways to attract an Aquarius man here.

Final Thoughts

Turns out the most likely to be detached and stuck in his head is one of the most giving and faithful lovers of the zodiac.

The moon in Aquarius man, we can study him for ages to come and still not understand. But we do know one thing for sure, that he is a devoted lover and friend who uses his innate leadership skills and abstract ideas to care for those around him.

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