Moon in Capricorn Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

How would you feel if someone was always criticizing and never praising?

Imagine what it’s like to be the Moon in Capricorn. You’re constantly working hard, making sure everything is perfect, only to come up short.

This zodiac sign needs constant validation from others because they can’t validate themselves.

Some say he is cold, but really the Capricorn man with this placement is a pro at keeping his emotions in check. He is cool, calm, and collected under pressure, and pretty much all of the time.

The moon in Capricorn man sometimes may seem serious, calculated, and closed off.

The truth is that once you get to know him, he is one of the most loyal, friendly, and interesting people you will ever meet.

He has an inner life that is emotional, spiritual, and creative that he only needs to get in touch with, or else the Capricorn guy will go sour.

Moon in Capricorn Man Key Features

Positive Characteristics

  • Driven
  • Successful
  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Intelligent

Negative Characteristics

  • Can be cold or distant
  • Critical
  • Materialistic
  • Stubborn.

Ideal partner

Someone who is as goal-oriented as he is, but can also help him get in touch with his emotions.

Needs to work on

Going within to find his true self.

Positive Traits

Some know Capricorn as the little mountain goat that could be the ambitious, determined, and strong-willed creature who eventually makes it to the top of the hill.

The Capricorn influenced by the moon is an over-achiever. Once he locks his goals into his sites, he knows that he will reach them.

He has all the patience for it in the world, plus the drive that it takes to see things through.

He is a dedicated man and does not do anything by half measures, including his friendships and romantic relationships.

He is not one to jump from crowd to crowd or lover to lover. He may have married the girl he met after high school and has kept all of his hand-selected, criteria met friends he has always had.

He is really a sweet, kind, and thoughtful person once he lets you past his cool and calculated facade.

He will always blow you away with his personality, once he lets you into his world as time goes by.

The Capricorn in moon male surrounds himself with things that stimulate his mind, and he does not have time for much else.

There is a real depth to him that will fascinate you. He makes for an interesting guy to have around for debates or consuming culture with.

Negative Traits

He can tend to wear himself out quite easily while chasing after his wants and desires if he does not take the time to rest and reflect.

The Capricorn moon male has the potential to neglect his inner world when putting materialism above all else and the results are detrimental to his wellbeing.

When he disregards his self-care, the moon in Capricorn man becomes temperamental and short with his friends and family. All the more so if he has a strong presence of Venus in his natal chart.

While he is not so quick to heat up, he does show his anger in different ways, by becoming cold, distant, and pessimistic.

Those with Capricorn moon may find it difficult to listen to their true selves or their sun signs because this moon placement does a standup job of keeping itself in check.

In this case, he can go through many ups and downs. Possibly, he goes all out until he crashes and burns, then flees into retreat.

He is stubborn, so he rarely learns or admits he is wrong in these situations. He may keep repeating this cycle until he can accept his true self.

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Capricorn Moon Man in Love

It turns out the Capricorn moon male is not always closed off. One of the first indications that he may be in love with you is that he will let you in on some of his feelings and deepest thoughts.

You will know some of his fears and dreams. If you have ever been with a Capricorn, then you know he is not a robot after all.

But he is still cool and put together. He is not the type to proclaim his love for you from the mountain tops that he climbs. You should not expect public displays of affection either.

Although at home it is a vastly different thing. He has no problem being flirtatious, but he does care a great deal about how he is perceived by others.

So, just so long as no one else is around, you will find him to be sentimental, sweet, and playful much of the time. As long as you understand the one important thing that he craves in a relationship.

Relationship expert James Bauer has spent years studying what keeps a man contented when with one woman. You may be surprised to know it is not sex, but a deep obsession to be seen as a hero in the eyes of the woman he loves.

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When he is in love with someone, he will make time for them. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but he is a man about his business. Every move of his is calculated, so he does not do anything if there is not a payoff in it, such as winning your heart.

You can find out more about the Capricorn man in love here.

Capricorn Moon Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

Yes, the male who hates to show his sensitive side in public is quite the lover behind closed doors. He is the dominant one of the earth signs and likes to take control between the sheets.

But he is still a classic gentleman type and probably will not want to explore too much or go too far out. But he does want to make you happy and may even compromise if he knows keeping you around is in his heart.

While traditional, he is playful. He enjoys the foreplay and even a wrestling match. Even if he sometimes seems boring or too serious, he knows how to keep his sex life fun and fresh.

For him, making love is connecting with his partner emotionally and mentally. He needs to be able to trust you to bring out his wild side in the bedroom.

To do that effectively you need to stimulate his mind and his imagination. His senses are aroused by his lover whispering in his ear erotic thoughts and the pleasure he is giving her.

This type of stimulation is sometimes difficult for a woman due to not knowing what and how to say the words that will send his passion into orbit.

However, for any woman who would like to know more about this powerful stimulation, relationship coach Felicity Keith explains in a short video The Language of Desire.

Most of all, he would appreciate it if you did not kiss and tell. Not because he is embarrassed by you, but because he is not always comfortable with the mushy lovey-dovey side of himself. Although, the right person will help him to be.

You can find out more about the Capricorn man in bed here.

Capricorn Male Attraction

Capricorn thinks in the long-term for their goals and just about everything else under the sun. His romantic partner is no exception.

He vets any of his mates carefully, ensuring that they will be a good match for a long-lasting relationship, domestic life, and a family.

First and most importantly, to win him over, you must be loyal and show you are trustworthy. He does not like flings or sketchy characters. To attract him, he needs to know that you are competent.

If he does not see you as independent, intelligent, and rational, he might likely breeze right over you.

He can be affectionate, but he needs more than just physical love. He is highly intelligent and likes to take part in discussions and other activities that stimulate his mind.

A good way to grab his attention is to share some of your hobbies or interests with him, no matter how boring they might seem. Some call him boring as well. He might think you are cool.

As far as physical looks are concerned, the guy with his moon in Capricorn is all about tradition. This man does not care about trends or hypes. He likes his partner to have a style that is timeless and elegant.

You can find out more about what attracts a Capricorn man here.

Final Thoughts

The strict and well-kept together calculated moon in Capricorn man can be quite the affectionate lover after all. As long as you have gained his trust, the man becomes an open door who you will find feels and thinks quite deeply.

He is loving and caring but also on a never-ending chase for material and success.

With the right sensitive and in-tune partner, he can balance his internal and external worlds and develop into quite the well-rounded catch.

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