How To Attract an Aquarius Man And Make Him Hot For You

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

You might think that it’s easy to use your womanly charms to make any man want you, but all guys are different and it isn’t always that simple.

You need to pick up on the little signs that a guy throws out that he is up for a relationship.

Astrology can give you an indication of his characteristics, and how his mind works.

Astrology can also help you understand how to attract an Aquarius man easily by following the tips in this article.

If you have the hots for a guy born between the dates of Jan 20th and Feb 18th, you, like me, will be wondering why they can sometimes seem so distant.

Well, according to his star sign an Aquarius man is determined and resolute which makes him focus on his ambitions.

You need to make yourself one of his ambitions.

To attract or retain the attention of your Aquarius crush you need to put yourself in his line of focus, but without seeming as though you are chasing him.

Every situation is different so if you are trying to get him to notice you for the first time or wanting to relight the fires of passion, read on!

How to Attract an Aquarius Man – 6 Hot Tips

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Make Friends With Him

Aquarius men value friendships and they also make friends quite easily too.

While they enjoy the company of women, Aquarius men don’t usually strike up sexual or romantic relationships right away.

Although he likes to have variety, when it comes to Aquarius man and sex, he will most likely want to get to know you first before becoming physical.

For an Aquarius man to fully commit they need to create an emotional friendship bond.

The guy born in the star sign represented by the water bearer will only let someone see his true personality when he can be sure he has found something special.

If you can become really close with him in a friendly way, this is likely to blossom into something amazing.

While there are many men out there who are happy to jump into bed with any woman, this doesn’t apply to an Aquarius man.

Show an interest in him on a platonic level and let things evolve naturally.

A good indicator that he is starting to like you more is if he starts opening up to you about his aims and ambitions in life.

The connection between you will grow because an Aquarius man does not do this easily.

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Capture His Mind

If you want to maintain an attraction with an Aquarius man, it takes much more than just a pretty face for him.

While you should always make an effort in terms of physical appearance when you are around him, it is more important that you capture his mind more than his eye.

He likes a girl who is intelligent so if you have knowledge about any particular subject – this is going to really captivate his interest.

You need to try and have a special interest that you can share because this is something that is really important in retaining his focus.

However, don’t think you have to be a university graduate or a high-powered businesswoman.

It is just that a guy born in this zodiac star sign needs something over and above the physical attraction.

He likes a girl who is independent and knows her own mind, these are important qualities to him.

Don’t be afraid to talk to him about a range of subjects, he loves nothing more than to have intelligent chats.

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Let Him Come To You

There is no bigger turn-off for an Aquarius man than a woman who comes on too strong or is overbearing.

He has his own life and as mentioned previously, he likes independent women so you should not hang on to his every word.

Don’t be too available and if he is talking to other women, you need to show him that you are not bothered (even if you really are!)

Don’t text him constantly, wait for him to make the first move and this will help him like you even more.

When you are showing the personality traits that he really likes, this is going to make him want to come to you.

Aquarius men can be quite stubborn so they might not show their interest immediately but if you follow these tips, it should happen naturally.

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Flirt With Him

After putting the previous steps into place, it’s important to move things on and show him your interest by flirting.

An Aquarius man is not always the most perceptive so it’s time to show him that you are interested in him on a deeper scale.

You should still keep an air of mystery about you, however, and don’t tell him outright that you like him.

An Aquarius, like most men, want to retain their macho image of themselves by doing the chasing.

Use your body language to get a little closer to him when you hang out.

Make eye contact for a little longer than you should, lean into him when he speaks, and so on.

The way you text him can also say a lot in terms of your feelings towards him. You can learn more about this from Amy North.

This best-selling author knows men well and will tell you how you can appeal to his subconscious mind and make him obsess over you with Text Chemistry.

Surprise Him

An Aquarius man is NOT the type of guy who likes to work off routine, in fact, he loves spontaneity.

He is the type of guy who you will find planning a last-minute trip or going on a bungee jump out of the blue.

Although he is sometimes serious when he is involved with anything he loves surprises involving someone he cares for.

If you make the effort to arrange something that you know will be of interest to him he is going to see you as the type of woman that he can be with.

In a relationship, an Aquarius man really wants a woman who is adventurous and not afraid to have fun in a number of different ways.

When you are still making the leap from friends to more than friends, surprising him randomly is going to help him see you in a different way.

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Don’t Try To Be Someone You Are Not

To get an Aquarius man to like you, avoid doing anything to change who you are.

While you need to make an effort to show off some of the traits he likes in a woman, you should not FAKE these traits.

You might not tick every single box that he has but let’s be honest, is there such a thing as the perfect partner?

Building a relationship is something that requires give and take.

The most important thing is to be yourself because fakeness shows and he is not going to find this appealing at all.

Not all people are meant for each other and if he doesn’t appreciate you for the amazing qualities you have, he just isn’t worth your time.

I came across this YouTube video which I hope will help you in dating your Aquarius crush.

It explains five important things that you should understand about dating this star sign.

Final Thoughts

An Aquarius man is someone who wants respect and in turn, has respect for a woman to whom he is attracted.

Avoid throwing yourself at him because this will drive him away.

He sees himself as being the one who makes the decision to become involved in a relationship.

After learning a little more about an Aquarius man and what makes him tick, you’ve definitely got what it takes to make him yours.

If you’ve got your eye on a guy who you think could be perfect for you, it’s time to learn how to attract an Aquarius man and make him focus his attention on you.

If you need a little help in projecting yourself into his mind, take a look at a short video in which Amy North explains how to get the key to his heart.

Every romantic situation is different and it is only you who will know if this might work for you. If you don’t at least look you will never know if this may be the answer.

Her system of Text Chemistry has been proven to be successful using carefully chosen words that can be sent via text. Good luck and best wishes.

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