Moon In Aries Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on February 8, 2023

5 Key Takeaways

A Moon in Aries man is passionate, independent, and driven by his own needs and desires.

He is often impulsive and can be quick to anger, but he is also capable of great loyalty and devotion when he finds someone worthy of it.

He loves a challenge and will take risks to get what he wants, but he can also be easily discouraged if things don’t go his way.

He needs plenty of space to express himself and explore his interests without feeling tied down or obligated to anyone else’s expectations.

With the right partner, an Aries Moon man can be a loving, supportive companion who will always have your back no matter what life throws at you.

If this is your kind of guy, make sure you understand his greatest need in a relationship.

The bold and fearless Aries man appears strong, confident, and independent.

Maybe it is because the young ram on the moon knows what he is after and is willing to charge full force while displaying absolute fearlessness towards it.

Unfortunately, this can be done with a lack of awareness and at the expense of others. The moon in Aries man is looking for both a lover and a sparring partner.

If you are up for the challenge, let us take a look and see if he may be the right guy for you.

Moon in Aries Man Key Features

Positive Characteristics

  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Assertive Independent

Negative Characteristics

  • Immature
  • Selfish
  • Aggressive
  • Impulsive

Ideal Partner

Someone who is strong and can challenge him or balance him out.

Needs To Work On

Patience, and listening to someone else’s point of view.

Aries Man Positive Traits

The daredevil of the zodiac, the Aries man is willing to jump right in and catch a couple of scrapes and then get back up and try again.

He is confident and holds his head up high no matter what comes his way, approaching everything with a childlike fearlessness.

At heart, he is still a kid, but not necessarily in a negative way.

His bold, lively, and adventurous demeanor is something that we can all embrace and use more of in our lives.

When the moon (which represents emotion) is in Aries, a man is especially independent and straightforward with what lies in his heart.

He is the assertive type who will get the job done.

Aries is known as an initiator of action, and for this reason, he is good to have on your side, or better yet, as a partner.

He craves attention but he is not clingy in the least.

The Aries moon man is a warrior and a fighter. A little-known fact is that he has a big heart, even if he does not want you to know it.

He is a protector of friends and loved ones. He will be the first to jump right in whenever there is a hint of trouble.

Aries Man Negative Traits

The male of this zodiac placement is usually a powerful guy, maybe not physically but mentally, with a definite competitive streak, and he hates to look weak in any situation.

Some men with this placement may go as far as to think that their emotions make them appear this way.

So, he may be out of touch, or else he keeps his feeling bottled up. It may be part of why he is so quick to temper.

Even though he is not caught up in his emotions per se, he can be reactionary. The Aries man may even be a little on the sensitive side, which you will notice once you start dating him.

Not one for passive-aggressiveness. When he is hurt or feels slighted, prepare yourself for a lashing.

The more sensitive signs think of him as immature and selfish. It is no secret that the young ram likes to butt heads.

He not only thrives on conflict but seems to enjoy it, mainly because the Aries moon man needs to be challenged. So, if he pushes, push him back.

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Aries Man in Love

If he likes you, trust me, you will know. Aries is the most straightforward sign of the zodiac. Compared to Leo and Sagittarius (the other two extroverted fire signs), Aries possesses a fearlessness matched by none.

Likely, the Aries male is not worried about rejection and he might even see it as a challenge.

This is a very physical sign and placement. When infatuated, he will show off his physical vitality and also be touchy and playful with you.

He may not be an emotional rollercoaster, but he does love conflict.

So, expect some of those same ups and downs with him because butting heads is part of being in a relationship with the ram.

Yes, of course, it is only natural to clash from time to time, but the Aries moon man actually enjoys it and gets bored easily when his attempts to initiate any altercation are not reciprocated.

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A male with emotional characteristics like these is always craving to be seen as the hero in the eyes of the woman he loves. He wants to be appreciated.

Now I don’t mean a knight on horseback coming to the rescue of his damsel in distress.

But he does relish being her protector and making her happy is a big incentive to a secure relationship.

Understanding this need, which can be classed as an obsession in some men, is the keystone of achieving total undying love from your guy.

Someone who has studied this obsession in a man is relationship expert James Bauer.

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Aries Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

The Aries man is not one who is shy in the bedroom.

He is a dominant lover with a daring and explorative side. Occasionally aggressive, men with this placement may be into a rough version of lovemaking.

When it comes to Aries man and sex, he is energetic and can definitely go an extra round or two in the sack. It is a sign of a high sex drive.

For this reason, mixed in with Aries’s famous impulsivity, the man with this placement may be geared towards having multiple partners or a lot of casual sex.

It is not to say that they will not commit to one partner, because they often do.

But it is important to keep things in the bedroom alive and fresh so he will stay interested and devoted.

The Aries man is always willing to do his part by bringing his energetic enthusiasm and adventurous ways to the table.

Aries is also one of the kinkier of the moon signs. Of course, everyone with this placement will have their individual tastes.

But the guy with the moon connected to Aries will be much more open and comfortable exploring just about all sides of his sexual nature with you.

A man with this zodiac placement is usually intelligent with a very active brain which can be stimulated to new heights of passion by his partner whispering in his ear when making love.

This is an area that is sometimes difficult for women who struggle to know what to say.

There is definitely a technique to excite a man with confident phrases when between the sheets, and also when and how to say them.

Expert relationship adviser Felicity Keith has devised a program to help women benefit from their love-making with this delicate subject.

Felicity has produced a video recording, which you can listen to if you want to, explaining the power of The Language of Desire here.

Aries Man Attraction

Simply put, Aries is a powerful sign and the Aries man with the moon connection is attracted to powerful people.

He likes the confident, courageous, and daring types.

Basically, this guy is looking for another version of himself. He needs a partner who has similar characteristics because he enjoys the competition.

If he sniffs out someone who he thinks can give him a run for his money, they might as well just have captured his heart.

Aries is a masculine and dominant sign and is attracted to feminity.

So, he may not always end up being pulled in by a competitive partner, but rather by someone soft and gentle yet thick-skinned.

Sometimes what this man is looking for is a sense of balance or more like a wrangler; someone who can smooth out some of his rough edges and chill him out a bit.

This type of relationship with the Aries man is not the norm, but it works well just as long as the partner is confident and strong.

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Final Thoughts

Whether his partner acts as a chill pill for him or they just want to put on the gloves and step into the ring, the moon in Aries man and whoever has the stamina to go the rounds is a match made in heaven.

He is bold, assertive, and dynamic; the Aries moon guy is a powerful lover, full of passion, and ready to take charge.

If you are fed up with men who sit on the couch all day, the Aries man with this association with the moon is not one of them.

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