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Last Updated on August 18, 2021

In comparison to the Leo sun sign, the moon in Leo man is extra theatrical, he just loves the dramatics.

The moon represents our emotions and Leo is a bold and powerful sign with lots to offer, from loyalty to entertainment.

But not handled properly, the immature lion on the moon can strike and he can really mean it, inflicting harm because of his self-centered, jealous ways.

This man, in knowing his power, has two options: to take on the role of the virtuous and just leader, or to become vain and egotistical, treating those under his wing poorly.

Moon in Leo Man Key Features


  • Confident
  • Strong
  • Charming
  • Loyal
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Intelligent


  • Selfish
  • Vain
  • Overpowering
  • Stubborn
  • Possessive
  • Controlling
  • Jealous

Ideal partner

The alpha woman: confident and strong, and bold in who she is.

Needs to work on

Looking out for his flock. Life is not all about him, but rather what he can do for others.

Leo Man Positive Traits

This man was born proud. The Leo man with moon placement displays his confidence in a way that commands the respect of others. He is almost always looked up to, a born leader in every sense of the definition.

You could say that the Leo man is the more matured and refined version of the other fire signs which sometimes get a bad wrap for their individual stereotypes.

The Leo moon man is not necessarily selfish. He understands his lot in life – its responsibilities — and looks out for others around him.

The Leo male is the “share the wealth” sign. He is the pack leader who must break bread with his team.

He is not cruel by any means, or at least not consciously. He shows tact and acts when he feels like it is necessary, but only if it is helpful- in true lion fashion.

He is naturally charming and controls social situations, not with effort, but at the core his personality is magnetic.

Plus, the Leo male is mostly cheery and light-hearted. It is a warm and optimistic sign, and this always draws others to him.

Leo Man Negative Traits

Because of the cards that the Leo man is dealt, others around him may view him as selfish and egotistical, thinking that he gets too much shine. In some cases, this is certainly true.

Self-centeredness is the dark aspect of the Leo sign after all. This comes through in Leo moon men who are irresponsible in the power that they wield.

Their self-interests are top priority, and they bulldoze the people around them, which the extroverted Leo finds he can do with relative ease. But at what cost?

Another shadow trait of the Moon in Leo man is that he can become vain and self-obsessed, even to the point that Leo man ignores you and your needs over his own. This is another aspect of his selfishness.

He has a choice: to be admired for superficialities or to be a person of the people, to assume his true leadership role.

In the negative aspect’s case, the Leo moon man sets himself up to surround himself with people with bad motives and a lifetime of unhealthy, possibly abusive relationships.

With Leo placements, if they are irresponsible or immature, they can be outright bullies. But of course, this is not the Leo man’s mission in life.

If he is this way, it only means he has some growing up to do. Likewise, he can be jealous, possessive, and impatient.
The Leo man with this moon placement is not a brute by any means.

Leo is one of the most creative and imaginative placements in the zodiac.

Even when he is out for the night on the town, it is strictly performance art. He is an actor, socialite, or frontman of a band, the Leo moon man is a true Rockstar and celebrity even if he works construction.

Leo man smiling as he sits in a swimming pool with his girlfriend

Leo Man in Love

The moon represents emotion and hidden desires. Leo is a projecting, bold, and extroverted sign.

There will be little that this man will hide. He has no problem showing his love and affection to you. So much so that he would show it under bright lights and on a stage with an audience if he could.

If you think a Leo man is interested in you, you will already know by now, because he has no problem letting you know.

He is not shy or complicated. He is the lion and likes the chase. He likes to win. So, it will be noticeably clear what is in his heart.

He is also dramatic and that is no secret either. If it is in a positive way, you will feel like you are staring in a blockbuster film with this Leo male placement. Possibly, an action or a romance flick.

It is always something, he is full of surprises and excitement and keeping things fresh.

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Leo Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

Moon in Leo men are vigorous, full of life, and have no issues with expressing themselves sexually. He likely has no hang-ups here.

He enjoys the sexual activity and feels no need to complicate it in any way. To him, sex is not engaged in for a sense of security or any type of deep emotional connection with his partner.

With that said, he likes sex and a lot of it too. His partners tend to be on the high-sex drive side as well, so it is nothing weird or perverted to the couple. It is just a fun and healthy activity for him, like exercise or anything else.

In the bedroom, he will likely dominate you. He is the alpha of alphas, or at least in his mind he is.

There is also a propensity for enjoying rough sex with the Leo moon man. Making love is way less of an emotional experience for the Leo man than it is a purely physical activity.

In the bedroom or the kitchen – all around the house – maybe even in public, in adventurous and fun ways, this is how the Leo with moon sign expresses himself sexually.

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Leo Man Attraction

Above all, Leo moon men are attracted to strength and confidence. Some Leos like the cocky showman/woman types, while others may be drawn to a more grounded, sophisticated, and matured confidence that has nothing to prove to anyone.

The moon in Leo man likes the chase. He is the lion on the prowl. If you are interested in nabbing his attention, you can do all of the obvious things to let him know that you are available.

Most of all, you must stand out without looking desperate for his attention. If you chase after him, the lion king will write you off as nothing so special and move on.

He also likes authenticity and can spot a try-hard from across the room. If you are standing out, make sure that it is in a way that is genuinely you and he will no doubt take notice.

When it comes to dating for the Leo man, especially Leo moon man, he likes his partners with a bang- tons of flash, strong physical features, and revealing loud clothing and makeup. Generally, anything that is flashy and noticeable.

He loves attention and sees his other half as an extension and representation of himself.

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Final Thoughts

When finding yourself a moon in Leo man, it can only go one of two ways: a refined king, or an immature, selfish child.

He can be everything from the best protector, provider, entertainer, and more, or a complete controlling jerk. Overall, this is a good placement to have.

More likely than not, he is warm and friendly and admired by many. He is the star of the show, looking for his co-star.

Whether positive or negative, being with the Leo moon man is certain to be a theatrical and passionate experience.

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