The Moon In Scorpio Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Deep, dark, and mysterious- just what is it that lurks beneath the surface of the moon in Scorpio man?

At first glance, he is confident and grounded.

He exudes a trustworthy vibe that draws in friends from all walks of life, not to mention people who cannot help but be attracted to his amplified sexual energy.

But beneath it all, this guy is super complex.

Let us see what happens when the intensity of Scorpio meets the moon, which represents emotion and our hidden desires.

Moon In Scorpio Man Key Features

Positive Characteristics At a Glance

  • Faithful,
  • Driven,
  • passionate
  • Intelligent
  • Intuitive

Negative Traits At a Glance

  • Suspicious
  • Jealous
  • Possessive
  • Sensitive
  • Resentful

 Ideal partner

Someone who is committed to him and enjoys time in the bedroom.

Needs to work on

Balancing his emotions and avoiding going to extremes.

Scorpio Man Positive Traits

The Scorpio moon man is a dedicated lover. He sees beyond physical appearances and above intellect and seems to be able to look right into your soul.

It is at this soul level that he connects with his partners and those who have been with a Scorpio sign can only describe it as an “intense experience”.

But that is not all: he is committed to the right partner and in it for the long haul. He prefers to settle in with someone rather than play the field.

He is a passionate man, and this makes him a romantic as well as successful in his endeavors.

He tends to keep his heart guarded, but when he goes for something, he lets down his guard and gives it his all.

Scorpio moon men are driven and hardworking. A career is important to him and it is likely he thrives in his field of endeavors.

He is a feeling-based man and knows how to satisfy all of his partner’s emotional needs.

The Scorpio man is highly intuitive and you will be amazed that he always seems to know just what to do and when to do it.

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Scorpio Man Negative Traits

Scorpio is a deep, emotional water sign. The complexities of

these people are something that even they do not quite understand.

The Scorpio male will do all that it takes to keep up outer appearances, but who knows what is bubbling up beneath the surface?

Often, it can be a messy rollercoaster ride of emotion.

This explains all of his intensity and passion, which if not channeled correctly will manifest as destructive behavior, mainly in the form of addictions or mental illness.

Because of his complicated inner world, the Scorpio man will guard his heart at all costs. Few if any have seen the real him.

Scorpio is described as deep, dark, and mysterious for this reason. But if and when he lets you in, he will be there until the very end.

In some instances, “the very end” is literal. The dark side of Scorpio can make the moon man jealous and possessive.

It is not uncommon to hear about the Scorpio man forfeiting his heart to a partner, only to be broken up with later and becoming overly obsessive with his ex.

He is a sensitive fella and tends to hang on to resentments, and if you break his heart, you may just feel the sting from the scorpion’s tail.

woman standing behind A Scorpio man with her arms around his shoulders

Scorpio Man in Love

The Scorpio male in love is one of the most committed you will find in the zodiac.

It is not difficult to tell when he is in love with you either. You will begin to notice the little things that may not be so obvious unless you understand the Scorpio sign.

He will start by letting you in on more personal details of his life: his feelings, his past, or possibly asking you for help with something.

He will show you stuff that he keeps well guarded against others, such as pieces of his artwork or other creative projects he works on.

Scorpio is an extremely sexual sign, and he may have gotten a bad rap as someone who likes to sleep around. But the Scorpio man’s heart desires a single partner who he can trust.

Falling in love with a Scorpio male you can expect a dedicated and attentive partner. To make sure you retain his love discover the one thing that he craves in a relationship.

Scorpio Man in Bed

Although he finds emotional security through sex, to him it is not just a form of ego gratification, but a profound mystical experience.

It can be truly alchemy the way that he can take this physical activity and transmute it into something so soulful and emotional.

Sex is a large part of the Scorpio man’s life. It is not because he is perverted, but it is a form of self-expression and his way of connecting to another being.

It must be said that anyone looking to get into a relationship with him must have a high sex drive or at the very least enjoy it… a lot.

In the bedroom, The Scorpio man’s biggest turn-on is his emotional intimacy. He is driven wild when he can connect with one another on a meaningful level.

His turn-off is being dominated and he is someone who you have to let take the lead.

The Scorpio male likes to explore sexually. This could mean a variety of things, most likely he will want to “spice things up”.

While other Scorpio moon men (not all) will be into various fetishes and kinks.

Scorpio Man Attraction

That this man enjoys sex is an understatement, and the thing that attracts the Scorpio man the most is sexiness.

Showing that you are comfortable with your sexual side will be the first thing that wins this guy over.

However, it is not all about the way you dress or make yourself up, the Scorpio moon guy also picks up on sexual energy through the way you walk, talk, and act.

Scorpio is not only mysterious himself, but he loves to uncover mysteries as well.

One of the things that the moon sign in Scorpio represents is penetrating beneath the surface to uncover what is really going on.

If you want to drive the Scorpio guy wild with attraction, be a little bit mysterious too.

The Scorpio man may be ruled by emotion, but he is also a physical guy.

Playful touching and flirting when done in the right way will help build up attraction with this man. But just a fair warning: do not go overboard.

He loves the chase. He enjoys the game, all of it- the push and the pull, and the tension rising.

You will want to play a little bit hard to get if you wish to keep his attention for a long time. Just remember the push and the pull.

Play the game, but do not try to take charge of this man. You will want to be just a bit more submissive than he is.

Scorpio is a dominant sign and partners who attempt to overpower him will chase him away.

Final Thoughts

He is a complex guy that sometimes leaves us scratching our heads. It is ok though because the moon in Scorpio man is the most passionate lover of the zodiac.

He is the perfect intuitive mate for those who want to feel understood, all the way down to the core of their being.

Relationships with him are probably going to be sex-heavy, so just be ready to spend an awful lot of time in the bedroom.

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