Moon In Virgo Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

Virgo man holding his girlfriend close to his chest

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Today, we are going to dive into the moon in Virgo. If you know anything about this zodiac sign then you will know that they focus on details and perfectionism.

They want things done right and they always have a plan of attack. It’s because of their need for perfection that some people might find them hard to be around sometimes but it also means they are very reliable!

If you’re looking for someone who is always there with a helping hand or has your back no matter what, these individuals are the ones for you!

But if you’re not ready to commit 100% then maybe look elsewhere; these guys don’t like second best.

Virgo is known to be way more logical than emotional, and since the moon represents our emotions, the moon in Virgo man may seem closed off at first glance.

Really, he just knows how to keep his feelings in check, but he can be an excellent mate- sweet, helpful, thoughtful, and loyal.

The Virgo moon is most happy when being involved in things: having structure, organizing, and helping out in some way. When he is not, however, this is when Virgo’s neurotic dark side comes out to play.

Moon in Virgo Man Key Features


  • Helpful
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Has an eye for detail, and an analytical problem solver


  • Critical
  • Judgemental
  • Sensitive
  • Anxious
  • Neurotic

Ideal partner

A person who can balance out his OCD and keep him grounded.

Needs To Work On

His perfectionism

Positive Traits

A Virgo male is someone who tends to be always striving for improvement in his own life, the community, and service to others. He is drawn to self-help and personal development and is always seeking to better himself.

Virgo, with the moon placement, is the type to volunteer a lot. He can only truly be happy when he feels as though he is making some progress, which also makes him a perfectionist and over-achiever.

There is every possibility that he is successful in his chosen employment, if not he won’t be happy until he has reached the life goals that he has set himself.

Since Virgo is a sign of service, people always regard him as helpful. When a friend, family member, or lover is in need, you can always count on the Virgo moon to be there in a flash to offer support.

He is honest, reliable, and loyal. When push comes to shove, he is a good guy to have in your corner.

Not just for his moral support, but he is also usually intelligent with a sharp mind and a professional problem solver who can get you out of any jam.

Negative Traits

It is no secret that the Virgo male needs a routine.

When this man feels like his life is unstructured, chaotic, or messy, he will not be fun to be around. In this instance, he is a ball of anxiety and has nothing to add to any conversation besides criticism and lots of fuss.

When Virgo’s dark side is reflected, he can be downright negative and draining to be around.

The guy with his moon in Virgo knows how to pass judgment like a pro, on himself and others. This is not a plus, but because he is sharp and precise, he tends to be very good at it.

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Virgo Moon and Love

Moon in Virgo man could be the most committed sign of the zodiac. On top of that, he is helpful and always of service. A gentleman by all definitions needs to make sure you are happy and will go the distance to make it happen.

The Virgo moon man finds stability and emotional security through his relationships. This is the reason why he is so picky when it comes to his partner, also the reason he will do anything to make the relationship function healthy until the end.

As stated previously, he is a long-term planner. If he is with you for only a short while, this means he can see himself starting a family and growing old with you. When the Virgo moon chooses somebody as a mate, it means they can picture you raising their child.

Usually, the Virgo male is shy, sweet, and sensitive especially at the start of a relationship when he is getting used to being with you.

He shows his mate tons of love, but not to the point where he is making out in public with them. It is not that he does not want the world to know that he loves you, but only because he is reserved by his very nature.

You can find out more about the Virgo man in love here.

Virgo man with his girlfriend

Virgo Moon and Sex

Virgo can be an affectionate sign. It is important to note, the man with his moon in this placement will not be a freak between the sheets. Some say he is timid, but he just needs to warm up to you to feel comfortable. He enjoys foreplay and traditional lovemaking positions.

He is not known to be the dominant one in bed and has left many of his partners to take the lead. Virgo is nicknamed “the virgin”, and while not for this reason primarily, it is still reflected in this man’s sex life.

When a Virgo man makes love he needs to be assured that his partner is completely contented with any intimacy between them. Even more so if he is a Venus in Virgo. Whispering encouragement in his ear will give him the confidence to experiment to improve your compatibility.

Making sexual suggestions during lovemaking may be difficult for some women who may be embarrassed or don’t quite know the right words to say.

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For every person a Virgo man has been with, it is always like his first time all over again. I am not saying he is inexperienced.

What I mean is that he is never the “smooth player” type who will try to get in bed with you right off the bat, he will almost always have that “shy-first-time-approach” to any new lovemaking experience.

You can find out more about Virgo man in bed here.

Virgo Moon and Attraction

The man with the moon Virgo placement has a character that comes across sweet and shy, especially when you first start dating him. Although, he can be charming and flirtatious, depending on other chart placements.

But the bottom line here is that you may need to make the first move. While he could be into you, he is sensitive and critical of himself, and his fear of rejection may be holding him back.

He is practical and an everyday type of guy. He values his relationships. When he is looking to jump into a romantic one, he will weigh all the pros and cons beforehand.

He can be a choosey lover, the same way he is picky with everything else. You can check off all the boxes in his pros column if he sees you as intelligent, reasonable, and competent.

As far as physical beauty is concerned, Virgo is an earth sign, and they tend to love natural types of beauty. Meaning, nothing that is too loud, excessive, or over the top in style and looks.

He likes it toned-down but classy. Being in shape is a plus for the Virgo man because he can be an obsessive health freak himself.

Also, Virgo is the universal nerd sign of the zodiac. He may be attracted to “nerdy” types, whether they are just nerdy about one thing or flat-out fit the description to a T.

You can discover more about how to attract a Virgo man here.

Final Thoughts

Those who have found themselves a Virgo partner can consider themselves lucky, as there is not a problem this guy cannot fix for you. He is analytical, sharp, and competent.

The moon in Virgo man is looking ahead to the future with you in it already. He picks his partners wisely for this reason. It is why he is loyal and dedicated 100 percent to the one he loves.

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