Signs a Virgo Man Likes You More Than Just Being a Friend

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Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Are you trying to figure out the signs a Virgo man likes you? If so, the first step is to pay attention to determine if he seems to be acting differently around you.

A Virgo man can be difficult to read and they rarely show their emotions but there are still some signs that indicate whether or not his feelings are growing for you.

By recognizing these signs, you will be able to determine whether the Virgo man is just being friendly or is hankering to take the relationship to the next level.

Read on to discover what those signs are and how best to respond when you see them.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Signs a Virgo man likes you is when he is attentive and thoughtful, often going out of his way to make sure you feel special.

2. He may become more talkative and open up to you about his feelings and thoughts.

3. He will want to spend quality time with you, often making plans in advance for dates or outings together.

4. He may also give you compliments or small gifts as a sign of his affection for you.

5. If a Virgo man is interested in you, he will likely be direct and honest about it, expressing his feelings openly and clearly.

When this happens make sure you understand the main thing a Virgo man needs in a relationship, so that you can keep his love and affection.

When a Virgo Man Likes You

If you are searching for advice on how to know if a Virgo man likes you, you’ve come to the right place.

It is sometimes hard to figure out what a Virgo guy is thinking because he is a reserved and cautious dater.

A peek into his mind can help you understand him and decode his actions.

The Virgo male’s practicality and shyness traits tend to affect how he relates to women.

However, when you know the qualities he is looking for in a woman, you can play on these, and you will be surprised how easy it is to see the signs a Virgo man likes you.

Learn to become aware of the signs a Virgo man likes you, by picking up on how he looks at you, and by how much he wants to be around you.

If he is showing these signs, do not be elusive, because the sensitive Virgo male fears rejection.

By becoming unreceptive to his feelings, he can quickly lose interest in you.

If you have the hots for a gorgeous Virgo guy you need to draw him towards you by allowing him to chase you.

By sowing the seeds of desire in his mind, he will feel he is making his own decisions. If you are too keen he could feel trapped and just back away.

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10 Sure Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Now without further ado, here are my top 10 signs that a Virgo man likes you more than just a friend.

His Body Language

Body language can show telltale signs a Virgo man likes you and it is important to pick up on these subtle changes.

This is because you will be able to comprehend the signs that he is just being friendly or if he is testing the water for a romantic liaison.

If you have feelings for a Virgo male, decoding his body language can help you know whether he feels the same way too.

A Virgo man’s body language holds critical clues as to how he feels about you.

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His Eyes Tell a Story

One of the recognized traits of the male Virgo is how observant he is when involved in any new situation.

When a Virgo man likes you his eyes are the first clue to his level of interest.

If you catch your Virgo crush staring at you, but quickly looking away when you notice. It is a sure sign he wants to know more about you.

If a Virgo guy fancies you, he will keep staring at you.

Not only will he be trying to express his interest by gazing at you, but he will also be trying to figure you out by observing your every action.

When you strike up a conversation with a Virgo man, be sure to notice if he is focusing on your lips.

This is recognized as a major attraction sign that he is getting into you.

He Wants To Be Around You

Being very hard-working and independent, Virgo guys are always busy.

A Virgo guy will not waste his time and effort if he does not see a bright future with you.

If he thinks you could make a good partner, he will want to spend quality time with you on a regular basis.

He will ask you questions so that he can get to know you better.

The fact that he wants to gather information about you is a great sign that he wants to connect with you at a deeper level.

Virgo men love their personal space. However, when he is attracted to you, he will desire to be close to you.

He will want to spend quality time with you, and he will forget about his personal space.

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He Wants You To Understand Him

A man born with this birth sign has a sensitive side, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.

It usually takes a long time for him to commit himself for fear of being hurt emotionally later on.

An excellent way of preparing for this uncertainty in a romantic relationship is understanding his quirky traits.

To discover more about how he thinks check out this preview of what he really wants in a relationship.

You Have His Undivided Attention

When a Virgo man likes you he will want to hold your attention and possibly study your expressions when you are talking.

If he is into you, he will go out of his way not to get distracted.

Cell phones are a major distraction these days, and social media messages draw a person’s attention.

If you notice that your Virgo crush switches off his cell before talking to you, it is a great sign he likes you and respects you.

He Showers You With Compliments

Virgo men are very cautious around women. They only express their thoughts and feelings when they are sure that a woman is right for them.

When a Virgo man likes you, he starts noticing small things about you or praising you for your successes.

If this is not a great sign of how to know if he likes you, I don’t know what is.

He will notice when you change your perfume or even your hairstyle.

He will also notice changes in how you express yourself or your body language.

He Is Open To You

Virgo men don’t share their feelings and personal information with just anyone.

They’re also very much in control of their emotions.

Being perfectionists and very reserved, they do not like displaying their weaknesses.

If he does not mind being vulnerable with you, that is a sign he is into you.

When a Virgo man likes you, he will honestly share with you every detail of his life including his successes and failures.

If he has been telling you the projects he’s doing or sharing his financial plans with you, or even sharing his innermost thoughts and secrets, then you may be looking at a Virgo man in love.

He Wants To Be Your Superhero

Virgo guys are helpers and providers by nature. They express their affection through acts of service.

If he keeps coming to your rescue when you’re in distress, then he must really like you.

He will try to impress you by fixing things and finding solutions to all your problems.

For example, when you invite him to your home, chances are that he will spend most of his time fixing things.

Finding solutions to your problems is his way of letting you know that he appreciates you.

Return the compliment by understanding his hidden traits in Virgo Man Secrets here.

He Remembers The Details

If you regularly bump into your Virgo guy, on the commute, in the office, or just in a social area, look out for signs that he makes a move to talk with you.

If he also brings up in conversation things that you discussed before, it is a sure sign you have been playing on his mind.

When a Virgo man remembers some little things you chatted about, you know he likes you.

He Talks About You Rather Than Himself

I realize you are tempted to want to find out as much as you can about him, but that needs to come a little later.

You first need to be as sure as you can that your Virgo crush is truly interested in you.

If a man tends to talk more about himself rather than finding out more about you he might just be passing the time of day.

When a Virgo man likes you he will want to know more instead of talking about himself.

The YouTube video below is by an astrologer who understands the signs a Virgo man likes you, including tips on how to keep him in a relationship.

I hope this adds to your knowledge of finding happiness with a Virgo man.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has answered some of your concerns about how to know if a Virgo man likes you.

A Virgo man is normally not vocal about his feelings and usually takes his time in expressing them openly. Unless he also has a strong presence of Venus in his natal chart.

However, when he likes you, he will want to know everything about you and the signs listed in this article can show you how genuine he is.

He will also ignore his own need for personal space just to spend quality time with you.

You’re also likely to receive numerous compliments, calls, and seductive texts from him once he knows his advances will not be rejected.

The Virgo Man Secrets Program which includes Sextrology by renowned relationship guru Anna Kovach will help you unravel the mysteries of his mind and body.

You will gain more insight into how a Virgo guy is likely to behave when he likes you, and how you can make him obsess over you.

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