When a Virgo Man Ignores You – Tips To Win His Heart

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Last Updated on February 23, 2023

You are probably drawn towards this man because he is thoughtful and charming in his own slightly awkward way.

On the face of it, he seems like such a great guy, like someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

So, you might be wondering, “If he is such a little angel then why is he being evasive and seems to be holding back or why would he just disappear on me like that?”.

Is it me? or maybe something I have done to upset him, without realizing it?

You, like me, are feeling there could be several reasons for this, and I will explain in this article what to do when a Virgo man ignores you.

Virgo is an earth sign, with the ruling planet of Mercury which makes him one of the perfectionists of the zodiac.

Guys born under this zodiac sign are usually deep thinkers and set high standards for themselves, and also for those they become close to.

A Virgo man tends to hold his own counsel rather than wearing his emotions on his sleeve, so it is sometimes difficult to determine why he sometimes pulls back into his own little world.

If you want to get inside a Virgo man’s head, this video explains exactly how to do it.

When a Virgo Man Ignores You – What’s Going On?

The Virgo male can be a complex guy. His reasons for ignoring you are as confusing as he can be himself, and as it turns out, it might not even be about you anyway.

Every relationship will differ but below are some of the reasons why he is acting in this way.

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You Hurt His Feelings

Virgo proudly wears the crown as the undisputed king of sensitivity.

True, he is not that emotional, but he tends to over-rational every single small thing that gets him hurt all too often.

The Virgo guy will take everything, even the tiniest thing, and run it through his mind again and again.

It is no surprise that he is so sensitive and neurotic, to say the least.

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He is Upset with You

Virgo are unique creatures. You do not need to hurt their feelings to get them upset with you, it could be as simple as saying something he did not agree with, or you walked the wrong way or moved at the wrong time- who knows?

He may pride himself on “keeping it together” — and this shows with his health, fitness, and the way he dresses and carries himself — but little do you know how easily upset he can become beneath it all.

You also will not know because he will not tell you. Instead, it will manifest in more passive ways such as ignoring you.

There could be a simple reason that he is not treating you as a priority anymore which is the main thing he craves in a permanent relationship.

It is the one thing that is overlooked by most women wanting love and stability with a Virgo man.

If your guy seems as though he is losing interest in you, or worse ignoring you, then it is time to take some subtle action.

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He is Busy

The Virgo man knows how to keep himself busy. This guy has goals, no matter how big or small they seem to others, that he will go to any length to accomplish.

He will work himself to death because if he does not succeed he will feel like a failure, which is something he will be unable to accept.

In this way, Virgo is always progressing, constantly bettering himself. So, chances are he is a bit of a self-improvement junkie too. If only the Virgo had so many more hours each day.

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He is Dealing with Anxiety

Virgo is not only an introverted sign, the males born under it are also prone to anxiety and even depression. He is nervous by nature, but his great attention to detail and highly analytical mind come with a price.

When things pile up for Virgo, he becomes easily overwhelmed. Most Virgos learn that they need to stay on top of their mental health, but even the best will suffer from time to time, and when they do, they tend to go at it alone.

He’s Not Interested

The Virgo man is not the most straightforward dude out of the sun signs. He dislikes confrontation and especially hurting others.

More importantly, he does not want to get hurt- by your harsh words or anything else.

For some Virgo men, it is much easier to ignore a person they are not interested in rather than to tell them and face an uncomfortable situation.

But let us be sure he is not interested first before we go dumping this relationship on the fire.

Spend a few minutes understanding the message in this video which explains the vital ingredient that a Virgo man needs to create a lasting connection with a woman.

Ways to Get a Virgo Man to Stop Ignoring You

Whatever the reason may be for your Virgo man being unavailable, below are some tips you can use to encourage him to ask you out, pay more attention to you, or re-light the fires of passion that you had before a breakup.

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Be Honest

A cornerstone of any Virgo man relationship is trust.

No matter what is going on with your specific situation, opening up clear lines of communication with your Virgo is essential.

When you are honest with your Virgo fella about what is going on and how you feel, it only serves to strengthen your bond with him.

He digs honesty so much that he will likely come clean with you too about what has been on his mind.

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The touchy-feeling Virgo gets his emotions hurt a bit easier than the rest, to say the least.

The shocker is that you probably do not even know what you have done, so how do you apologize for it then?

Simply let him know that you are sorry for hurting him, and that you would never intentionally do something like that to him.

You can ask him what it was that you did so that you can assure him it will never happen again.

Sometimes all the Virgo guy wants is to be validated.

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Text Him Something Uplifting

The reason for your Virgo man’s disappearance may not be about you at all after all.

The Virgo is prone to be overwhelmed, stressed, nervous, anxious, and depressed.

So, maybe he has been all alone dealing with his neuroticism, and a text message cheering him up would make his day.

Or perhaps he is just busy too. If he has not found the time to stay in contact with you, then you can bet that he is overwhelmed- if he is really a Virgo.

Whatever the reason may be, it sounds like he could use some uplifting.

If you want to go one step further to get his full attention and assure him of your sincerity, you may find it useful to check out Text Chemistry here.

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Ask Him For Advice

Try asking your Virgo man for advice, even if you do not need it. Trust me, he loves to feel like he has all the answers and enjoys feeling useful to others- Virgo is the sign of the helper.

This guy cannot resist advising, partially because he naturally tends to think his way is the best way.

Walk Away

If your Virgo man is the type to walk all over you, disregarding your feelings while acting defensive at the slightest sign of calling him out on anything, then you better just leave him.

It is sad to say, but if you have tried all of the above and your Virgo is still not responding, he obviously does not respect you and probably never will.

Drastic step I know, and not one to be taken lightly. But at the end of the day, if you have assured yourself that you have been providing him the vital thing that he craves in a relationship and he is still ignoring you, then move on with your life.

Final Thoughts

The Virgo man is as sweet as he is neurotic. This complex guy could be missing in action for numerous reasons that only he fully comprehends.

However, when you understand what to do when a Virgo man ignores you, the chances of mending things with this forgiving sun sign are pretty good and don’t forget he will usually make a great catch if you sort things out.

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