Telltale Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

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Last Updated on August 16, 2021

Have you got the hots for a certain Cancer man? If so then you probably what to know the signs a Cancer man likes you too.

Maybe you have known this guy for some time, but now you have noticed that he seems to be looking at you in a different way? Or possibly he keeps popping up in places where you least expect to meet him.

Regardless, if you are trying to figure out if he likes you, and you might be interested in dating this Cancer man, then here I am going to let you know the telltale signs he’s interested in you.

Cancer the crab is a water sign and a male can be shy and possibly introverted.

The pull of the moon plays a large part in his temperament making him yearn for reassurance and security.

A Cancer guy can be very intuitive but usually takes a long time in making up his mind about anything to do with romance and the opposite sex.

Having said that, once he is sure of someone he can usually make a loyal and considerate partner.

So, how to know a Cancer guy’s true feelings?

What to do to bring him out of his shell without appearing too forward and give him the wrong impression.

Messages With a Subliminal Meaning

You, like me in the past, have found yourself in the awkward position of wanting to get your Cancer crush’s attention but not wanting to appear too keen and be rejected.

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It is a system developed by a leading dating and relationship expert that uses carefully worded messages that can be sent by text.

I was skeptical at first until I listened to a video in which the creator, Amy North explains how simple phrases can be worded in a way that makes a man desire the woman who sent them.

The video starts off with using messages to re-light the passion in a relationship that has floundered.

It then explains how different messages can be used to find out how much a guy likes you, and how to get him to ask you out.

Every relationship situation is different, so you have to make up your own mind if this will help you.

I recommend you watch a video in which Amy tells you all about Text Chemistry here. I hope it helps you find true love with your Cancer crush.

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6 Signs A Cancer Man Likes You

The star sign that we are born under has an influence on our traits and characteristics.

Once you have connected to your Cancer guy it is important to understand as much as you can about how he thinks and acts in romantic situations.

A book that I found very helpful in this regard is Cancer Man Secrets.

Written by relationship expert Anna Kovach, it explains all a woman needs to know in creating a perfect relationship with her Cancer lover.

When trying to decipher how much your Cancer crush is into you, it is important to take note of unusual signs. Here are seven notable ones.

He Compliments You On Little Things

A Cancer man can be very analytical and is observant of women he finds of interest.

If you have picked up recently that he is making compliments about your hair or how you dress it is a sure sign that he is getting the hots for you and checking your reaction.

These compliments may be very discrete at first because the last thing he wants is to offend you in any way.

Cancer men are very intuitive, so if he makes a compliment be sure to respond with a reciprocal comment and possibly a lingering look that shows you like him.

Eye contact and lingering looks are the unspoken attraction tools in any relationship.

So be sure to discreetly note how many times he glances your way.

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Cancer Man May Have Hidden Talents

A guy born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is more likely to be looking for a relationship with a future rather than a one night stand.

Therefore, he is likely to build emotional walls to protect himself from being hurt.

He may be very slow in showing his inner feelings but could appreciate a woman who is interested in discovering his achievements.

He may initially be shy romantically but get him talking about things he is interested in and he will really warm to you.

Try to find out what he’s into and take interest in his passions and achievements.

Show interest without going overboard and allow him to open up to you.

Starting new conversations with him in the future will be a lot easier if you allow him to share his passions and hidden talents.

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Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

A Cancer man has a very caring nature and is attentive to others.

He naturally wants to help people he likes. If he offers to help you with a particular chore or problem then it means he is liking you.

The Cancer guy has sometimes complex characteristics that make him slow in making up his mind if he likes someone.

Inside, his emotions may be in turmoil, but he won’t show his feelings until he is sure he won’t be slapped down.

When you have the hots for a guy it is sometimes difficult not to come across as too keen.

It is a fine balance between showing interest and chasing him which should be avoided.

Finding out about his characteristics and traits will allow you to play on his good points and avoid any areas that may cause conflict.

Check out Cancer Man Secrets, to find peace of mind.

Appears When You Least Expect

The Cancer guy will probably be very discreet about letting you know he likes you.

His first priority is to discover as much about you as he can.

A way he may use learning more about you is to coincidently keep appearing in places where you least expect to see him.

Oh! Fancy meeting you here, how are you doing?

This may become a regular occurrence when he likes you.

He Is Happy When He Sees You

A Cancer man has a serious side to him when he is concentrating on work, or is involved in hobbies and pastimes. Cancer man may ignore you temporarily while he needs to achieve tasks and tick them off his “to do” list. However, don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. He just needs space from time to time to focus and get stuff done.

If when you see him he is acting cheerfully and jolly it is a sure sign that he likes being in your company.

If a Cancer man likes you he will try to make you laugh to relax any uncomfortable atmosphere.

This may come across to you as possibly a little childish but play along and build his confidence.

Remember this sort of behavior is only likely to appear when he feels sure that he will not be rejected. In his mind, your reactions will be noted.

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Cancer Man Buys You Gifts

You can guarantee a Cancer man likes you when he buys you a gift.

This may start off with something that has no real value but a possible connection to something you said you liked.

Presenting you with a novelty item or something that he thinks will make you laugh will allow him to learn more about you.

A Cancer guy tends to give gifts that let you know he cares about you rather than expensive presents to spoil you.
You can be sure that a gift from a cancer guy has been given with care and thought, so it should be treasured.

It is the start of a romantic future.

I wanted to give you as much info as possible to help you in your search for love with your Cancer crush.

I found this video on YouTube which gives you some more pointers. I hope it helps, good luck!

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Final Thoughts

He generally has a complex character when approaching any romantic connection. This is especially so of Venus in Cancer men.

You must allow him to make up his mind about you rather than trying to push him into a relationship.

This is where Amy North’s Text Chemistry comes into its own.

If you want the object of your desire to make the first move, you have to give him an incentive without scaring him away.

The subliminal messages are absorbed into the mind of your Cancer crush making him obsessed to discover more about you.

This video here could be the key to opening his heart.

Understanding his complex character is the key to a lifetime of happiness with a man born under the astrology sign of Cancer.

Anna Kovach is a leading relationship coach who has studied Cancer guys’ traits and characteristics and produced a program that reveals all the answers in Cancer Man Secrets.

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