Cancer Man In Love – The Signs He’s Fallen For You

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Last Updated on August 18, 2021

The man born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is widely recognized by leading astrologers as being an ideal partner, once he is truly in love with the right woman.

A Cancer man in love will sometimes act in strange ways when around the woman he cares for.

His star sign is an indication of his character and traits of being a man of emotion who follows his heart rather than his head.

This generally makes him sensitive and intuitive, but he can also be taken as being a little introverted.

On the surface, a Cancer man may seem reserved but this seemingly shy exterior hides a romantic and outgoing personality when he is sure of his ground.

When it comes to affairs of the heart he will be sure to offer security, and comfort to a woman he loves.

Winning this guy’s affection will lead to you feeling loved and well cared for.

Care must be taken because a Cancer man also has a dark side.

His ruler which is the Moon can make him exceptionally emotional if he feels his love is being abused.

When a Cancer man is in love he sees it as being for life, so expects complete love and devotion in return.

This can make him clingy and if you give him cause extreme jealousy.

How To Know If a Cancer Man Is Falling In Love

Learning how a man born in the zodiac sign of Cancer thinks and reacts to situations, is the first step in getting him to fall in love with you.

As you can see from the above characteristics he may be slow to give his heart to someone who does not completely understand him.

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Cancer Man In Love – Top Signs He’s Fallen For You

You Meet His Friends

The cautious Cancer man can be slow to get to know someone when dating. He uses his gut feelings as a guide, and will only be interested if he has a good feeling about you.

This guy’s friends are an important part of his life and he also values their opinions.

When a Cancer man wants you to meet his friends, you can be sure he is making a big decision that he is introducing someone he sees has great potential.

A cancer guy usually can only completely relax when he is surrounded by his friends and people he knows well.

His true character and personality are on show so that you can see what he is really like.

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He Wants To Spend Time With You

This may seem like an obvious thing, but a Cancer man tends to be the type of guy who has lots of interests.

If your crush is not particularly interested in sport you can be sure that he has hobbies and other pastimes that you can become involved in.

When he starts to care for you he will show it by wanting to be with you and also include you in his interests.

It is important that you have some common ground in which to share a future.

Building a friendship rather than just becoming a lover is important to him.

When a Cancer guy feels happy it will help to trigger his romantic feelings toward her.

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He Tries To Make You Laugh

A Cancer man is not naturally gifted at telling jokes, but if he is romantically attracted to you he will want to try to make you laugh.

He will want to bury his shyness by being a tease and acting playfully when he sees you.

When your Cancer crush is around you he will try to tease and do things that he thinks you will find funny.

By responding in a like way his true character will come into the open, and help build a connection.

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He Has Eyes Only For You

It has been proven beyond doubt that when a man born in Cancer is falling in love, his eyes will tell you more than his words.

He is careful to keep his emotions under wraps but will not be able to control the way he looks at you.

They say the eyes are the window to the heart and this is doubly true in the case of the man born into Cancer.

This is a water sign that flows with emotion. If you notice this guy is staring at you, he has probably hooked already.

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How To Make a Cancer Man Fall In Love With You

Create an Emotional Connection

A long-term relationship with a Cancer man must include a deep, emotional connection. This is especially true for a man with Venus in Cancer.

Your love interest is sensitive and scared of any rejection.

However, if you understand his inner emotions and accept his hidden desires as being part of his makeup he will prove to be a trusted partner.

A sure sign that he is falling in love with you is when he brings up in conversation his ambitions for the future.

He has started to trust you and is gauging your reaction to see if you also have dreams for a future.

Let him know you as a reliable person, who he can trust when he reveals his vulnerable side.

Listen to James Bauer in this short video as he explains A Man’s Secret Obsession.

Never Abuse His Trust

How do you know if a Cancer man loves you for real?

You are completely mistaken if you think this man treats love lightly. He will always expect you to treat him honestly and in the same way, he treats you.

He is not the type to play mind games.

Once he assures himself that you have similar values he will take every opportunity to prove his feelings are genuine and sincere.

This YouTube video that I found may help you discover the subtle signs that a Cancer man is in love with you. I

t is impossible that every Cancer guy is the same so I hope this video gives you love pointers on your guy.

Understand His Love Traits

The influence of the Moon plays a large part in the character makeup of the male Cancer zodiac sign.

All the zodiac signs have different influences related to their individual ruling planets.

Major work has been undertaken and completed by relationship expert Anna Kovach to expose the secrets that make a Cancer man fall in love and commit.

If you have the hots for a Cancer man and want to get him to fall for you, then I highly recommend you take a look at Cancer Man Secrets.

It may be the key you need to get him to fall in love and commit to you completely.

Final Thoughts

It may take time for a Cancer man to show that he is falling in love with you.

His reserved characteristics make him slow in establishing his feelings for you.

If you need a little help in getting him to declare his love for you it will be worth checking out Anna Kovach’s Cancer Man Secrets. This will help you to understand more about him.

When you start dating, it is important that you retain his interest while he is discovering what he wants to know about you. Avoid any misunderstandings by being one jump ahead.

James Bauer’s video entitled His Secret Obsession explains exactly what this hidden need a man is harboring.

But more importantly how you can use it to make your Cancer crush fall deeply in love with you.

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