When a Leo Man Ignores You – How To Play It

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Last Updated on September 27, 2021

The Leo man is the star of his own show and would never consider himself to be on the B-list of celebrities of his world.

It can feel enthralling to have a role on his set but bewildering when production wraps up seemingly out of the blue.

Things were going so well. So, what went wrong? Before coming to any conclusions, check out what to do when a Leo man ignores you first.

What Does it Mean When a Leo Man Ignores You?

He got bored, he thinks he can come and go as he pleases, or perhaps, more innocently, he is just staying busy – are some of the likely explanations for your Leo man ignoring you.

Below are more reasons why your Leo man may be ignoring you.

He Thinks he Can Get Away with It

Like the bad apples of any sign, Leos can be takers as well.

The only difference is that Leos seem to get away with this sort of thing way too often. Maybe others are afraid to confront him or when they do, he simply kicks up his Leo charm and wiggles his way out of it.

If he has been doing this all of his life and getting away with it, there is no reason for him to stop now. But to get him to stop, it could be as easy as sending him a reality check.

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He Wants to See if You Will Call Him Out

Leo likes a challenge; this is especially true in their romantic life. If he cannot find one with you, he will either grow bored and, the attraction will eventually deflate.

Without understanding the Leo man, this would seem like a risky move – to risk diplomacy by not beating around the bush.

Not only will calling him out make him respect you more, but it will also build up Leo’s attraction for you. This is because he finds this sort of thing hot.

Maybe this sounds strange to you, but a man born under this zodiac sign needs a certain something from a woman to make the relationship click. Find out how here.

It is a deep desire that gives his life purpose and without it, he sees no future in developing a romantic connection.

Before you read the rest of this article, you may find it useful to watch a short video to understand the emotional connection a Leo man must feel before he can fall in love.

Relationship expert James Bauer has helped many women to discover true love with a Leo man just by understanding this simple thing which is His Secret Obsession. Check it out to see if this is the missing key to your future happiness.

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He may be Busy

Leos are a physically active sign. He has a high energy output with a quick recharge rate, so the chances that he is just lounging around at home on his couch every night are slim.

And even if your man is at home, he likely has something that he is engaged with or working on.

The guy is also highly charming and extroverted like no other sign. People look up to him, depend on him, and want to hang out with him. It seems like everyone is vying for his time in one way or another.

To get him to focus his attention on you, it has to be worth his while switching away from his other varied interests. He needs you to satisfy a latent desire to be seen in your eyes as making you happy his main purpose in life. This video explains exactly how to make him want you.

He is a Player

He is charming, persuasive, and highly sexual. An immature Leo will channel these things incorrectly, treating people as objects and pursuits.

Granted, not all Leos are players, but the ones who are can be rather good at it and have little shame.

He’s Not Interested

We all have our types and sometimes the connection is not there, there is no need to force it.

The reasons why we do not click with another are endless, and one could only speculate without going straight to the horse’s mouth for the answer.

But before you give up on the guy, try some of the things out below to get your Leo man looking in your direction again.

The main thing you need to understand is how you can provide him with the thing he desires most from a woman within a relationship.

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How to Get a Leo Man to Stop Ignoring You

Thankfully, a Leo man’s attention is easy to grab. You do not need to worry about hurting his feelings or scaring him away by being straight up with him.

Sometimes it can be as easy as banging pots and pans together while screaming from a mountain top. But no need to look silly doing all of that.

Here are some more practical ways to get the Leo man to stop ignoring you.

Bring the Drama

Drama is his middle name, and it is also the language he speaks fluently. The Leo man feels like life is a reality show and he is always looking for good content.

That scene where his lover shows up in a fiery passionate storm to give him a piece of their mind is just what this season was missing.

Ignore Him Back

The Leo man feels like the cameras are always rolling and that they are on him. Turn off the lights and shut down the set and watch your Leo guy do whatever he can to make sure he can continue to perform.

Ignoring the Leo man is his kryptonite while begging for his attention is an energizer – fuel to his ego – and this man does whatever he has to, to keep his tank filled up and running.

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Text Him with a Challenge

What does your Leo man like to do? Any specific hobbies or sports that he plays? Take basketball, for instance, if that is his thing. you can send Leo man a text message telling him you will kick his butt on the court- any day, any time.

The Leo man will never back down from being challenged. So, even if things do not pan out in the end, at least you have bought yourself a basketball date and got him to stop ignoring you.

Show Off

Leo is a natural show-off who loves himself, so it really is not surprising that he loves others who show off back. Well, maybe not love, but he certainly cannot resist them.

He chases after flashy things; the lion’s prey drive is high. If he thinks it is a big deal, he wants it. Make yourself out to be a big deal and your Leo will come running back.

Walk Away

If your Leo honey continues to show disrespect, he probably will not change anytime soon and is just not worth the time and effort, and your sanity and self-esteem.

If he is ignoring you — popping in and out, using and abusing — then it sounds like he has some growing up to do. This Leo guy is exhibiting the shadow side of the sign and will not stop without doing some work on himself first.

This is why, before giving up on him and possibly losing out on the love of your life ending up in the arms of another woman, you make sure you understand His Secret Obsession here.

So, to say that it is not you- it is him, might be true in this instance.

Final Thoughts

The Leo man sure loves attention, it is just a shame that he is not giving you any of it back.

From being busy to looking for a challenge or being a player- there is any number of reasons why the Leo guy may be distant.

Give him a taste of his own medicine or crank up the theatrics and call him out on his ways. Knowing what to do when a Leo man ignores you will make him think twice, and respect you more in a loving relationship.

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