Moon in Sagittarius Man – His Love, Sex and Intimacy Traits

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Last Updated on February 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

A Moon in Sagittarius man is often an independent, adventurous spirit who loves to explore and experience new things.

He is usually optimistic and open-minded, with a strong sense of justice and fairness.

He is often highly intelligent and has a great sense of humor, making him a great conversationalist.

He can be prone to taking risks or acting impulsively, so it’s important for him to have someone around to help him stay grounded and focused on his goals.

A Moon in Sagittarius man is loyal and devoted to those he loves but may need some space from time to time in order to stay true to himself.

If you think this man could be the love of your life make sure you understand his main need in a relationship

What happens when the energetic and optimistic Sagittarius meets the moon, which governs our emotions? Well, you have yourself, one happy dude.

The moon in Sagittarius man is always expecting the best, so much so that he goes running after it. To him, life is a constant adventure, and he seeks someone who treats it the same way.

But beware, if you are dating Sagittarius moon man, then you need to know he is not one to pin down or confine.

He is the free bird spreading his wings and he will not compromise about it.

Moon in Sagittarius Man Key Features


  • Happy
  • fun,
  • bold,
  • lively
  • adventurous


  • Stubborn
  • flighty
  • anxious
  • impatient

Ideal partner

He needs someone who craves freedom and adventure as much as he does, someone who does not smother him.

Needs to work on

  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Can sometimes be emotionally cold

Sagittarius Moon Man Positive Traits

The Sagittarius man with this placement is said to be the happiest in the zodiac.

It is a favorable connection, as Sagittarius is forward-looking and optimistic, and the moon is what governs our emotional life.

This makes him a bright-eyed, adventurous guy who is always on the lookout for the next positive experience to be had.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and the male expresses himself physically. You will rarely if ever catch him bogged down by heavy emotions or thoughts.

He is nearly always ready to go have some fun. In fact, he needs it.

Maybe he is not as offbeat and defiant as the Aquarius who loves to shock people, but the Sagittarius moon man is not one for playing by the rules of tradition and listening to authority.

While the Aquarius likes to stick around to tear down these walls, the Sagittarius quickly finds the exit and he is out.
He is original, daring, straightforward, and adventurous.

Much could be said about him, but one thing is for sure: being with him there is never a dull moment.

Sagittarius is a loving, caring, and romantic sign.

Sure, he leads an active lifestyle where he is there one minute and gone the next.

But to a partner who is on the same page, he expresses nothing but love and devotion to them.

Sagittarius Man Negative Traits

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so it is a given that he can bring the heat. But what would cause such an optimistic and easy-going person to have a temper?

It is important to understand that the zodiac sign of Sagittarius represents freedom, travel, and adventure.

It is the entire reason why they are here on earth.

When the moon in Sagittarius male is not allowed to express his soul mission, he is likely to either snap or clam up.

Picture a cornered animal. It is exactly how the Sagittarius moon man feels when he is confined or smothered.

When the Sagittarius is not allowed to roam freely, he becomes prone to anxiety.

This is a very sociable sign, so it is not like him to be seen in fight or flight mode.

But when he is, it could be that he needs to find that next adventure to go on. And find it he will.

Either you are someone who enjoys and can keep up with his lifestyle, or he will be gone without you.

To those unfamiliar with the Sagittarius male, you might mistake this free bird as selfish. He needs freedom, and that is just the way that it is.

But to top it off, the man has also been accused of being flighty and forgetful.

Sure, it is a pain in the butt for you. But maybe this is the secret to his happiness.

The one thing that a man wants and is not even understood by most women wanting a permanent relationship, is his need to win her love.

Men are competitive and most obsessive about winning in everything they do.

If you want your man to treat you as the most important person in his life you need to activate his male ego to want to win your love.

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Sagittarius Man in Love

Not all moon in Sagittarius men are players, they are just difficult to nail down. Mates who move too fast or are too clingy always push this man away.

Because of this, he is seen regularly as somebody who likes to have several different partners, maybe even taking part in casual hookups.

But when it comes down to it, this may not be what the moon in Sagittarius man actually prefers.

He values his freedom way too much and desires to be with someone who appreciates the same thing.

Yes, he is passionate, romantic, and affectionate. No, he will never smother you. Conversely, he will never want to be smothered himself.

His partner is always more than welcome to come up and join him on one of his spontaneous adventures.

But fair warning: if they are not into an active lifestyle the way that he is, he will go off on his own to have some fun.

This should not be a problem if his partner gives him the room to express himself in this way. If the Sagittarius man feels supported, he will remain faithful.

If you enjoy a little breathing room and do not mind giving it either, only to come back at the end of the day to be with your lover, then the Sagittarius man with the moon connection is a perfect fit.

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Sagittarius Man in Bed – His Sexual Nature

He is fiery between the sheets and almost everywhere else he roams.

The Sagittarius man is physically expressive. It is how he communicates and connects with others.

When it comes to Sagittarius man and sex, physicality is his language.

As you know, the Sagittarius man is bold, daring, and adventurous.

He takes all of the same qualities that you already know and love about him and brings them into the bedroom.

Sex with the Sagittarius guy is powerful and fun.

Because of his daring and straightforward manner, he likes to try new things and is never shy about it.

Likewise, he will be up for the things that you want to try as well.

He is a dominant lover, and lovemaking to the Sagittarius man is something that is meant to be thrilling.

If he has a strong placement of Venus in his chart then he will be slightly more passionate and sensual.

If you want to know how to really turn – on a man between the sheets you need to learn how to stimulate his imagination.

It is true, a male’s emotions are connected to his thought patterns, so stimulating his brain with thoughts of how you perform together will skyrocket his passion for you.

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Sagittarius Man Attraction

The Sagittarius male with the moon placement is drawn to physical attractiveness. Mostly, he is attracted to someone bold and full of life.

This tends to mean that they are fit, healthy, and strong, with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

But really, what this is signaling to the Sagittarius man is that you are active and like to be on the go.

It is a lifestyle that Sagittarius man is attracted to over anything.

So when he sees a potential partner who looks like they may be just as free as him, he is always smitten by them.

And more than just their looks, his perfect partner is light-hearted, fun, and easy-going.

He is attracted to someone who likes to travel, explore, and experience new things.

Across the room, he always notices the one who is surrounded by others- relaying tales about their career and lifestyle, leaving their friends who are bound by structural restrictions feeling jealous.

You know, the life of the party types. His ideal mate is the female (or male) James Bond. Maybe a secret agent, but always super interesting.

Final Thoughts

The moon in Sagittarius is a complete original. He plays by his own rules. He knows that by staying within the lines, he would be selling himself short.

He is active, friendly, passionate, and always looking to explore.

Partnering up with a moon in Sagittarius man, you not only have a lover, but a travel partner, exploration pal, and much more.

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