How To Turn On a Leo Man – Tips To Make Him Crazy For You

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Last Updated on August 13, 2021

Born under the brightest and the biggest object in our Solar system, the Sun, this guy really knows how to shine.

But don’t let that put you off, read on to discover the 3 important tips on how to turn on a Leo man that will make him want you, and only you.

It’s not surprising that you are interested in him.

A Leo man is born to steal the show. He is always at the center of attention.

He is a natural-born leader, and he just loves being a part of dramatic situations. He has the biggest Ego of all the Zodiac signs.

You certainly wonder what he likes in women and what things he enjoys when physical contact is in question.

I’ll be frank; this guy is not complicated at all.

Every sign has its symbol because of its traits in relation to the zodiac.

That being said, we can conclude that, like a true Leo, this man is born to be treated like royalty. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s simple. There are only a few tricks you need to know in order to get him to focus on you and turn on a Leo man.

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3 Important Tips On How To Turn On a Leo Man

Let me explain more about his characteristics and all will become clear.

He Loves The Thrill Of The Chase

Leo is the zodiac sign of the lion which is also associated as a true fire sign. He doesn’t like to achieve something easily.

He sees no value in it. His prey needs to struggle a bit before it gets caught.

Therefore, do not jump into bed with this man right away. He loves a bit more excitement.

Just don’t be too easy to get.

But on the other hand, don’t back off too far from him either.

He might feel that he is not important enough, and if he thinks that you don’t care much about his attention, he will give it to another woman who will know how to praise him.

Don’t forget to look your best. A Leo man thinks that physical appearance is really important, especially if he is strongly influenced by Venus in his chart.

Therefore, wear your best clothes and always put your makeup on, but don’t overdo it and come across as tarty or flashy.

Now, let me talk more about a Leo man.

I will tell you about the main tips on how to turn this guy on, but if you want to know even more about it, then check out this article. It might give you some interesting ideas.

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He Loves Being Worshipped

Like I said earlier, he wants to be treated like royalty or in other words king of the jungle.

You should compliment this guy all the time, for everything positive that he does.

Don’t forget about his appearance, as well. He really cares about the way he looks.

It’s not that he is superficial, though. He just likes to be admired by others, and appearance is the most noticeable thing.

Differently, from a water sign like Pisces for example, a Leo man is not so good at finding a deeper meaning in things.

This means that deep and spiritual topics are not a way to this guy’s heart.

You should focus only on him and his interests.

Admire him. Show him that you are amazed by his skills, hobbies, opinions, and looks.

This guy will go crazy about you in no time, believe me.

But there is a catch. Never lie to him.

Don’t compliment him only because you want to turn him on and make him hot for you.

He will certainly see through your mind games and consider you unworthy of his presence and time. He will probably get offended, too.

And there is no reason for manipulating anyone, anyway.

Always be true both to yourself and to others.

So, just remember to show him that you acknowledge him for who he really is and also you think he is amazing.

By the way, you should definitely check out this youtube video.

Here you can find more about what you need to know about a Leo man.

It will help you to understand him better, and, of course, it will help you to approach him. This astrologer is precise and provides a lot of information.

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He Is Very Sensual And Loves Being Touched

This guy really knows how to enjoy things. He sees sex and everything related to it as pure pleasure.

He appreciates his partner’s efforts to please him, so try to touch him more.

You can do it “accidentally”.

For example, touch his shoulder or arm from time to time when you are next to him. You should also know that a Leo man’s back is his erogenous zone.

When you hug him or kiss him, gently slide your hand across his back.

You will make him go crazy for you.  Talking dirty while whispering in his ear, in a constructive way, stimulates his senses and is a good idea.

The part behind his ears is sensitive, and the combination will drive him wild. He enjoys neck kisses, as well.

Don’t forget to peek in Felicity Keith’s program about seducing men by talking dirty. It will tell you all you need to know to raise his desire for you to fever pitch.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s not so hard to turn on a Leo man and make him want you. Praise him, give him compliments, and show him that he is a true king and that it shows.

Also, try to stand out from the crowd. Be irresistible and confident, because he needs to see that you can catch up with him and his attitude.

It seems hard. It seems that he is not able to notice anyone except himself, but trust me, it’s far from the truth.

When treated right, this guy is a real prize. He will reward you for your efforts.

All of your attention and a little bit of touch is a very good start. The rest of it is easy, just don’t forget to make him feel important.

If you want to be sure that you won’t make any mistakes, read Felicity Keith’s program The Language of Desire, which will tell you how to turn on a Leo man and make him want you. You will not regret it.

Now pick up on the above points and show your Leo guy how beautiful and charismatic you are. Good luck!

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