When Aquarius Man Ignores You – What You Need To Do

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Last Updated on March 23, 2022

Dealing with the Aquarius man can be a real head-scratcher. This puzzle-of-a-guy shows his interest one moment and then seems completely uninterested the next.

We know he is the naturally detached type but is that the extent of it? Or is he flat-out ignoring you?

We are going to help you figure this out and also help you learn what to do when the Aquarius man ignores you.

When Aquarius Man Ignores You?

Ah, if he could only be as simple as the Aries, or as open and warm as a Cancer.

He is social, and charming in a crowd of people one minute, and then, in a blink of an eye, he is off somewhere doing his own thing, seemingly in his own world.

The Aquarius guy is not an easy one, and I sympathize with you. But if he seems disinterested, do not give up hope just yet, or think that it is to do with you.

The man born under this zodiac sign has a deep-rooted need to be wanted, not just physically desired, but seen to be the hero in the eyes of a woman he loves.

This emotional need is sometimes difficult for a woman to understand, but a study by professional relationship coach James Bauer has discovered the key to a meaningful relationship with an Aquarius man.

The reason why your guy is ignoring you could be because you are not aware of how to satisfy this vital need that he wants from his special partner.

To find out more listen to a short video in which James himself explains His Secret Obsession.

There are other reasons for this strange behavior, and below are some of the most common ones.

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The Aquarius Man is Naturally Aloof

This will be one of the more obvious reasons because an Aquarius guy can sometimes come across as aloof which he uses to cover his naturally shy demeanor.

Let us be honest, this guy is not really the type to get flattered when he thinks somebody likes him. He does not fuel himself with the acceptance of others, whether romantically or not.

He already knows his ideas and philosophies are so different than everyone else’s – and he believes in them so much – that he just does not care about what others think.

He is also not very emotional, so even if he does like you back, he will not wear it on his sleeve.

He is Busy

Like with any other sign, it could be that he is so wrapped up with whatever he has going on in his life, be it a career, school, friends, hobbies, etc. He may not even notice someone was showing interest in him.

In his case, he wishes there were 100 hours in each day so he could balance everything he has got going on.

He is Stuck in His Head

He is a thinking man. The Aquarius mind is always going with creative and philosophical thinking.

The way this man’s mind work is fascinating, almost like it is being inspired by a higher intelligence, or as if his thoughts are coming out of another dimension.

Aquarius is the sign of inventors, after all!

His thinking life and his ideas are the most important thing to him. So, naturally, he is going to spend a lot of time there.

He is Not Interested

This one sucks, I have to say, but it could be the reality, that he just might not be interested. I cannot say for sure because I do not know your specific situation. But I can help you find out for yourself.

Below we will list some ways to get the Aquarius guy to stop ignoring you. If you try them all with no success, then this might be the reason after all.

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What To Do When Aquarius Man Ignores You

So, you have tried it all emptying out all the tricks you have up your sleeve, but even your best moves haven’t managed to get this man to swoon over you.

Luckily for you, there are some things that the Aquarius man is just a sucker for that you can use to help reel him in.

Because of his creative thinking the written word, rather than the spoken word is more likely to be noted by his active brain. This then gives a woman an excellent opportunity to get him to focus his attention on her.

Meaningful, carefully crafted words delivered by text message can be subliminally absorbed by your Aquarius guy making him desire the woman who sent them.

If you would like to know the exact words and phrases that will make your guy want you, and only you, Text chemistry will show you how to weave your magic over him.

Show Interest in His Interests

Almost 100 percent of the time the Aquarius guy has some offbeat or unusual interests.

Please – and I cannot emphasize this enough – please do not act like you are into the same types of things that he is if you are not.

The Aquarius man can sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away. And it is one of his biggest turn off’s.

Only act curious about HIS interests, if you wish to make any leeway with the Aquarius man. Unless your interests do happen to be similar to his, of course.

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Try Being a Friend

Showing curiosity for the stuff that he is into is a great way to get in with the Aquarius man. Even if he does not fall in love with you right away after doing this, you have still made a friend.

I know, this is probably not what you want to hear, but it is important nonetheless.

The Aquarius man needs a friend first and a romantic partner second.

There is zero chance he will ever fall for someone strictly based on physical appearance or flirty gestures. He needs to know he can hang out with you too like he would with a close friend.

So, this is how Text Chemistry can help you build a bond.

Be a Little Offbeat Yourself

If you show him you have some edge, you have his respect. Trust me, he will notice. This does not mean you have to be a bad girl or boy. Anything that shows him you are not afraid to go against the grain and be a little bit different than everyone else will work.

This could be done in a dozen or more ways, from your sense of style, hobbies, interests, speech, or ideas. Sometimes though, this man needs a challenge!

Your average Aquarius guy will be masculine and dominant, to some degree at least. He has no problem challenging others and coming out on top.

This will not only show him that you are a good challenger, but will also signal other important characteristics to him as well. The Aquarius needs a strong and independent partner.

Send Him Funny Text Messages

The Aquarius man loves a good laugh. The more dry, witty, creative, and smart you can be, the more he will like you and want to talk to you more.

Shocking and offbeat humor? Nothing is off-limits to the man, and texting Aquarius man is a great way to do it! In fact, flirty texts are one of the most effective ways to seduce Aquarius man.

When you have captured his attention with your humorous texts, discover how to sow the seeds of desire in his subconscious mind with the help of Text Chemistry.

Final Thoughts

It can be really frustrating trying to figure out if the Aquarius man is ignoring you on purpose? Is he really not interested? Or, has he honestly just not noticed you?

You might think that he is cold, aloof, or even on another planet. I cannot say for sure because each person’s situation will be different.

However, if you try some of these tips in this article on what to do when Aquarius man ignores you, you will be able to soon see what is truly going on.

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