Leo Man Is In love – How To Tell If He Is Falling For You

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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

As one of the more passionate Zodiac signs, this guy can be a true lover, but how can you tell when a Leo man is in love with you?

A Leo man in love will want to know everything about you before committing himself.

A man born under the star sign of Leo has his main influence from the Sun, and that can already tell you a lot about him.

He is generally dynamic, active, and there are no boundaries for this man once he has made up his mind.

So, does he act differently when falling in love and how does he react to being in a relationship?

How can a woman tell if a Leo man says “I love you” she can be sure he really means it?

A Leo man can sometimes look a bit unreachable because of his bursting self-confidence and enormous ego.

He is very self-indulgent, which can lead to him seeming a bit selfish. Can this man really invest himself in a relationship?

You, like me, are attracted to the charismatic Leo, I will try to answer your question, so just keep reading.

I will tell you everything you need to know about a Leo man who is in love.

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Now, let’s head back to our topic, to explain what a Leo man is like when he falls in love with a special woman?

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Leo Man Is In love – The Signs To Look For

Here are the signs of a Leo man in love with you based on the Sun sign. If your Leo lover also has Venus placement in his chart then please also read my article on the Venus in Leo traits here.

He Is playful and Invested In You

Trust me, if he is in love with someone, he wants them to do everything together.

He dreams of spending every day with his partner, cooking together or watching TV shows, going out, and things like that.

He wants to have fun with her and he will ask her out very frequently if they are not together yet.

If he asks you out often, he is learning more about you and it is an obvious sign that he is getting to like you.

I know that a Leo man may sometimes seem arrogant and egoistic, but you wouldn’t believe how much this guy can change when he falls in love.

He never hides it and he is a serious monogamist.

He doesn’t need anyone else except his loved one. He really gets invested in a relationship, and he wants his partner to do the same.

It’s all about experiencing different situations where a person’s true personality comes to the front to establish whether a true fit is possible for the long term.

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If he gets rejected or betrayed, by the way, he will get badly hurt and offended.

Therefore, putting trust in someone is a big deal for him. If he trusts you, you are certainly an important person in his life.

The Leo man is not a guy that likes uncertainty, quarrels, and similar upsets.

You need to note that this guy will always try to save and protect his ego.

Therefore, a perfect partner for him would be someone who does the same.

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He Shows His Partner To Everyone

If a Leo man is falling in love, he will literally shout out loud about how happy he is because of it.

If he is in a relationship, he will want to show everyone what a loving relationship he is in.

He will put romantic pictures on Instagram, update his relationship status on Facebook, and so on.

He will hug, cuddle, and kiss his partner in public, in front of anyone.

He will give her cute nicknames and be romantic. He is very fond of giving gifts to his partner because he wants her to feel like a queen.

You can see the correlation. A true king always takes care of his queen.

He might have a really big ego, but he never forgets about the people he adores.

He loves to treat them right; it makes him feel better about himself.

If you want to make sure he always loves you, it is simple.

Check out James Bauer’s program which explains His Secret Obsession.

Any woman understanding this desire in a Leo man will retain his love and devotion forever.

Furthermore, a Leo guy is very protective of his loved ones.

Leo is the sign of the lion and he is like a true lion when someone endangers his lioness. He will do everything to keep her out of danger.

His superficiality becomes noticeable when he tries to show other people how happy he is with his partner.

It’s really hard for him to keep things quiet because it’s just in his nature to brag.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing, you know.

It’s really sweet that he wants to introduce his partner to the world.

That means that he is very proud of being in a relationship with her. You can find more about what a Leo man wants from a woman in this article.

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He Talks About His Family

Don’t worry, if you still don’t want family and kids.

You only need to know that this guy values family very much and that he finds speculating about the future very romantic.

That means that he wants to have a stable family one day, not in this moment.

Maybe your Leo man would talk about where they will live, how many kids they will have, or what their wedding is going to be like.

If he starts talking like this he is obviously committed to you.

Just make sure you are not so bowled over that you don’t also make your wishes clear. It’s just cute and romantic.

If you are really curious about a Leo man’s other personal traits, then watch this youtube video.

This astrologer is so easy to follow and she can tell you all you need to know about Leo men in order to understand them better.

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Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, a Leo guy is a real prize to women that are monogamous.

When he is invested, he is there for good, and he will make his partner feel like there are no other women in this world.

A very good friend of mine is a Leo.

Here’s what he said about his partner: “I just adore her. I adore the way she loves me.”

I would say that this perfectly describes a typical Leo man who is in love.

James Bauer’s program, His Secret Obsession, which was viewed by his partner, can show you how to have the same reaction with your Leo crush.

A real Leo is a family-oriented man, but that doesn’t mean that he will ever pressure his partner before both of them are ready for it, so don’t worry.

With this guy, everything is easy if you treat him like a king. And you should, because he probably deserves it.

As you can see, a Leo guy sticks to his ego even in a relationship, but it doesn’t affect his partner in any bad way.

The only thing that his ego does when a Leo man is in love is showing his partner to everyone, at any time. That is kind of cute, isn’t it?

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