Scorpio Man In Love Signs – Is He Serious About You?

Scorpio man smiling while talking to a woman under a tree.

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

When it comes to love, the Scorpio man is an enigma.

Mysterious, passionate, and intense, he can be hard to read but can also be one of the most devoted partners when he finds someone who truly captures his heart.

Whether you’ve already got a Scorpio man in your sights or are just curious about what makes him tick, this guide will give you insight into what it takes to win his affections and keep him devoted for life.

5 Key Takeaways

1. He will be more open and communicative with you. A Scorpio man in love will want to share his thoughts and feelings with you, and he will be more willing to talk about the relationship.

2. He will make an effort to spend time with you. A Scorpio man won’t just disappear for days or weeks at a time; he’ll make sure that he’s making time for you in his schedule.

3. He will be protective of you. When a Scorpio man is in love he won’t hesitate to stand up for you if someone is trying to disrespect you, and he’ll be there when you need him most.

4. He will show physical affection towards you. A Scorpio man in love won’t be afraid to show his affection through physical contact, such as hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

5. A Scorpio man will make plans for the future with you. He wants something real and lasting, so he’ll make plans for the future that involves both of you together as a couple.

If your Scorpio man is showing the above signs he is probably falling for you.

This is where you need to take care that you cultivate his love to make sure your relationship can last.

Providing him with the main thing he needs to feel a man is essential for him to commit. This short video explains the secret to your long-term relationship.

A Scorpio man in love is someone that needs understanding.

It can sometimes even be quite overwhelming to be around them as their personality ebbs and flows with their current mood.

It is no surprise if you are not sure of his feelings because a Scorpio man tends to be distant at first.

Only becoming more open with his emotions when he knows and trusts you.

If you have the hots for this guy, it is best not to push him, just relax and let him express his feelings in his own way.

Although Scorpio males are so complex when it comes to love and relationships, they will show affection in a straightforward way.

However, he will be looking for ways that you are really committed by providing the things he desires in a loving relationship.

A Scorpio man has a distinct image in the mind of his position in any romantic relationship.

He sees himself as the provider and protector of his partner, and it is important that a woman respects this deep-seated need in his character.

Someone who has studied this Scorpio characteristic is relationship expert James Bauer.

James has developed a program that has helped many women achieve their perfect relationship by helping them understand this basic need.

Every situation regarding a romantic relationship is different, and James’s program may or may not help you.

However, if you want to make sure you are everything your Scorpio crush desires, it would be well worth listening to a short video in which James explains His Secret Obsession here.

If you’ve already been chosen by a Scorpio, then it means he saw the potential in a future relationship, and without you realizing has gone to great lengths to seduce and win you.

Now he will be looking to see if you have the potential to be his lifetime partner.

The Traits of Scorpio Man That Affect His Love Life

If a Scorp has fallen for you then he will show interest in everything you do and say.

He will also enjoy sending you romantic text messages to let you know he is thinking of you.

When the time comes to meet his family you will know your relationship is a serious one and that your Scorpio partner loves you without a doubt.

Scorpio man has one of the most mysterious zodiac signs and this is because they are ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Fiery Mars and dark Pluto are both planets of instincts and primal sexuality which offer the Scorpio strong emotional feelings.

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Scorpio Characteristics

Now let’s try to dissect Scorpio’s feelings and hope we are not going to get lost in his deep and intricate traits.

Scorpio’s Positive Characteristics

  • passionate and sensual
  • dedicated and disciplined
  • perseverant and competitive
  • intelligent and logical
  • loyal, faithful, and caring
  • honest and a promise keeper
  • ambitious and brave

Scorpio’s Dark Side

  • extremist and dominating
  • stubborn and possessive
  • obsessive and manipulative
  • jealous and resentful
Scorpio man sitting on a couch as a woman kisses him on the cheek

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Signs Scorpio Man Is Serious About You

You know when a Scorpio man is falling in love with you because they are usually very passionate, dedicated, and ambitious in getting your attention.

There is nothing that can stop them when they want to reach their goals, or when they want to show that they care.

The male of this zodiac sign loves with intensity and for him, it is either everything or nothing.

There is no in-between and he can’t pretend or fake his love.

He will commit to the fullest as long as you give him time. Scorpio relationships often end up with marriage and also a happy and loving life.

They know exactly what they want in every aspect of their lives and this applies to their relationships as well.

If he already chose you, it means he saw something in you, and he is willing to let you close to him so you can get to know his real inner self.

If you find he wants to spend more time with you, it is because he wants to understand more about you.

Make sure you have discovered what he is craving from a relationship by listening to relationship guru James Bauer as he explains His Secret Obsession.

Scorpio Man In Love Signs – 4 Key Traits You Need To Look For

Scorpio man is not afraid to show you affection every step of the way.

Even though they consider themselves far from being romantics, they can be as romantic as they come when falling in love.

Being so passionate and intense you will feel his love in his kisses and hugs and those will be plenty and given to you every day.

When it comes to intimacy, he is going to show all his passion.

However, first, you have to conquer his mind after doing that he will have no inhibitions or complexes and he will dedicate himself to you.

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He Opens Up To You

Scorpios are secretive and mysterious by nature, they do not like others to know their business.

It usually takes him a while before he feels that he can trust a person.

So, if he has started to share more of himself with you, then he trusts you enough to open up.

For a Scorpio, trust is one of the most important values in a relationship.

If he’s trusting you enough to share his feelings, and maybe even a secret or two, then this is a very good sign he may have fallen for you.

Once he trusts you he will start to confide in you gradually.

However, he expects total trust that you will not divulge anything he says in confidence to another person.

Beware, just one betrayal is enough for him to distrust you and pull away.

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You Have Never Felt So Protected

Loyalty and protection are top features for a Scorpio man. He will do everything that is in his power to keep you safe.

Scorpios are supportive and they are not the type of men who only show it in private.

They will hold your hand in public, show how much they care, and when the time comes to shelter you, you will see how fierce and deep your sense of protection goes.

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His Gaze Will Penetrate Into Your Soul

If a Scorpio man likes you more than a friend then you will be looked at and admired like there is no tomorrow. When a Scorpio man loves you, his eyes will tell it all.

He finds eye contact to be a form of commitment and affection and he is not afraid to use it to seduce and at the same time to adore you.

He will focus exclusively on you and he will notice even the smallest of details such as the way you smile, walk, or talk.

He will also sense on a deeper level if something is wrong with you.

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Fire Does Not Burn Without Consequences

Scorpio men are indeed loyal, faithful, and caring but if they love you with all that intensity, don’t be surprised if you find that he is incredibly jealous.

You will become the center of his universe and his jealousy and obsession are a good sign in this case try not to be swamped by all these feelings.

No Scorpio will ever be jealous unless he loves you and they are called the kings of jealousy for a reason.

The YouTube video below gives you some further tips on Scorpio men secretly in love.

I hope this article gives you all you need to understand your Scorpio crush.

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Scorpio Man In Love Signs – Final Thoughts

It is not always easy to be in a relationship with a Scorpio. You need to prove that you are worthy of his love, affection, and loyalty.

If you are honest and you don’t play with his feeling you will end up with one of the most caring, protective, and affectionate men.

Make sure you understand the burning desire that he requires in any relationship.

Listen to James Bauer explain His Secret obsession, to make sure you are the one person who can provide everything he needs to find love.

The moment when the Scorpio man realizes he loves you is the start of the most intense and passionate ride.

He has a great understanding when it comes to feelings and his affection will run deeper than you can imagine.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man, consider yourself lucky because you will be loved with passion and you have given yourself every chance to grow old together.

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