Taurus Man In Love – How To Know If He Has Fallen For You

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

1. Pay Attention to His Body Language: A Taurus man in love will be very expressive with his body language, often displaying signs of affection such as holding hands, hugging, and kissing.

2. He Will Show You Respect: A Taurus man will show you respect by listening to your opinions and valuing your input. He will also make sure to take care of you and provide for your needs.

3. He Will Make Time for You: A man in love will make time for you no matter how busy he is. He will prioritize spending quality time with you over other activities or obligations.

4. He Will Be Loyal and Committed: A man with this zodiac sign in love is loyal and committed to the relationship. However, watch this video to understand the main thing he needs in a relationship.

5. He Will Express His Feelings Openly: A Taurus man in love isn’t afraid to express his feelings openly and honestly. 

Falling in Love With a Taurus Man

Are you in love with a Taurus man, and are wondering if he feels the same way about you?

Maybe you are in the early stages of a relationship and he is not showing you the signs you expected from him.

Well, dating a Taurus man can be a bit confusing because this astrology zodiac sign has characteristics that make him hold back until he is sure about any new situation.

Taurus males especially are well known for keeping their true feelings under wraps until they are sure they will not be hurt emotionally by a woman who is playing the field.

They also tend to have a picture in their mind of the type of woman they want, and also that this woman knows what he is looking for in a permanent relationship.

The Taurus man born under the zodiac sign of the Bull is recognized as being one of the most masculine.

However, his ruling planet is Venus the planet of love, which tends to relate to a hard exterior but a soft center.

Overall, the Taurus man is looking for security and has a deep-rooted desire to be seen as the protector and hero in the eyes of his partner.

To achieve this you need to be able to offer him assurance of your loyalty but also to be able to allow him to become your hero.

This sensual earth sign is for someone who wants to feel needed.

It is a hidden craving, bordering on obsession, that needs to be understood by any woman who has long-term designs on him.

Someone who has studied this trait is dating expert James Bauer.

James is a relationship counselor who has studied the Taurus man characteristics and helped scores of women awaken the love in their Taurus crush.

James has discovered a deep desire, that when understood by a woman is the key to opening his heart so that he can express his love.

Sounds a bit way out I know! But if you are asking how do you make a Taurus man fall in love with you?

Then listen to a short video in which James explains His Secret Obsession.

I think you will be surprised! By understanding this desire you can get your Taurus guy to declare his love for you!

Once the bull commits himself, he tends to be very a loyal, stable, and patient partner.

This article will explain the signs a Taurus man is in love with you and how to get him to commit to you forever. Please read on.

Taurus man in love about to kiss his woman.

Taurus Man in Love Signs

Here are the most common signs that your Taurus man is falling in love with you.

If your bull also has Venus in his chart then I recommend you also read our article on Venus in Taurus man here.

He Wants To Spend More Time With You

A Taurus man never has a problem spending time alone doing his own thing.

He is happy to get involved in sports, business, or other activities that he finds interesting.

However, if he is going out of his way to spend time with you then this is one of the clearest signs he likes you more than just a friend.

If you have noticed that your Taurean crush tends to enjoy sharing his time with you, he adores you.

However, you need to understand how to retain his love so that he has no need to wander into the arms of another woman.

You can make sure he stays true to you by following the advice in this video.

A Taurus guy in love will want to find out as much as possible about you.

He will prioritize together-time, which might include wanting to stay home and watch movies with you or just lazing on the couch in your company.

Being a foodie, you can expect to spend more time with him on date nights and outings.

He will want to spend time with you so that he can prove his love and commitment to you.

He Laughs A Lot When In Your Company

Taurus men generally have a great sense of humor.

One of the signs a Taurus man is in love with you is when he is continually smiling when he is talking with you.

What’s more, he will always try to make you laugh and he will always put effort into cheering you up if you are feeling down.

The excessive laughter and smiling are obvious signs that he loves you because he’s usually seen as a cold and aloof guy.

Additionally, he will laugh at your jokes, even the not-so-funny ones, just so he can make you smile.

Taurus man will smile and laugh a lot when he is in your presence because he is happy and excited to be in your company.

Also, he is weighing up in his mind the benefits of making you a long-term partner.

He Opens Up To You

Generally speaking, Taurus men are not very talkative.

If a Taurus man is not sure about you, he will not waste his time talking to you because he needs time to figure things out.

On the other hand, if a Taurus man is interested in you, he will be very responsive and talkative.

He will not only put effort into communicating with you, but also want to know more about you.

What’s more, he will be a good listener, and you can rest assured that he will always listen to your concerns.

He Pursues You

Taurus men love to take things slowly, and they do not like to be pushed or rushed, particularly during romantic liaisons.

What’s more, they prefer to do the chasing and not the other way around.

However, the chasing can only happen when you let your crush know that you are interested because he fears rejection and heartache.

With that in mind, when a Taurus man is in love with you he will pursue you relentlessly if you follow these tips here.

He might feel shy when you play hard to get, but that will not stop him from going after his love interest.

So, if the bull has been calling or texting you aggressively, he has fallen hard for you.

He Spoils You

Taurus men are natural providers, and they see themselves as leaders.

They love to spoil their significant others.

That said, if a Taurus man loves you, he will spoil you in every way regardless of whether you have just started dating him, or you’ve already spent numerous years together.

Apart from spoiling you with gifts, he will do everything to ensure that you are happy and contented.

What’s more, he will not allow you to settle bills, particularly during your first few dates with him.

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He Is loyal To You

A Taurus man in a relationship ultimately wants to be in a secure and committed partnership.

If he knows you are loyal, and you also understand his needs then he is unlikely to cheat on you or engage in multiple relationships.

He will be loyal to you for as long as you are together, especially if he is a Taurus moon.

However, he will not hesitate to break your heart or pursue another woman if you give him a reason to do so.

To make sure your Taurus crush has eyes for you, and you alone, listen to this video which explains the simple steps to take to make him fall hard for you.

The YouTube video below gives great tips on how to spot the signs Taurus man loves you.

I hope this helps you find the happiness you desire with your Taurus crush.

Final Thoughts

Have you told your Taurus guy that you love him? If not, it is important that you let him know because he will not pursue you until he is sure that you feel the same way.

After you have expressed your interest, there are certain signs you can watch out for in order to know if he is reciprocating the love.

For starters, a Taurus man is a provider and you need to know how to satisfy His Secret Obsession, which is explained here.

If the Taurus man you have eyes for loves you, there are certain things that you can expect him to do.

For instance, he will be extremely talkative, and he will want to know you more.

He will be a good listener, and very supportive. Additionally, his desire will be to spend most of his time with you.

He will spoil you with gifts, and he will not hesitate to do whatever it takes so that you can have a comfortable and happy relationship with him.

So, once you express your feelings for him, remember to give him time because if you push him he may ghost you.

Subtlety, let him know you are interested without making him feel boxed in.

Need More Help With a Taurus?

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