Venus in Virgo Man – His Traits In Love and Relationships

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Last Updated on March 8, 2023

Sweet, sweet Virgo: intelligent, loyal, and sincere are just some of the traits that describe this zodiac placement connection.

The Venus in Virgo man could be the most thoughtful lover of the zodiac and his chief aim is to please.

He is recognized as the zodiac’s little helper and has the tendency to want to be a perfectionist in everything he does.

Because of Virgo’s purity, innocence, and wholesomeness, the sign is nicknamed “the virgin”.

Of course, this is just metaphorically speaking, but let us dive in and see how that name holds up in terms of Venus, the planet of love.

Venus in Virgo Man Key Features

Positives Traits

He is a committed lover who builds the foundation of his relationships on trust. The Virgo man is thoughtful, practical, intelligent, caring, and helpful.

Negative Traits

He can be insecure, judgemental, obsessive, anxious, and distant.

Ideal Partner

His perfect match is someone sweet, sensitive, feminine, smart, and thoughtful. The ideal partner for him is gentle, subtle, and low-key, and someone that understands his most important needs.

Needs To Work On

The Virgo man with the Venus placement can be critical of himself and others.

It would serve him well to go easy on himself and also to show some mercy on those around him.

He must remember that he is not both the judge and jury in life.

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Virgo Man Secrets

Astrology and the zodiac sign a person is born under can give an indication of their characteristics, and this article aims to give you a broad outline. However, each person’s character will differ by degree.

So, if you have the hots for a Virgo man and want to know how he reacts in a romantic situation you may find it helpful to understand more from a book called Virgo Man Secrets.

This has been written by a leading relationship expert and uncovers the sometimes, complex thinking of a Virgo man when he is deciding on the partner, he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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Virgo Man Personality

A Venus placement in Virgo means this man is an attentive lover when he knows in his heart he has found his soul mate.

He may not remember things of significance about others, but he will never forget anything that is important about you.

When it comes to your birthday or anniversary, he will not drop the ball or disappoint.

More than likely, the worrisome Virgo’s mind has already been there for weeks in advance planning it out.

Virgo’s superpower is his amazing attention to detail. If you ever felt like your man just does not seem to care, well, then he is not a Venus in Virgo.

“The Virgin” is truly the helper of the zodiac and he aims to please.

You may find he tends to have a low-key charm about him.

Closer to the truth is that he is very charming, but his Virgoan nature keeps it under wraps until he feels comfortable enough to open up and share his thoughts.

Unfortunately, his shyness is often mistaken for standoffishness, and for this reason, he may keep a small but close group of friends.

To say that the man is a perfectionist is an understatement. When it comes to love, he will want everything to be precise and amazing from date night to the wedding day.

His perfectionism is so turned up that you will undoubtedly recognize it in every aspect of his life.

His home is clean and well-organized and his wardrobe is uniform and thought out.

However, if the man does not keep all of his “Virgoness” in check, it can show up as a type of obsessiveness.
Virgo is famed for their neuroticism.

This can rear its ugly little head in many ways: rumination, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, health conditions, etc.

If you have a complicated relationship with a Virgo man and want to understand why he reacts the way he does in certain situations, you may find the answer in Virgo Man Secrets.

Another way that it may come out to play is through insecurity.

His highly analytical mind is hard to turn off and when turned within, the Venus in Virgo man can be quite tough on himself.

He can come down pretty hard on others as well, sometimes holding grudges for the smallest of reasons.

That is the negative aspect of Virgo, of course. Many men keep this in check through continual self-improvement.

The healthy Virgo is always growing and bettering himself, it is a never-ending pursuit for him, which is good because it keeps his life in balance.

Positive Traits

  • Committed
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Sweet
  • Attentive
  • Helpful
  • Protective

Negative Traits

  • Critical
  • Nervous
  • Cold
  • Obsessive
  • Insecure

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What Attracts The Virgo Man?

The male of this placement connection has practical sensibilities, and what speaks to them is modesty first and foremost.

The Virgo male seeks a partner who enjoys life’s simple things, one who does not need a big production to be put on but is happy with his or her own company.

As far as looks go, the Virgo man with Venus placement is drawn to partners who appear traditional and feminine.

He likes the look of innocence and wholesomeness. His ideal partner would be an angel if he could find one.

He connects well with people who put thought and time into their appearance.

Nothing over-the-top, of course, but cleanliness, being well-groomed, and taking care of your health is his kryptonite.

Virgo is a sign of intelligence, so needless to say, he enjoys people who are smart and logical like he tends to be.
The male is attracted to the stereotypical nerd types.

Maybe his partners do not seem nerdy at first but dig a little deeper and you will find that they all have one or two unusual interests that they are completely obsessed with.

The Virgo Venusian man is attracted to partners who are low-key, subtle, gentle, and modest. Honesty goes a long way with him.

He values structure and tradition and others who do too will catch his eye.

People who are spontaneous, loud, or erratic only overwhelm him and may bring out his nervous side.

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Most Compatible With a Virgo In Venus Man

The Virgo in Venus man connects best with his fellow earth signs who are of the same vein as him: traditional, logical, sensitive, and committed to their romantic partnerships.

He is most compatible with Venus in Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

Water signs are another perfect pairing with the Virgo man because of their empathetic and caring spirits.

Venus in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are excellent partners for him. These signs are known for their loyalty and their need for security with love.

Because of the strong desire, he has, to be seen by his partner as her protector, it is important that you know how to relate to this characteristic.

A Virgo man has an obsession to be seen in the eyes of the woman he loves as a hero. Not a knight in shining armor, but someone who is wanted for who he is.

If you want the true love of your Virgo man I suggest you take a look at a short video by relationship guru James Bauer, in which he explains, in detail His Hidden Obsession.

To determine the best match for a man with his Venus in Virgo it is important to take complete natal charts into account.

There are other important aspects of one’s chart that need to be looked at to find the best fit.

You can find out more about Virgo’s best matches here.

Final Thoughts

Virgo is recognized as a sensitive sign so males may seem shy at first, but inside the man is really sweet and caring.

Once he has accepted you for who you are, he will become more relaxed with you and open- up about his feelings.

The Venus in Virgo man goes the extra distance for his lover because he is a perfectionist in that way.

His analytical mind is always clocking in on overtime, which makes him extremely thoughtful but also leads to his anxiety and possibly some insecurity.

He is at his best with a partner who is understanding, sensitive, calm, gentle, laidback, and smart.

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