Venus In Scorpio Man In Love – 5 Relationship Traits To Know

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Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Are you curious about what it’s like to be in love with a Venus in Scorpio man? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique traits and characteristics of a man with this zodiac sign and how his intense emotions can make for an exciting and passionate relationship.

So buckle up, because things are about to get steamy!

5 Key Takeaways

1. A Venus in Scorpio man is passionate when in love, making for an intriguing relationship.

2. He is loyal and devoted to his partner, but can also be possessive and jealous at times.

3. He has a strong sense of intuition which helps him to read people’s emotions and intentions accurately.

4. He is not afraid to express his feelings openly and honestly, even if it means getting hurt in the process.

5. His mysterious nature can make him difficult to understand at times, but with patience and understanding, he can be a loving and supportive partner.

When a Venus in Scorpio Man is in Love

“Venus in Scorpio man in love” is a phrase that conjures up images of a dark, brooding man with an intense gaze.

It’s true – those who are born under this sign tend to be very deep and mysterious.

But don’t let their intensity scare you off!

Scorpios want nothing more than to share their hearts and souls with someone they can trust completely.

All they need is the opportunity to open up and show you what lies beneath the surface of that hard exterior.

The man with the zodiac sign of Scorpio craves intimacy and emotional connection, so if you’re looking for a partner who will stay by your side through thick or thin, he might just be right for you!

He is intense and powerful in love and relationships.

Men born under this zodiac sign are not only deeply emotional but are also known to love deeply.

Venus in Scorpio men sometimes find it hard to show their feelings, and it is this mysterious nature that is a big part of their allure, making him so incredibly appealing.

The planet Venus signifies love, relationships, sensuality, beauty, romance, affection, wealth, and passion.

Because of this, Venus in Scorpio males value love, and their attachment with those they love is often very strong.

They are generally known to be straightforward, which most people find appealing.

However, others can find the straightforward nature of the Scorpio male to be quite unsettling.

Overall, Scorpio males in love and relationships are intense, devoted, and emotional.

While this can be a good thing, sometimes their emotions can be too intense for both them and their partner to handle.

Someone who has spent a great deal of time studying how a guy acts when growing close to a woman is relationship expert James Bauer.

James has discovered an emotional need that can leave him unsatisfied in some romantic partnerships.

When a man’s Venus is in Scorpio then he will crave a certain ingredient from a relationship that is more than romantic chemistry or sexual attraction.

It’s that special something that divides like from actual love. Once that special woman makes this craving click, he will do anything to prove his love for her.

When a woman learns how to tap into this hidden desire of a Scorp, she will release a passion that will make her feel cherished, protected, and feel truly in love.

If you would like to discover how to create a deep, enduring love with a Scorpio guy, you must understand the main thing he wants and needs in a relationship.

You may be surprised as I was when I discovered it…

In the rest of this article, you are going to gain some valuable insights into the personality traits of the  Scorpio guy.

I hope this will help give you an idea of your compatibility with him.

Personality Traits Of The Venus In Scorpio Man

Connecting With Others

When it comes to connections and social interactions, these guys can be emotionally intense, and sometimes even obsessive with those they love.

However, they also have a strong commitment and often make loyal partners.

Venus in Scorpio men tend to prefer to engage themselves in deep relationships rather than casual or superficial encounters.

Scorpio man prefers to embark on a relationship that will last for the long term.

With a woman who understands the one thing he truly needs above all else to make things click between them.

As Scorpio men are naturally faithful and loyal to their partners, he expects the same kind of loyalty and faithfulness from his lover in return.

With that in mind, Scorpio men sometimes find it hard to forgive when betrayed or when their trust is taken for granted.

To find out more about a Scorpio guy’s characteristics and what makes him tick in a romantic situation, you may like to check out Scorpio Man Secrets.

This controversial insight by a leading relationship astrologer goes in-depth on ways to attract a Scorpio and make him want you.

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The Scorpio Passion

One of the positive traits of a Venus in Scorpio male is his emotional intensity.

As such, in the bedroom, he tends to be very passionate and will want to enjoy regular and varied sex life.

He understands the needs and desires of his partner while in between the sheets and will go to great lengths to ensure they are satisfied on all levels.

His sexual energy tends to be very magnetic, but it can also be overwhelming for some.

His sexual prowess is usually an unforgettable experience and makes him a highly desirable lover.

Because of this, he will be attracted to women who also have strong sexual energy.

If you want to discover more about his sexual desires and fantasies, you may also want to read our article about Venus in Scorpio Top turn on’s here.

His Intuition

The Scorpio guy is generally extremely intuitive.

He is able to understand instinctively the real needs of his woman, which enables him to satisfy her every fantasy and desire.

For a relationship to thrive a woman also needs to understand his true desires and what he craves from a long-term romantic partnership.

Understanding what he really wants from a woman will give you the key to his heart, and his devotion forever.

You can find out more by listening to a relationship expert explaining how to make a Scorpio man focus his attention on you in this video here.

If a Scorpio guy is with a woman who is somewhat shy and reserved, he will work to draw her out of her shell.

The two of them can then experience a deeper and more meaningful sexual connection.

If you know anything about the sign of Scorpio, then you will know that trust is one of his highest values.

As such, he has the ability to make an instant judgment on whether or not someone is truthful.

His intuition tends to control his feelings giving him the ability to pick up non-verbal clues and put them together.

He is able to tell if there is something deeper happening beneath the surface so honesty is always the best policy.

the mysterious planet of Venus

He Can Be Mysterious

Scorpio Men who have Venus in their sign are very secretive and mysterious.

This can possibly make him come across as a bit stand-offish, or seem as if he has something to hide.

More specifically, he is secretive and guarded about his emotions, and will almost certainly want to keep his love life private from those he does not know well.

Their relationships always have an element of mystery regardless of their loyalty and commitment.

A Scorpio guy rarely discloses everything to a woman unless he has known her for a while and feels like he can trust her completely.

His secretive lifestyle always keeps those around him wondering.

Venus in Scorpio men prefers to keep their personal projects secret and away from the public eye.

Other than having mysterious relationships, Scorpio males have inquisitive minds which makes them interested in other mysteries in the world.

This then always makes a mystery a great topic of conversation for them, especially for a woman who can provide him with the thing he craves most from a long-term relationship.


Due to the intense emotions of Scorpio, and the co-ruling planet Mars, Venus in Scorpio can bring about a jealous streak.

He desires to be in a committed relationship with a devoted woman who he loves with all his heart.

He absolutely hates disloyalty, both in himself and others.

If you are dating this type of male, one thing you may notice is his possessiveness and manipulative nature.

However, these traits can often be subtle and under the surface in many Scorpios.

It is also important to know that not all Scorpio guys are like this so don’t be put off, get to know him first as he may have evolved past these traits.

He can sometimes get upset very quickly and will not forgive easily.

This is especially so for the Scorpio with a strong placement of Mars in his natal chart.

You can find out more about Scorpio Mars man here.

This is because he feels his emotions intensely, which will keep reminding him of the wrong-doing until and unless it is properly resolved.

Their revenge is often passive and you will rarely notice that they are trying to hit back.

Some people often wonder how astrology can really have an influence on two people in a relationship.

Some people even doubt that it has any effect at all. You can find out more about how astrology affects a person’s life here.

Final Thoughts

A Venus in Scorpio man will usually make a loyal and devoted partner.

They are very protective of those they love and will go to the ends of the earth for their lover’s happiness and well-being.

If you want to discover more about his traits and characteristics, his Sextrology profile secrets could hold the answers you need.

The possessiveness of this kind of man can either be disconcerting or intoxicating to some women.

Being aware of this trait will help as the relationship unfolds and will also allow you to adjust for it if need be.

Understanding his hidden need to be loved by his special partner is the key to long-term happiness.

To truly win his heart, and have him be completely content with you, and you alone, listen to relationship guru James Bauer in this video explaining what a man needs to feel to fall in love.

In addition, the man born under the zodiac sign of Venus in Scorpio tends to love deeply or hate intensely.

Your love life with him will be an emotional one, be it good or bad.

Hence the well-known saying, ‘A Scorpio has a sting in the tail’.

So, when dating Venus in Scorpio 2/3, you really need to be strong enough to deal with his intense nature.

If you’re not quite sure about the astrological compatibility between you and your lover then you can check the twelve zodiac sign dates here.

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