The Dark Side of Libra – What You Need to Know

Zodiac sign of Libra

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

If you’re looking to date a person born under this zodiac sign, you need to understand the dark side of Libra.

Hidden dark traits can be masked to create a false impression when two people are getting to know each other.

The real character of a person only appears when they feel completely comfortable in a relationship.

These traits are often learned over time and by habit, so you can’t just choose to ignore them.

Read on to discover more about the characteristics and darker traits of a person born in the air sign of Libra.

Key Takeaways

Libra can be manipulative in order to get things their way. When you combine this with another dark trait of Libra, which is the lack of empathy for others.

They can sometimes feel compelled to manipulate those around them for their own gain, even if it is detrimental to others.

They can sometimes be indecisive and take a long time to make up their mind, which can frustrate those around them.

Libra can also be vindictive, which can make them act in negative ways toward others.

Libra Negative Traits – Overview

Libra’s negative personality traits are often a source of conflict and mistrust. Because of their sometimes erratic behavior, Libras can be difficult to be around.

  • Manipulative
  • Indecisive
  • Lack Empathy
  • Vindictive

They tend to manipulate others to achieve their goals as they are seen as helping people, but they also have a tendency to be indecisive.

In addition, they have trouble making decisions and are likely to run away from any group or team activity if they feel even slightly intimidated. Libras are also prone to a tendency toward bossiness.

Unlike other signs, Libras do not feel deeply and tend to lack empathy with other people.

Their feelings and perspectives are shallow and they often do not seek to understand other people’s emotions. Libras are also prone to a tendency toward bossiness.

They may be charming, and diplomatic, but this trait does not make them good team players. In addition, Libras are prone to perfectionism because they think they know best.

Libras are also notoriously superficial, so they tend to value physical appearance over inner beauty.

Their obsession with beauty and being up-to-date can make them irrational spenders. They may buy clothes they cannot afford or overspend on frivolous items that they later regret.

Despite these qualities, Libras values justice and equality.

Libra Man – Negative Traits

Libra man

A Libra man is usually charming and well-balanced on the surface, but it is important to understand that he can have negative traits too.

The best way to head off a relationship breakdown with a Libra man is to avoid getting into a fight with him.

This type of man is highly sensitive and is likely to keep his feelings to himself.

The main negative trait of a Libra man is his tendency to be indecisive.

He is prone to avoid making decisions, and if you try to force him, he will probably back away.

Another negative trait of a Libra man is that he will always think of himself before his partner. While he may change once he knows you better, he will still do things that are self-serving.

This can make you feel unappreciated.

However, if you do your best to make your partnership a priority, your Libra man will be more likely to show you that he is committed to you and your relationship.

Something that has worked for many women is understanding what a Libra man truly wants, and needs in a committed relationship.

Another negative trait of a Libra man is his tendency to be very finicky and insecure. Even if he seems like the perfect man, he’s prone to get frustrated easily, and he’s often very slow to make a commitment.

Libra Woman – Negative Traits

Libra woman

A Libra woman can be a great lover, but she can also be a bit bossy and controlling. She likes to feel important and wants to be appreciated for her choices in life.

A Libra female will not put up with being made fun of or treated like a fool. She will also find it difficult to tolerate gossip which has no foundation.

A Libra woman is a good team player and values equity. Her negative emotions can make her seem needy and weak in love, but she is a very stable and emotionally grounded woman.

If you are looking for a passionate and committed relationship, you should be aware of her outbursts of emotion.

Generally, she doesn’t like men who are aggressive, pushy or have uncontrollable tempers.

Libras are also not good decision-makers, as they don’t give themselves a chance to think things through.

They also don’t take sides and can get bored waiting for someone else to make a decision.

However, Libra’s charm makes her an irresistible person to be around, and she will flirt with anyone who will let her.

Libra women are naturally charming and seek to please others. They are highly intelligent but sometimes have trouble making people feel special.

The Libra female loves being with others, but she can also be a bit domineering.

She hates being alone but can be a bit too demanding, so some will keep their distance until they are more sure of her.

The Dark Side of Libra Man in a Relationship

Libra men are often known for being balanced and fair, but they also have a dark side.

While Libra men are usually kind and gentle, they can be very insensitive and selfish at times.

These characteristics make them difficult to understand.

If you want to be happy with your Libra man, make sure you understand his unique needs and temperament.

Be wary if your Libra man is judgmental and doesn’t show his emotions. He will probably use hurtful tactics when he feels he’s been mistreated.

Libra males are usually calm and reserved, but they don’t tolerate stupidity.

During their private time, they might even use hurtful remarks or makeup stories.

While Libra men can be charming when they’re face-to-face, they also have dark sides.

These men tend to talk trash behind your back, but they’ll turn on their charm when it’s time to discuss an issue.

They’ll also throw you under the bus if it helps them advance in their career.

Because Libra men are such perfectionists they’ll usually hide their opinions behind a facade of loyalty and diplomatic behavior. This can sometimes be very frustrating and difficult to work with.

Libra men are also known for being flirtatious. While they’re not likely to cheat on you, they can be difficult to handle in a long-term relationship.

They may be hesitant to commit to a relationship if they feel boxed in, or under too much pressure to become someone’s perfect partner.

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The Dark Side of Libra Woman in a Relationship

While Libra women are generally loyal in a relationship, they have their own dark side, which can appear if they feel they are being taken for granted.

While they may claim to want peace and quiet, they crave conflict and drama.

While they may be loyal in love, they will only stay faithful if you are useful to them. If you’re not useful to them, they will leave you for a better partner.

It will look like a fun relationship, but you’ll be left feeling like the bad guy taking advantage of her!

Libra women are big flirts. They like to be the center of attention, and they enjoy giving compliments.

Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, they’ll still flirt. This relationship won’t work if you’re jealous or possessive, but it’s how Libra women communicate.

Libras tend to hide their hurt feelings. While they are unable to show their true feelings, they can also hold a grudge for a long time.

This means that you’ll never know what will trigger their resentment and rage. Whenever a Libra woman lashes out, it’s usually when you least expect it.

Libras often shapeshift in their codependent relationships. They can be very good at making friends but can be terrible in a relationship.

They’re also vulnerable to peer pressure. They’re often eager to please their friends and colleagues, but can be manipulated into doing awful things.

They’re also known as “People Pleasers” and are easily cheated on.


Instinct and reason combine in Libra to make the sign both a good judge and a good friend.

Although Librans argue logically, they avoid personal motives and try to remain neutral. As a result, they tend to find fault with many things, while being equally balanced and objective about others.

If a Libra guy is involved in a fight and it goes badly, he is not likely to let it happen again. Libra men tend to be patient and like harmony, so they are often not interested in hurting others.

However, they can be indecisive in their personal lives. They are prone to weighing both sides, which can make them seem unreliable to those around them.

In a disagreement, Librans will use their charm to persuade others. Although they are not prone to express their true feelings, they can be convincing, especially when they are defending a cause.

The true Libra can be a persuasive negotiator and can talk people out of a dumb decision.

Libra men are incredibly talented communicators, but their lack of decisiveness can result in hurtful outcomes. A Libra man can be charming, but he can also be impatient and uncompromising.

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