The Dark Side of Virgo – What You Need to Know

Virgo zodiac sign

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

As with all beings, Virgo possesses both a light and a dark side. As your consciousness unfolds and you work to create greater harmony, the light side will emerge.

The dark side of Virgo represents the challenges and personality traits that are not in alignment with the light.

Understanding the negative traits of the Virgo character is important to growth and harmony if a relationship is going to be successful.

Virgos have a reputation for being organized, efficient, and detail-oriented. They are known for their ability to focus on tasks at hand and follow through until completion. But sometimes, Virgos can be quite secretive and manipulative.

This is because they are ruled by Mercury, which rules communication and travel. As such, Virgos are often misunderstood and misjudged. Read on to discover more about the hidden side of a person born in Virgo.

Key Takeaways

Virgo’s can be highly judgemental and critical of others, and sometimes they cannot hide this trait from others.

They can be headstrong perfectionists to a fault, often obsessing over things until it is absolutely “perfect”. This trait can make them overly intense, especially at work.

Virgo Negative Traits – Overview

  • Critical
  • Headstrong
  • Judgemental
  • Perfectionists

Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies can take a toll on all aspects of life. The Mercury-guided mind can work into overdrive, which can be manifested as procrastination and projecting inner nitpicking onto others.

Virgos are also susceptible to high-functioning anxiety, which may cause them to worry themselves sick. This can make it difficult for them to relate to others on a different emotional wavelength.

In addition to their dedication and high standards, Virgos are also prone to being overly critical.

While their love of order and organization is admirable, they may sometimes be too critical or uptight for their own good.

They need to make time for rest and relaxation and make sure they have filtered breaks. They also need to surround themselves with people who understand their minds and intellect.

Virgos are also fearful of losing people. They will do whatever it takes to keep their loved ones.

One of their darker traits is that they cannot bear the feeling of someone being driven away from them. So they constantly need to assure their loved ones that they are there for them no matter what.

Virgo Male Negative Traits

Virgo Man

One of the most defining traits of Virgo males is their critical nature. They can get easily annoyed by anything that doesn’t go their way.

This can lead to judgmental behaviors that are annoying to those around them. This trait can lead to trouble if they become too over baring in a relationship.

Another common negative trait of a Virgo man is his perfectionist nature. While he is highly intelligent, he is also highly analytical.

This means he may easily get caught up in details, which can consequently make him a pain to deal with. His perfectionism can lead him to be challenging to please.

Aside from this negative trait, Virgo is highly judgmental. He may think people aren’t trying as hard as they should, or they’re not listening.

As a result, Virgo has a knack for making you feel uncomfortable by interfering in the affairs of others.

Although Virgo men are loyal, they can also be hard to read. They are prone to over-thinking everything. In a relationship with a Virgo, it’s important to be yourself.

A Virgo man is usually modest, and clingy, but he can also be highly judgmental and insecure. He may become short-tempered with anyone who tries to encourage him or lift him up.

Virgo Female Negative Traits

Virgo Woman

Virgos are very critical of themselves and others. They always see the negative aspects of a situation first.

Virgo females don’t believe anything until they see it, and this tends to make them appear cold and impersonal.

This dark side of Virgo’s woman makes her headstrong and judgmental and inconsiderate of others’ feelings.

A Virgo woman is also highly practical and conservative. She prefers to do things herself. She does not like being bothered by people who are unorganized.

This discouraging trait can lead her to miss opportunities. A Virgo woman will often be overly critical of herself and her mistakes.

A woman born of this zodiac sign can be quite moody and easily irritated by others. She also tends to be very fussy and likes to have her work meticulously planned.

Whether they are working or just hanging out with friends, Virgo women have an extremely critical eye and can see patterns that others might miss.

A Virgo woman is patient, but this trait can have negative consequences. She can be incredibly repressed in some situations.

She can be difficult to convince and is likely to take weeks to make a decision. She can also be judgmental and may be too busy to listen to others’ points of view.

The Dark Side of Virgo Man in a Relationship

While Virgo men are known for their attention to detail, they can become bored if their interest loses momentum.

They also have trouble letting go of past issues and will use them as ammo during arguments.

These men will also resist changes to their routine and posture. They might also make an issue seem small by saying, “If only you hadn’t made that mistake!”

Virgo men also dislike being manipulated emotionally. While they can seem reserved at first, they will become passionate if they feel safe and secure.

They can also sulk and ignore you in an effort to get their way. If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man, expect to have your heart wrenched a few times.

The Virgo man is a serious and reserved sign, and it takes time for him to trust others or form bonds with them.

While Virgo men are usually helpful, they have their dark side. These dark sides show themselves based on expectations, ideals, and boredom.

They’re often overly critical of themselves and others. They may come across as judgemental or needy, but it’s the way they think and act.

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The Dark Side of Virgo Woman in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Virgo Woman in a Relationship can be tricky to deal with.

While Virgos are generally helpful and considerate, their dark side can be based on their ideals, expectations, and routine.

This combination can lead to arguments and extreme consequences if not handled with tact. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the dark side of a Virgo woman

First of all, a Virgo woman is extremely private. This means she won’t be hurt easily unless she is exposed. However, she is not above lying from time to time in an effort to stay out of trouble.

Sometimes this means giving someone the silent treatment or having an argument to get what she wants.

A Virgo woman wants to feel appreciated. She works hard in her career and in her relationship.

This doesn’t mean she wants grand romantic gestures, but she will appreciate the attention and affection. But she also doesn’t want to be treated disrespectfully or made to feel bad about herself.

Although a Virgo woman is very charming, she can be very controlling and stubborn. She needs to keep things in order.

She is also intolerant of other people’s disorganization. Virgos believe that their way is best. They will try to make the world a better place one person at a time.


Virgo is sometimes a misunderstood sign with an insatiable work ethic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find balance in their lives.

They can indulge their artistic side and enjoy time with family and friends.

They can also use their imaginative power to connect to their own feelings. This sign is great for relationships and hobbies, which can deepen their bonds with others.

Virgos are great at helping others by giving sound advice. They can analyze a problem in great detail and provide a simple solution.

They are also honest and generous, though sometimes critical. They aren’t afraid to admit they made a mistake. If a Virgo sees someone is being unfaithful, they won’t hesitate to point it out.

Although Virgo’s personality is often described as being very positive, there are darker aspects that are just as real.

Some Virgos are highly negative and revel in trolling and anonymous threats. They feel powerful when doing so.

Other Virgos are more methodical, but they eventually get their hands on real power. For example, Joe Manchin’s votes have been criticized for not protecting the health of the planet.

People with this astrological chart are incredibly sensitive and passionate. They derive great pleasure from giving their partners exactly what they want but can be difficult to communicate their wants and desires.

The dark side of Virgo can make them very selective when it comes to love, and they can have fetishes that are very specific.

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