The Dark Side of Taurus – What You Need to Know

Taurus zodiac sign

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Taurus people are known for being overdependent and can easily become jealous and clingy if ground rules in a relationship are not understood.

The dark side of Taurus comes to the fore when they feel they are being taken for granted.

Taurus is known as the sign of stability, security, and responsibility but these qualities need to blend with understanding how they relate in a relationship. Read on to find out what this means for your love life.

Astrology has long held that Taurus makes reliable, stable, and loyal partners. They tend to be good providers who stick around through thick and thin.

But astrologers also warn that those born under the zodiac sign of the Bull also have toxic traits that can make them become possessive and jealous.

If you’re thinking about dating a Taurus, make sure you know what’s under the surface of their confident exterior.

If you are contemplating a committed relationship with someone with this zodiac sign, you need to be aware of the darker traits of Taurus and how to deal with their negative side.

Key Takeaways

The dark side of Taurus can manifest in several ways. Often, they can appear impatient and uncompromising. This can make then hard to deal with at times.

Taurus can have a selfish side and be overly concerned with making money for their own pleasure and comfort.

In relationships Taurus can be insecure, jealous and overly possessive.

Taurus Negative Traits – Overview

  • Possessive
  • Insecure
  • Uncompromising
  • Impatient

Taurus is the Bull sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Its earth-sign nature means that it is interested in the physical world and anything that appeals to it.

However, this propensity to pleasure can lead to overindulgence and a struggle to say no to one’s favorite vices.

As a result, Taurus people tend to be possessive in relationships and can become paranoid with their inflated imaginations.

They also struggle to balance their work and leisure lives and can have very low self-esteem.

A dark side of Taurus can appear through addiction to alcohol or comfort eating and an urge to hoard their possessions to give themselves security in their surroundings.

However, they may have the potential to be very successful in their careers if they are well-paid and appreciated as an asset.

As a result, people born under this sign are often frustrated with their need to make decisions for others. They can be impatient and easily get frustrated when things are not moving quickly enough.

However, despite their impatience, they are honest and will stick by their word. Even if they’re not perfect, Taurus will always be loyal to those they love and trust.

Taurus is the opposite of Libra in this respect. While they are laid back and friendly, they can be also very aggressive.

They’re not the kind of people to take crap from anyone and will fire back with force if they’re provoked.

Taurus man

Taurus Man – Negative Traits

It is wise, when dating a Taurus man, to be aware of his negative traits so that you can help him keep things in context, rather than causing upsets due to misunderstandings.

For instance, he may easily jump to unfounded conclusions due to his impatience which can lead to disharmony for no reason.

He also tends to hold grudges which limits his circle of friends. These are common traits in a Taurus man.

He gets jealous of others’ achievements and wants what they have. He doesn’t think it’s fair when his coworker gets a promotion or his neighbor gets a new car.

His jealousy extends to friends and partners.

While a Taurus man can be highly romantic, he doesn’t like being rushed. He takes his time making big decisions.

One of the most important decisions in this man’s life is whether or not to ask someone to marry him.

Taurus men love to spend money. They often buy a lot of expensive things and spend money on things they don’t need.

It’s normal for Taurus men to be materialistic, but they can get too enamored with material things, which can lead to them becoming a hoarder.

Taurus men are very stubborn when it comes to money. They don’t want to hear anything that contradicts their own beliefs.

They’re also prone to being stubborn when it comes to arguments. They often refuse to apologize when they’ve done wrong, and they’re often known for their possessiveness.

Taurus Woman – Negative Traits

Taurus woman

The Taurus woman wants a simple life, so it’s best to keep any complicated emotions out of the relationship.

However, she is also very sensual and traditional and will make an honest partner if treated with respect for her outlook on life.

She enjoys being around nature and aesthetic beauty. She’s not looking for a man to impress her with elaborate romantic gestures; all she wants is respect.

She loves routine and predictability, so it will be difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who is unpredictable.

The dark side of a Taurus woman is shown in her temper flare-ups if she feels she is being taken for granted.

This woman will become uncomfortable in situations she’s not prepared for. Don’t expect her to forgive you for pushing her out of her comfort zone, as she will resent it and find it frustrating.

While Taurus loves physical activity and hard work, she also has a very lazy streak. She may become too choosy about things and prefers stability over variety.

The Taurus woman is an excellent lover, and if you can bring out her best qualities, she’ll be a great companion. She is extremely caring and nurturing, but she is also very territorial.

The Dark Side of Taurus Man in a Relationship

While a Taurus man is a loyal and protective lover, he is also a jealous one. He does not want his love interest to spend time with other guys.

If you spend extra time with your friends or girlfriends, he will get suspicious. He also does not like feeling undermined, as he likes to be in control.

A Taurus man does not like to compromise and will often try to force his way into a decision. Even if he does not express anger, he may just go along with your suggestion with a view to changing it later.

Taurus men are usually faithful and dependable. They take time to adjust to new people and become very attached to the people they care about.

This means that you can’t leave them easily or risk breaking your relationship without heartache. They also dislike last-minute plans. They would rather be prepared, so they don’t feel pressured.

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The Dark Side of Taurus Woman in a Relationship

A Taurus woman is very selfish, aloof, and cold. Her first instinct is to choose what is best for her, and she will do so without thinking of the consequences.

She also has a tendency to say mean things without considering the impact they may have on others. While bluntness can be a good thing in some relationships, it can also backfire in other cases.

The Taurus sign is dominated by Venus, which rules materiality and aesthetics. While the Taurus sign is known to be independent and hard-working, this does not mean it is without flaws.

While it is easy to confuse this trait with greed, Taurus is actually very attached to the things she possesses.

A Taurus woman tends to hold onto the people that can give them a part of themselves, but rarely find the person that they can be completely honest with.

This is because Taurus fear that they will not be able to find the same level of understanding with another person. This stubbornness can lead to psychotic tendencies and even stalking.

Taurus women are homebodies. They prefer quiet settings and activities. They may take their time to warm to a new person so tread carefully to avoid activating the dark side of her character.


Taurus is a foundation sign that point to reliability and trustworthiness, but a lack of drama in personal interactions can make it appear unadventurous and unimaginative.

The Taurean will state their case but will weasel out of seeing the other side. This stubbornness can be helpful in some situations but can limit their ability to make the necessary change.

Taurus is an excellent worker, but this trait can lead to a lack of happiness.

Although good at grafting and sticking to their convictions, Taurus is also prone to poor self-esteem and a strong desire for worldly possessions. It may take patience and a good sense of humor to overcome this trait.

Taurus is associated with the second house in the zodiac, which is all about money, material possessions, and valuables.

If the Taurus feels insecure, they may become greedy and hoard their wealth out of fear. When it comes to food, they may refuse to share their dessert with anyone.

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