How To Seduce An Aquarius Man Through Text

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Last Updated on March 11, 2022

Do you have a crush on an Aquarius man? If so, then this post is for you.

In order to seduce an Aquarius man through text, one must understand his personality traits and what makes him tick.

In addition to knowing these things, there are specific texts that will make him fall head over heels in love with you! Provided they are sent in the right way. Read on for more information…

Have you got the hots for a sexy guy and you have found out that his astrology star sign is Aquarius?

Maybe, you like me, when I had this attraction, are looking for ways to let him know you are interested without throwing yourself at him?

Well! Have you considered the possibility of trying to seduce an Aquarius man through text?

This may sound a bit way out! I thought so too until I found a great system that uses carefully crafted messages, with a subliminal suggestion, that draws a man to the woman who sent them.

Ways To Seduce An Aquarius Man Through Text

The ways to seduce an Aquarius man via text are easily achieved as long as you know how to send the correctly crafted words.

They need to be words that resonate with his subconscious mind and awaken his desire for you.

A guy born between the dates of Jan 20th and Feb 18th comes under the zodiac sign of Aquarius the water bearer.

A person’s traits and characteristics can be influenced by their zodiac sign giving an indication of how they react in romantic situations.

An Aquarius man has very high ideals and tends to be conventional in his thinking, so you need to be careful if you are too full-on, which may scare him away.

Although an Aquarius guy can seem confident on the surface, he has a shy interior and can easily withdraw into his shell. If done in the right way, texting can be a fun and effective way of breaking down barriers and creating a romantic relationship.

I say ‘In the right way’ because too many texts without foundation can be irritating for the recipient and a big turn-off.

A program that has been devised by relationship expert Amy North, which shows you how to send the correctly worded messages, that will catch his attention, designed for any situation.

So if you are looking to seduce an Aquarius man or re-light the fires of passion after a row, Amy has the answer.

Amy has called her program Text Chemistry because of the chemical reaction her crafted words have on the subliminal thinking of a man.

If you want your Aquarius crush to focus his attention on you, then listen to a short video as Amy explains the easy way through Text Chemistry here.

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Turn On An Aquarius Man Through Text

An Aquarius man is known to have the characteristics to be ambitious and determined in everything he does.

He has a work ethic of never giving up until a job is complete.

This sometimes makes him single-minded and not easily distracted from what he is focused on.

Getting an Aquarius man to show interest in you is all about activating the romance thought waves in his brain.

He is the type of guy who can be excited by intrigue and a woman who shows her mysterious side will immediately draw his attention.

Aquarius men, in general, are very competitive and want to win at everything they do.

When texting it is of utmost importance to send messages that affect his emotions which trigger his natural instinct to chase you rather than make him feel boxed in.

Once you fully understand that an Aquarius man wants everything to be a challenge, you can then make yourself a little mysterious so that he feels he wins you.

He has a very competitive side to him that tends to make him shy away if things are too easy.

Texting in a way that stimulates an Aquarius man’s interest in you is the key to him thinking he is seducing you rather than the other way around.

To learn the stupidly simple messages that will make him want to chase after you, listen to Amy North explains her system in this video here.

Flirt With An Aquarius Man Via Text

Everyone these days has a cell phone and texting has become the most accepted way of communicating.

However, this has sometimes come as a blessing in disguise because it has become easy to disregard irrelevant messages and just switch off.

People only absorb and respond to messages that have ‘That little something’ that raises their interest.

So, learning the art of seduction by flirting with an Aquarius man is essential.

The whole point of texting successfully is making it mysterious, so he wants to find out more about you.

Whether you are trying to attract an Aquarius man for the first time, or you are in a relationship that you feel is losing its fizz, it’s important you get it the right first time.

Do you feel in your heart that your Aquarius crush could be Mr. Right? The last thing you want to do is send a message that is just ignored or worse just deleted.

Use a proven format with a message that will make him desire you and want to make you his own.

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Text Seduction Technique

Aquarius men are usually very intelligent and realize that a relationship is based on more than looks.

There is an old saying “Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder” and this is something that is particularly true of the male with this star sign.

This guy is one who wants a loving relationship rather than a one-night stand.

There needs to be more in his woman than looks.

So, when you approach him with text it needs to be interesting and something that stimulates his intelligence.

I’m not saying that he would be looking for a brainbox but definitely, a woman who is interested in topical issues and can have an intelligent conversation.

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Take Things Slowly

Aquarius is a water sign that likes to gently flow with minimal turbulence. Make sure you adopt the same attitude of only taking the lead occasionally.

A sensitive sign like his will not be pressured, just learn to be laid back and a little distant and he will want to know more about you.

The Aquarius star sign in a male indicates that he is more likely to be looking for romance rather than a one-night stand.

Occasional text messages laced with some intrigue will allow him time to adjust his emotions.

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Text Him About His Interests

An Aquarius man has a very active mind and as such, you can be sure he will have many interests ranging from sport to hobbies and current affairs.

It would be good if you can find out what he is interested in because it will make it easier to have common ground.

Now I’m not saying you have to pretend to be an expert in any of these fields because if you do you will soon be found out.

Just discover his pet interest and find out a little about it so that you can communicate. He will naturally be impressed that you have shown an interest.

I came across this YouTube video which explains some important things you should know about an Aquarius man.

I hope it helps you in your search for true love.

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Final Thoughts

Texting is an ideal way to break down barriers provided it is done in the right way. Each word in every message needs to be thought out carefully.

If your message does not create interest from the start it might just be binned into the spam folder.

Taking a little advice from an expert will show you how to create the desire in an Aquarius guy, by forming a connection, so you can seduce an Aquarius man through text.

The messages which you send have hidden meanings that will draw him towards you making it much easier to seduce your Aquarius man through text.

Find out for yourself the stupidly easy way to have a guy desperate to want to be with you.

Listen to this short video in which Amy North explains how to capture the heart of your crush. This program will give you the exact words to use to rise the passion for you from your Aquarius man and make you the center of his universe.

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