Do Libra Men Cheat? The Signs He May Be Cheating

Libra Man

Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Do Libra men cheat more often than women? Are Libra Men worse cheaters than men with other zodiac signs?

Is it because they don’t care or because they are simply too lazy to commit?

If you’ve ever had a relationship, then you’ll probably agree that infidelity happens way too often.

In fact, according to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, almost half (48%) of married couples admit to having cheated at least once.

It seems that men are far less likely to cheat than women. According to research, men tend to be more faithful than women.

This might seem surprising since men are generally considered to be more promiscuous than women.

So, read on to discover more about a Libra man and why he might cheat on his partner.

Why Do Libra Men Cheat on Their Partners?

Reasons why a Libra man might cheat

– They feel you are not showing them enough attention

– They’re often very emotional people who can’t handle conflict well.

– They may be attracted to someone else’s energy.

– They are lacking the main thing they need to be happy with one person.

– They may feel that they need to prove themselves in order to win approval.

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He’s Ruled by His Passions

Libra men are ruled by their passions. They’re attracted to people who excite them emotionally.

They want to experience life fully, and they do what they think will bring the most joy.

If you’re dating a Libra man, you’ll likely find yourself drawn to passionate partners. You might even be tempted to follow suit.

But don’t fall into bed with anyone just because you feel like it. Instead, give yourself a break from reaching over and touching him.

He Can’t Resist Temptation

A Libra man doesn’t easily resist temptation. This makes him easy to manipulate and control, especially when he thinks he’s in love.

Try to make your Libra guy feel guilty, by the times you have caught him flirting.

They are often attracted to sensual and romantic pursuits and can become quite infatuated with their idealized selves.

He Rationalizes Cheating

Libra men are known for having trouble with commitment. But what happens when one of them gets caught cheating? A lot of times, they don’t know how to handle it.

In fact, some guys even try to justify their actions. Here’s why they behave like that.

A Libra man doesn’t want to face the truth. When he cheats, he feels guilty about lying to his partner, but he still wants to avoid conflict.

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He Tries to Justify His Infidelity

So he tries to explain away his infidelity. He might say something like, “I didn’t mean to hurt her,” or “We weren’t exclusive.”

But he knows deep down that he did wrong, and he won’t admit it. So he takes responsibility for his behavior by trying to figure out where he went wrong.

And since he’s such a perfectionist, he thinks there must be a logical reason behind his mistakes.

So he decides to find the root cause of his problem.

He asks himself questions like, “Why did I cheat?” “What caused me to act this way?” “How could I have been so stupid?”

Then he uses logic to come up with a solution.

When he realizes that he needs to change certain things about himself, he starts making changes.

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Ways to Prevent a Libra Man From Cheating 

Encourage Him to Talk.

You want to encourage your Libra man to speak up about his feelings. If he doesn’t do it right away, don’t push him. Instead, give him space and try to reassure him that you won’t judge him.

He might even surprise you by opening up and telling you exactly how he feels. Be ready for surprises, because he could be very honest.

Your goal here isn’t to confront him; it’s to help him feel better. So, while you’d like to know why he did something wrong, you shouldn’t ask him directly.

Instead, focus on helping him understand himself better. Luckily, this video explains what to do.

Ask Him How He Would Feel if You Cheated

A Libra on defense may want to know what you’re thinking. Most Libras will apologize immediately once they realize how they’ve offended you.

However, some Libras are very good at avoiding feeling like the bad guy and will do everything possible to keep things light-hearted.

If he’s not getting it or doesn’t seem to understand why you’re upset, try putting yourself in his shoes.

Try saying something along the lines of “When we planned our date night, I thought you understood my feelings about spending quality time together.

But now that we’re actually here, I’m seeing that you don’t really care about me at all.”

By understanding your perspective, he may finally be able to see where you’re coming from.

As long as he knows he’s hurting you, he’ll hopefully feel guilty!

Libra Man Cheating – Final Thoughts

If you are still asking yourself “Do Libra Men Cheat”, you may want to consider your relationship with them and whether you can forgive them for cheating.

While Libras can be loyal, they can also be highly flirtatious.

If you have a Libra man in your life, it is likely that you will find it difficult to control his flirtatious nature.

When dating a Libra man, it is important to keep a positive attitude and compliment his ability to see multiple points of view.

A negative attitude can drive Libra to justify his thoughts and look for more exciting opportunities elsewhere.

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