Do Virgo Men Cheat? The Signs He May Be Cheating

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Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Astrology can help you answer your question ” Do Virgo men cheat?” but only based on the general personality traits of a guy, which can vary as to his exact time of birth.

The zodiac sign of Virgo is recognized as having a strong moral compass, which makes it hard for him to be underhand with someone he has feelings for.

So before jumping to any unfounded conclusions, be sure of your ground, before accusing him.

Make sure you are not losing his affection by not understanding the main thing he needs in a committed relationship.

Luckily this video by a relationship coach explains exactly what you need to do to keep him focused on you. 

This article will help you understand more about a Virgo man, why he might cheat on his primary partner, and what you can do if you suspect him of playing away.

Warning Signs Your Virgo Man Might be Cheating

A Virgo man can be very loyal to his partner and family; however, he can also be quite selfish.

If a Virgo man is cheating there are likely to be sudden changes in his behavior. He’ll become evasive of any questions because it’s not in his nature to lie.

If you are wondering whether your Virgo man is having an affair, here are some signs that you might want to look out for:

1. You notice changes in his behavior. For example, he starts acting differently towards you and/or others.

2. Your relationship seems to be changing.

3. You find messages on social media about him meeting up with someone else.

4. His friends seem to be talking behind your back.

5. He becomes distant and avoids eye contact.

Virgos are known for being extremely loyal to those they love.

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They take their time making decisions and tend to stick with things once they decide they like them. This makes it easy to fall in love with someone who is the same way.

However, there are times when a Virgo man might cheat. Read on to learn what it takes to avoid falling victim to a cheating Virgo man.

Do Virgo Men Cheat?

The Virgo male is known to be one of the most faithful zodiac signs. However, if he is tempted to stray the signs below may give you an indication.

He’ll be loyal and loving towards his partner, and he won’t cheat on them if they are understanding of the main thing he needs to be happy in a relationship.

If you’re looking for proof that your Virgo man is being unfaithful, you might find yourself wondering what makes him tick.

Here’s how to know if he’s cheating on you.

He’s always late.

If your Virgo man is always late, it could mean that he’s cheating. In fact, according to astrologers, he’s probably having an affair.

A Virgo man isn’t usually late; he’s punctual. So if you notice that he’s consistently running behind schedule, you might want to consider whether you’re doing something wrong.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care about you anymore.

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He never wants to go out.

Virgos love to socialize. They enjoy meeting people and making friends.

However, if your Virgo man rarely goes out, it could indicate that he’s hiding something.

Maybe he’s working too hard. Or perhaps he’s seeing someone else. Either way, it’s important to make sure that he’s happy and healthy.

He spends money freely.

A Virgo man likes to save money. He’s frugal and thrifty. And because he’s so responsible, he’ll often spend less than he earns.

If you see him spending lots of money without restraint, it could mean that there’s another woman involved. Perhaps he’s trying to impress her.

Or maybe he’s cheating on you with a younger woman.

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How to Deal With an Unfaithful Virgo Man

A Virgo man cheats because it makes him feel alive. He loves his partner deeply, but he needs excitement, variety, and novelty.

When he finds someone else, he wants to take her away from her partner.

This is why Virgos cheat. They are looking for something that feels exciting and different. They don’t care about the consequences.

When a Virgo man cheats, he does not mean to hurt anyone, but he doesn’t think about how his actions affect others.

His partner isn’t aware of his infidelity. She thinks she is doing everything right, but she is actually making things worse.

A Virgo man might lie to his partner about where he is going or whom he is seeing. He might secretly call another woman on the side. Or he might use technology to send suggestive texts or emails.

The best way to deal with a cheating Virgo man is to accept reality. You must understand that he is acting out of emotional pain and insecurity.

You must know that he is not trying to harm you, but he is hurting himself.

Learn the signs of cheating and talk to your partner about it. Don’t wait until you find evidence of infidelity.

Instead, confront him directly. Ask him questions that will help you figure out what is happening.

Be honest about your feelings. Talk about what you see as unfair. Tell him that you love him and that you want to work through this together.

If you decide to end the relationship, remember that there is no shame in ending a relationship. Do not let guilt hold you back. You deserve better.

Virgo Man Cheating – Final Thoughts

Virgo is a mutable sign that makes him unlikely to cheat on his partner unless he feels rejected. He is very much aware of what he wants and how he feels about things.

This makes him one of the most loyal partners you could ever meet. If he decides to stray, he will do so slowly and carefully.

He needs to know he is making the right decision. His mind works methodically. So even if he is tempted to cheat on his partner, he will probably resist the temptation.

Virgos don’t want to hurt anyone, especially their loved ones. They don’t want their actions to cause problems. If they decide to cheat, they will usually choose someone they trust. 

They are unlikely to act impulsively. Most Virgos aren’t interested in casual sex.

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