6 Sexy Tips on How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

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Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Knowing the birth date of that handsome charismatic guy, that has caused a flutter in your heart, will help to be able to tell you ways how to seduce an Aquarius man.

However, if you are wanting to know how to seduce an Aquarius man you need to know more about his sometimes hidden traits.

A man born between the dates of Jan 20th and Feb 18th will fall under the astrology zodiac sign of Aquarius the water bearer.

He is generally recognized as being independent, ambitious, and resolute. He can, however, be very reserved if his mind is focused on his career.

If you have an Aquarius man in your life, there is no doubt that they can be very passionate, but you will need to bring it out of him.

When it comes to affairs of the heart he will usually be slow to commit to a relationship until he is sure of his feelings.

If you have the hots for an Aquarius hunk, you need to understand as much as possible about how he thinks and reacts in romantic situations.

You, like me, are drawn to this zodiac sign’s magnetic appeal but I can tell you he will draw back into his shell if not understood.

A great read, that has helped scores of women in our position, is called Aquarius man secrets.

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Anna’s work explains the thinking of the Aquarius man’s mind along with his traits and characteristics and how he reacts when falling in love.

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Fun Ways On How To Seduce An Aquarius Man

Keep Your Interest Casual

Aquarius men hate it when women come on too strong to them, so make sure that you are quite casual about any situation that arises and let him take the lead.

If you are casual with your interactions with him, especially during the beginning, he will show you exactly how much you mean to him.

Even if you are already in a pretty established relationship with the guy, it’s important that you don’t show any jealousy towards colleagues or anything like that.

Remaining as casual as possible with an Aquarius man is very effective because it means that he will have to come to you.

Aquarius men do not like it when girls get jealous so if he does mention other women when he is around you, don’t show that you are bothered.

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Chat About a Range Of Subjects

Aquarius men like their women to be smart, so it is important that you know how to talk to them about different subjects. If you are passionate about something, this is a huge turn-on for him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you need a university degree, you just need to show that you keep up with current affairs so that you can have a conversation.

An Aquarius man has an enquiring brain that needs to be stimulated to keep him interested.

He will like you to have something you enjoy that is outside of the relationship because he is very much a man who likes to take time to himself sometimes.

It will be a big plus if you have a hobby or sporting activity that you are passionate about.

Dress To Impress

Men are very visual so you should, of course, make an effort with your appearance if you want to attract them.

If you want to know how to seduce an Aquarius man, dressing well is definitely a great way to start.

His birth sign has strong links to water and air, so perhaps a nice blue dress would be a perfect choice?

He likes a woman to stand out, so don’t be afraid to be a little playful with your style and wear something that he hasn’t seen you in before.

Don’t show too much flesh however, an Aquarius man does like his girl to look classy but with delicate materials like lace.

If you are in the bedroom with an Aquarius man and want to get him as turned on as possible, a lacey black lingerie set would be ideal.

Whatever you wear around him, make sure that you do it with confidence because he loves a confident woman.

Even if you don’t have access to a vast wardrobe you can still mix and match to cause his pulse to race.

I found this YouTube video with more tips on how to attract an Aquarius guy.

I hope this post helps you find true love when you seduce your Aquarius dreamboat.

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Be Spontaneous

Aquarius men love adventurous sex so if you surprise him with something spontaneous, he will absolutely love this.

Perhaps you could text him something naughty when he in work so that he is horny all day?

Maybe you can wait for him in an outfit and you can roleplay together, a kinky nurse is always a great one.

Sex outdoors is very spontaneous, so why not suggest this or passionately kiss him somewhere that he least expects it?

This should hopefully lead much further than just a kiss…

Since he likes sex to be wild and free, he is hoping that you have the same outlook so show him that you do.

Anna Kovach will touch on more amazing words of wisdom to make him obsess over you in her proven program, Aquarius Man Secrets, which also includes Sextrology.

Take Your Time With Feminine Touches

An Aquarius guy loves his women to show their feminine side, so you should definitely do your best to achieve this.

If you want to focus on your appearance, he will love it when you make an extra effort with your hair and makeup.

Feminine touches do not have to be focused on looks however, he loves to feel looked after by his partner.

Compliment him, run him a bath, give him a bath, and generally make an effort with these kinds of gestures.

Foreplay is a big thing for an Aquarius man so take the time to really worship his body.

He loves deep kisses, touches, and more…If you tease him in this way, it is definitely going to seduce him.

Be Mysterious

If you want to know how to attract your Aquarius crush, you definitely want to try to create an air of mystery about yourself.

These guys are ones who do not like to plan, they like to take life day by day.

They love the mystery that life can throw up and this also transitions to their romantic relationships.

Once he finds a woman he likes, he will be very loyal but until then, he is looking for somebody who really intrigues him.

Make sure that you do not tell him your life story straight away, don’t answer every question that he might have for you.

If you are mysterious, he is going to want to keep peeling back those layers and this will eventually make you even closer.

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Final Thoughts

You should now be happy that you know everything it takes how to seduce an Aquarius man.

It is not overly complicated if you follow the mentioned tips, while still trying to remain yourself at all times too.

If you want to learn more about how powerful horoscope signs are in regards to relationships and sure-fire Sextrology seducing tips, you need to check out Aquarius Man Secrets by Anna Kovach.

Anna is a devoted astrologer and relationship coach so she is a woman who really knows what she is talking about. Make him want you and you alone right now!

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